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UNBELIEVABLE;---2016 Toyota Prius Review – photos

2016 Toyota Prius Review –

by Jeff Cobb May 18, 2016
54 / 50MPG
4.4 / 4.7L/100km
BASE MSRP: $25,035
There’s something to be said for having the world’s most
established electrified car, and Toyota knew it as it
launched its fourth-generation 2016 Prius in January
this year.
The new hybrid’s fuel economy surpasses the 2010-2015
model’s 50 mpg combined EPA rating by as much as
10 percent with a 56 mpg “Two Eco” version, and five
other trim levels are rated 52 mpg combined.
Formally called the Prius Liftback to distinguish it
from variants, the lower, wider, and longer car promises
more spaciousness, better road manners, and Toyota
suggests the new design is “modern,” “dramatic,” or
To say the highly anticipated Prius has garnered a
response is at least true. Merging styling elements of the
now-familiar wedge shape with cues from the Mirai fuel
cell car , the new look has elicited praise from some while
other armchair design critics and even some professional
reviewers have bestowed cutting remarks.
But whether people love it, don’t love it, or are
indifferent, newly introduced Prius models have incited
polarized reactions before, but after any histrionics
subsided, the perceptibly outlandish car has blended in and
Toyota keeps selling them. Lots of them.
Since 1997 Toyota has globally sold more than 3.5
million “Prii,” and its hybrid architecture has let
Toyota happily find a market for itself which it now
dominates with 70-percent U.S. marketshare and over a
dozen Lexus and Toyota models. Cumulative global
sales have totaled over 8 million.

COUPLES:---How my marriage was saved by this bedroom solution

How my marriage was saved
by this bedroom solution

You are about the read the
dirtiest thought of an unsatisfied
wife! http://
So before you read on, be prepared to understand
what your wife goes through when you are not 100%
of the man you should be for her.
My name is Adaobi and I am married to a
caring husband by the name of Frederick
Babatunde. Even though Frederick is a man of
any woman’s dream, He lacked one thing that is
most important to us women even though we find it
hard to publicly accept.
Frederick couldn’t observe his manly duties, I
don’t mean the material things because Frederick is
100% with that. But the Manly duties that makes
a woman moan in ecstasy. And I’m sharing with
you my side of the story before I let Frederick
take over and tell you his ordeal, the problem and
how he found the solution that has long eluded him.
It’s very easy for us women to say everything is
alright in our bedroom when we are at the verge of
losing our mind and I am no exclusion because I
was at the verge of doing what I never thought I
could ever do – cheat on my Frederick.
If not for the sworn covenant of “For Better
For Worse” , I would probably have slept with
another man due to frustration of not getting what I
need in the bedroom from my husband.
For so many years, I was dying in silence, the
feeling of unsatisfaction was driving me insane and
I didn’t know what to do. Then finally the idea
of cheating on my husband started playing in my
head. At first when it comes to mind, I quickly
kick it out but every time Frederick leaves me
unsatisfied with his small Johnson and spilling his
thick milk in less than 1 minute, my mind start
playing games on me by bringing the thought of
getting what Frederick was lacking from another
Sometimes I fantasized about meeting a guy that
will give it to me hard without any strings attached,
I needed to be satisfied so bad that it started
affecting my closeness with Frederick. If not for
the fear of God and the saving grace that Frederick
accepted that he was not 100% when it comes to
satisfying me, I would have probably lost my way
or become a shadow of myself, also because we
could talk about it without any of us cursing on each

SOCIAL:-----10 signs that indicate that you are ripe for marriage

10 signs that indicate that you are ripe for

Almost every mature single lady
dreams of that day she will walk
down the aisle in her beautiful
flowing gown, smiling like she
just won the lottery.
Growing up, you already have your life planned
out. For some, the plan is, at 21, I will be
through with school and youth service. I will get a
job and by 25, I should be in my husband’s house.
But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes
at the age of 35, you’re still single with reminders
of past relationships that didn’t work out.
To make matters worse, you start hearing comments
like, you’re ripe for marriage, when are you getting
married, when are you bringing a man home and the
Here are signs that shows  you’re ripe for marriage.

1. When all your friends are
getting married and you start
pressuring your boyfriend to

2. When all your friends start
getting engaged and you begin to
have sleepless nights.

3. When you are always on all the
wedding sites like Bella Naija,
checking out love stories and
wedding ideas.

4. Every time a man asks you out,
you already begin to fantasize
about your wedding.

5. When you begin to lose count
of how many times you’ve been a

6. When you start attending every
programme for singles, hoping to
meet ‘Mr. Right.’

7. You attend weddings every
Saturday, hoping that one the
guys will notice you and ask you

8. You always catch the bouquet
at weddings.

9. When everyone starts asking,
when are you getting married?

10. When you start making some
desperate moves to ‘seize the
bae’ by fire by force

SPORTS:---Suarez discloses how Messi and Neymar mock him

Suarez discloses how Messi
and Neymar mock him

– This La Liga season Suarez
scored 40 goals in 35
– Suarez admits that Messi and
Neymar mock him during the
training sessions
Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has disclosed that
he is the subject of teasing from Lionel Messi and
Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez claims he often
finds himself as the butt of jokes: “They try to
wind me up by telling me just to take
two touches, no more. And if at all
possible, just one touch and make
sure it’s in the area. It doesn’t bother
me because I already know that. I
know my limits. That’s why it doesn’t
offend me, it makes me laugh.”
He added: “When Messi and Neymar
start with the tricks on the training
ground I usually leave so as not to
get in the way.”
This La Liga season Suarez scored amazing 40
goals in 35 appearances, and usurped Messi as
Barca’s preferred central striker in the process
as Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi has
moved back out to a role on the left side of attack to
get the best out of Suarez.

WHY NOW:----A man who wore breast implants for 19 years wants them out!

A man who wore breast
implants for 19 years wants
them out!

Why on Earth would a man want
to get breast implants and have
boobs like a lady? First reason
was the money and the second
reason was love!
The man’s name is Brian Zembic and nearly 20
years ago he had a bet: he won $100 000 for getting
breast implants and having female boobs for one
year. That happened back in 1997. Brian is a
gambler and he is passionate about winning. So, he
took the bet and started the search for a surgeon.
Back at that time it was not an easy thing to do.
Eventually he found one and luckily the guy also
loved to gamble. So, Brian won few bets with
him and got his breast implants for free! He had to
wear them for one year to get the money and he did.
He could have taken them out now, but… he fell
in love with his own boobs!
So, he just kept them for 19 years! That has made
him a man who better understands female issues, such
as picking the right size and support bra. He was
also worried over aging of the boobs and their
look.And now he is ready to take the implants out.
He just says that his love with his own breasts is
over and he wants them out!
The guy fairly enough got much wanted attention
and the money. Now once again his boobs make
him popular!

SOCIAL:---How to treat premature ejaculation and low sperm count

Low sperm count and infertility in
men is more prevalent than most
couples think. People tend to
think that if a woman is not
getting pregnant the fertility issue
must be with the woman, but that
is not necessarily always the case.
There is an equal chance that male factor infertility
can be the cause of a couple’s difficulty in achieving
pregnancy. While women have many tests to try to
find out the cause of infertility, men have only a
couple, the sperm analysis being the easiest. http://
Below are the major causes of low sperm count in
Obesity can impair fertility in several ways,
including directly impacting sperm and by causing
hormone changes that reduce male fertility.
Read more….
Radio frequency electromagnetic
waves (RF-EMW)
A study performed in 2011 (Fert. Ster. 1/2012)
showed that RF-EMWs emitted from devices
connected to Wi-Fi (wireless internet) decrease
sperm motility, while increasing sperm DNA
fragmentation. Men should avoid using laptop
computers running on a Wi-Fi connection directly
on their lap. In addition, be sure to avoid carrying
a smart phone in your front pocket. http://
Cigarette smoking
Smoking damages the sperm, period! The good
news is the damage done from smoking can be
reversed as long as you quit smoking.

SPORTS:----Find out Manchester United manager for next season

Van Gaal, Mourinho and Giggs
will manage Manchester United

– Louis Van Gaal stated that he
will continue his managing career
with Manchester United
– According to the numerous
rumours Mourinho also has an
agreement with the Red Devils
– Ryan Giggs has also signalled
his intention to manage
Manchester United
According to the Sun, Manchester United head
coach Louis van Gaal is set to be offered a
director of football position at Manchester United
in a move that would enable Jose Mourinho to
take over a managerial role in 2017-18.
The source reports that the coaches have previous
experience working together during their time at
Barcelona in the late 1990s, while United vice
chairman Ed Woodward remains determined to use
the Dutchman’s vast experience to the club’s
After the last EPL match of the season, Van
Gaal was greeted on to the pitch for his post-
season address by a hail of boos. And according to
the numerous rumours, the tactician will be replaced
by Jose Mourinho next season.
Louis van gaal
However, Van Gaal stated: “Yes I will be
here next season, because I have
signed a three-year contract”.
Ryan Giggs has also signalled his intention to
leave Manchester United if Jose Mourinho is
appointed manager ahead of him.
Ryan Giggs is United’s assistant manager
Giggs has also asked his class of 92 pals working
with the Old Trafford outfit to quit if the
Portuguese is appointed as he himself is looking to
make his way in management at a new club.

NEWS:-IPOB says Biafra not for Igbos alone, maps out Biafraland

IPOB says Biafra not for Igbos
alone, maps out Biafraland

– IPOB maps out regions that
should be regarded as Biafraland
– The group says Biafra is not for
only for the Igbos
– The group says the last head of
state and commander-in-chief of
Biafra was not from the Igbo-
speaking area of Biafraland
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
has said the Biafra land is beyond areas occupied
by the Igbo-speaking people of the country, The
Sun reports.
According to the group, aside Igbo-speaking states,
Biafra land cut across Itsekiriland on the western
boundary, Oduduwa to Bakassi on the eastern
boundary with Cameroon.
The group added that Biafra land also stretch
across from Idoma and Igala land on the northern
boundary with Arewa or Northern Nigeria to the
Bight of Biafra which is South of the beautiful
island of Bonny.
A statement by the spokespersons of IPOB,
Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka
Iroanya noted that in the present-day Nigeria, the
nation of Biafra consists of Abia, Akwa Ibom,
Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta,
Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers states as
well as Igbanke in Edo state, Igala in Kogi
State, and Idoma in Benue state.
The group also noted that with the footprints of
Biafra above, Nigerians can get to see that
Biafra is not populated by only the Igbo-speaking
people, and according to IPOB, the last head of
state and commander-in-chief of Biafra was not
from the Igbo-speaking area of Biafraland.
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
has said the Biafra land is beyond areas occupied
by the Igbo-speaking people of the country.
The IPOB statement reads: “During the
war of genocide levied on Biafra by
Nigeria and Britain, there were brave
Biafran soldiers, field commanders,
scientists, civil servants,
technocrats, musicians/artists, and
astute journalists/broadcasters who
were not from Igbo-speaking areas
of Biafraland.

Strike: We're open to negotiation - Wabba

Strike: We're open to
negotiation - Wabba

– There has been a hike in fuel
price from N86.50 to N145 per
– The Nigerian Labour Congress
(NLC) embrked on a strike to
protest the fuel hike
– The congress has said they can
re-negotiate with the federal
government to find a lasting
solution to the problem
Aliyu Wabba, the president of National Labour
Congress (NLC)
Ayuba Wabba, the national president of the
Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), on
Thursday, May 19, said that the congress was
ready to negotiate with the federal government.
He disclosed this in the National Assembly
Abuja, while briefing newsmen after a closed-door
meeting between the leadership of the Union and
Bukola Saraki, the Senate president.
He said that the strike would continue as the
government had yet to reach out to the union for
Wabba also said that contrary to media reports, he
did not walk out of any negotiation meeting with the
federal government adding that the union had not
received any formal invitation for any meeting since
the strike commenced.
“The Senate leadership called us to
brief them about what transpired and
where we are now, which we have
already done.
“This is also to confirm because
there has been media reports that we
had been invited and we refused to
attend meetings.
“We said no, we have not received
any formal invitation for any meeting
arising from the walkout.
“The strike is still on but we are open
to dialogue,” he said.
Wabba-led faction had embarked on industrial action
and protest since Wednesday due to the hike in fuel
price from N86.50 to N145 per litre
Although, the Trade Union Congress (TUC)
and the Joe Ajaero-led NLC faction withdrew
from the industrial action.
Saraki in his remarks said that the NLC has
shown commitment for dialogue, adding that the
National Assembly will play its role in resolving
the crisis.
However, the Senate on Wednesday after a
closed-door meeting, directed its committee on
Labour to mediate between the federal government
and labour unions to resolve the differences.

BREAKING. NEWS:---Thirty-five Boko Haram terrorists killed

Thirty-five Boko Haram
terrorists killed

– The Nigerian army has scored
another success against Boko
 – Thirty-five of the terrorists
were killed by Nigerian army
soldiers in Borno state yesterday
– The news comes shortly after a
second Chibok girl was rescued
from captivity
The Nigerian army has gone on the offensive
against Boko Haram, killing 35 of the terrorists
shortly after a second Chibok girl was rescued
Army representative Colonel Sani Kukasheka
Usman made the announcement of the offensive
yesterday while confirming the girl’s release.
Serah Luka shortly after her escape
“At about 11.00am today, Thursday,
19th May 2016, troops of 231
Battalion, 331 Artillery Regiment
(AR), Detachment of Armed Forces
Special Forces (AFSF) 2, Explosive
Ordinance (EOD) Team and Civilian
Vigilante group of Buratai, conducted
clearance operations at Shettima
Aboh, Hong and Biladdili general area
in Damboa Local Government Area of
Borno state,” the colonel said.
“During the operations, the troops
killed 35 Boko Haram terrorists and
recovered several arms and
ammunitions and other items. In
addition, they rescued 97 women and
children held captives by the Boko
Haram terrorists.
“We are glad to state that among
those rescued is a girl believed to be
one of the Chibok Government
Secondary School girls that were
abducted on 14th April 2014 by the
Boko Haram terrorists.”
Colonel Usman went on to name the second
rescued Chibok Girl as Serah Luka, the daughter
of a Christian pastor who was a JSS1 student
when she was abducted.
READ ALSO: Aisha Buhari
donates N55 million, other items
to Boko Haram terrorists
“She further added that she hails
from Madagali, Adamawa State. She
averred that she reported at the
school barely two months and one
week before her unfortunate
abduction along with other girls over
two years ago.
“She added that there other three
girls who fled from Shettima Aboh
when the troops invaded the area
earlier today which led to their
“She is presently receiving medical
attention at the medical facility of
Abogo Largema Cantonment, Biu,
Borno state.”

BREAKING NEWD::---Federal government raised alarm, say River Niger is drying

River Niger is
drying up

– The Federal government has
raised its voice regarding the
drying up of River Niger
– According to the government,
the change is due to dumping of
industrial waste and climate
– Nigeria is conducting and
environmental audit to determine
the level of dryness
The alarm was raised on Thursday, May 19, at
a meeting in which the need to pay more attention to
the development was raised.
Vanguard reports that the Auditor General of the
Federation (AGF), Mr Samuel Tyonongo
Ukura, made the disclosure during a meeting with
the Edo state Auditor-General and members of
the Edo state public accounts committee in his office
in Abuja.
River Niger may be nearing extinction.
Ukura, however, assured that Nigeria was in the
process of conducting an environmental audit of the
River Niger to determine its level of dryness.
Meanwhile, AGoF has called on the National
Assembly to pass the Audit Bill into law. He
said there were certain international ratings that the
country cannot attain without passing an audit law.
READ ALSO: The mysterious river, dreaded
goddess about the Osun/Osogbo shrine
Ukura explained that the initial investigation of the
River Niger showed that the decline of the river’s
flow was mainly due to climate change, industrial
waste and problems caused by population growth.
River Niger has a total length of about 4100
kilometres and is the third longest river in Africa,
after the Nile and the Congo-Zaire rivers and
spreads through ten countries.
It is estimated that about 110 million people live in
the river’s basin. Ukura said the audit will be done
under the African Supreme Audit Institute
(AFROSAI), with Mali, Niger,
Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, Algeria,
Chad and Cote I’voire taking centre stage as they
are directly affected.

BREAKING NEWD:-Man who trekked for Buhari disappointed

What a disappointment?

– Hashimu Suleiman regrets
trekking for Buhari from Lagos to
– He says Buhari’s government
makes things worse for the
Suleman Hashimu
Do you remember the man who trekked from
Lagos to Abuja to celebrate the victory of
Muhammad Buhari in presidential poll?
Hashimu Suleiman, a year after his long trip, has
said that trekking for Buhari was his greatest
The man expressed his dissatisfaction with the way
the president has been ruling Nigeria in the last one

BREAKING NEWS:--Trouble looms as Amaechi, Sirika engage in power tussle

Trouble looms as Amaechi,
Sirika engage in power tussle

– Sirika is said to be showing
insubordination to his direct boss,
– Sources say this may not be
unconnected to his (Sirika’s)
relationship with President Buhari
– Amaechi is said not to be
taking the acts with a pinch of
– Aviation workers express
disappointment over the public
squabbles of the ministers
There is a mild war brewing in President
Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet between Rotimi
Amaechi and Hadi Sirika, Signal reports.
Amaechi is Nigeria’s minister of Transport while
Sirika is the minister of state for Aviation and the
pair are said to be at loggerheads over reported acts
of insubordination by the latter.
According to Signal, sources revealed that both
ministers were close to exchanging physical blows on
Monday save for the intervention of some civil
servants and aides who were at the scene of the
Amaechi and Sirika are said to be at loggerheads
over acts of insubordination by the junior minister.
Sirika is reportedly reluctant to have Amaechi (a
senior minister and direct boss) push him around.
But the former Rivers state governor is on the
other hand, not having any of Sirika’s acts and is
working to put him in his place.
The reason for the junior minister’s acts, sources
disclosed, is the fact that he is from President
Buhari’s Katsina north senatorial district, where
he served as a senator.
A source explained details of the incident to
Signal thus: “It’s all about power tussle.
Sirika thinks Amaechi is overstepping
his boundaries and should mind his
business as Transport Minister. But
Amaechi is also in charge of
“He is the senior minister, while
Sirika as Minister of State for
Aviation is junior minister. But Sirika
sees himself as the President’s guy.
So, he refuses to take directives from
Amaechi and now Amaechi is feeling
“This has led to a big power play
between both men. It is becoming so
messy that even the official portraits
of both ministers are missing at the
airports. That’s why Amaechi was
doing maritime summit in Lagos
while Sirika was doing aviation in

BREAKING NEED:Chibok girl rescue has put Jonathan, Fayose to shame – APC

Chibok girl rescue has put
Jonathan, Fayose to shame –

– Southeast APC salutes the
gallant Bring Back Our Girls, the
Nigeria armed forces, the JTF and
President Buhari for their
fortitude, and perseverance in
ensuring the rescue of Amina Ali,
one of the abducted Chibok Girls
– Southeast APC remains hopeful
that the remaining school girls
will be found and rescued
– The Southeast APC believes the
rescue of Amina put an end to
doubts from Patience Jonathan
and Fayose who didn’t believe the
abduction of the girls
The southeast caucus of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) has hailed President
Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian Army, the
Civilian Joint Task Force and the Bring Back
Our Girls group for their fortitude and resilience in
ensuring the rescue of one of the abducted Chibok
school girls, Amina Ali.
Speaking in Abuja, Osita Okechukwu, the
spokesperson of APC southeast caucus also noted
that the rescue of Amina Ali has put former first
lady, Patience Jonathan and Governor Ayo
Fayose to shame, The Punch reports.
According to Okechukwu, both Patience
Jonathan and Fayose were among those who
doubted the truth of the abduction of the girls.
Okechukwu explained that if President Buhari has
remained indifferent like his predecessor, Goodluck
Jonathan, the penetration of Sambisa forest would
have been impossible.
APC southeast caucus says the rescue of Chibok
girl, Amina Ali has put former first lady,
Patience Jonathan and Governor Ayo Fayose to
He said: “Indeed the rescue of Amina
Ali has put to shame people like the
former First Lady, Mrs Patience
Jonathan and Governor of Ekiti, His
Excellency, Ayo Fayose, who up to
date thought the abduction of the
girls was a scam, meant to demonise
Jonathan regime.

GOSSIP:---Winners Chapel pastor caught with suspected human meat

Winners Chapel pastor caught
with suspected human meat

– A pastor of a Living Faith
Church, a k a Winners Chapel,
Adeniyi Johnson, has been caught
with suspected human meat and
some fetish items that were kept
inside his bag
– Upon interrogation he said he
was divinely instructed to go and
share the meat to save his dying
– He was thereafter taken away to
the area command headquarters
of the Ondo state police command
for further interrogation
A scene from a horror movie played itself when a
pastor of a Living Faith Church, a k a Winners
Chapel, Adeniyi Johnson, was caught by a mob
with pieces of fried meat suspected to be human
Pastor Adeniyi Johnson seen holding the
suspected human meat and fetish items.
credits: Vanguard
This Day reports that the flesh eating pastor who
was caught in the act at Ijomu area of Akure
metropolis of Ondo state was also alleged to be in
possession of some fetish items that were kept inside
his bag.
An eye witness said the middle-aged pastor shocked
the people in the area when he brought out pieces of
fried meat from his bag, spread them in a tray and
started calling people to come and join him to eat.