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SOCIAL:---How to treat premature ejaculation and low sperm count

Low sperm count and infertility in
men is more prevalent than most
couples think. People tend to
think that if a woman is not
getting pregnant the fertility issue
must be with the woman, but that
is not necessarily always the case.
There is an equal chance that male factor infertility
can be the cause of a couple’s difficulty in achieving
pregnancy. While women have many tests to try to
find out the cause of infertility, men have only a
couple, the sperm analysis being the easiest. http://
Below are the major causes of low sperm count in
Obesity can impair fertility in several ways,
including directly impacting sperm and by causing
hormone changes that reduce male fertility.
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Radio frequency electromagnetic
waves (RF-EMW)
A study performed in 2011 (Fert. Ster. 1/2012)
showed that RF-EMWs emitted from devices
connected to Wi-Fi (wireless internet) decrease
sperm motility, while increasing sperm DNA
fragmentation. Men should avoid using laptop
computers running on a Wi-Fi connection directly
on their lap. In addition, be sure to avoid carrying
a smart phone in your front pocket. http://
Cigarette smoking
Smoking damages the sperm, period! The good
news is the damage done from smoking can be
reversed as long as you quit smoking.

Pesticides and hormones in foods
The pesticides found on produce and the hormones
added to dairy and meat have a HUGE effect
on a man’s hormonal balance. Pesticides mimic
estrogens in the body while the added hormones in
meat and dairy are actual hormones (like estrogen)
you do not want in your system.
In a study of men with poor sperm quality,
excessive alcohol consumption was associated with a
decrease in the number of normal sperm.
Hyperthermia (overheating)
The testicles need to keep the sperm at a healthy
temperature (which is less than the body’s
temperature). It is thought that this may be in part
why the male reproductive organs are external. Heat
is known to damage sperm, so it may be best to
avoid repeated exposure to activities that may elevate
the temperature of the testicles. Examples are
frequent use of saunas or hot tubs. In addition,
tight underwear like briefs can keep the testicles from
being able to hang and regulate their temperature.
Boxers could be an alternative to briefs.
Stress can have a big impact on hormone balance
which can in turn have an effect on sperm production.
Diet has a big impact on sperm health and male
fertility, For more information on the best food to
eat to improve the sperm count, or if you or anyone
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