Thursday, 9 June 2016

Athletes :----Ronaldo named highest paid athlete

American business magazine, Forbes, has named Cristiano
Ronaldo as the highest-paid athlete in the world.

The Real Madrid forward, becomes the first footballer
to ever top the list of the world’s highest-earning
Ronaldo earned $88m in the last 12 months, $6.6m
more than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who is second.
Endorsements make up £32m of the Portugal captain’s
earnings and this is the first year since 2000, that
someone other than Tiger Woods or Floyd Mayweather is
first on the list.
Serena Williams ($28.9m) at No 40, and Maria
Sharapova ($21.9) at No 88 are the only two women
who make the list.
Forbes’ figures include all salaries and bonuses earned
between June 1 2015 and June 1 2016.

Jokes :--10 things you will know from using public toilets in Nigeria

10 things you will know from
using public toilets in Nigeria

We are sure you must have had one or
two nasty experiences where you
suddenly felt the need to use the toilet
while outside the comfort of your
house or lush bathroom. Some people
are lucky enough to be in
a comfortable and neat environment
when this happens.
Bottom line is, you are human and this could happen
to anyone. The worst case scenario would be for you
to feel the need to use the toilet while traveling
in a bus. Some Nigerians who know there is no big
deal about being pressed may not be bothered by it;
but when you are running stool while traveling, you
would definitely know it is no joke.
Firstly, the thought of having to stop the driver
and explain to everyone in the bus is unsettling;
many people debate about this in their minds for as
long as possible while trying to suppress the shitty
feeling. And when it finally happens and you
discover you probably have to do it again, it could
change your system and mess your mood. In a
situation like that, you could become sick from
worrying and could have other issues along the line.
Find below some of the other things you will
understand from having to use a public toilet:
1. The fear
While you are looking for the nearest place to ease
yourself and empty your bowel, there is this fear
of not having to mess up yourself. As a Nigerian,
you would be thinking about the shit not dropping in
your pant; if it does, you have just created another
unsettling situation. You would have to deal with
the smell and having yourself cleaned up from the
2. Looking for a place to do it
While you are nursing the fear of not soiling
yourself up, you would probably be looking for a
place to do it. Having to ask everyone around you
for the nearest public toilet is embarrassing to most
people. If it is a place you are not familiar with,
you have a lot of work to do as this would
destabilize you the more.
3. When a putrid smell hits your nose
from the entrance
Finally, you were shown a public toilet and you
made your way towards it. However, you had to stop
the moment you got to the entrance and you were
hit with the strong putrid smell of urine.
At this point you are confused, you have a tough
decision to make; whether to manage the toilet
while the strong smell of urine stings your nose or
to walk away from there and find another toilet.
What were you expecting by the way, that the
public toilet would be as neat as your own toilet?
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4. When you cannot use the toilet
without paying N20
Your decision to leave the other toilet probably paid
off as you were able to find another public toilet
that could be managed.
The only problem with the new public toilet is that
there is a mean porter at the entrance who insists on
you paying N20 or N50. The sad part is you may
not be with your purse and if you do, the change
may not be available for you to give the porter.
5. When you finally made it to the
After being able to get through the porter, you got
to the toilet and discovered it is not as neat as you
thought. But of course, it is still better than the
first one you saw.
The toilet could have permanent stains that toilet
cleaner cannot remove at once. The buzzing flies
around too could land on your body and piss you off
the more. Since you are there already, you are

NEWS :----Ramadan Feeding: Dangote fulfils promise to IDPs (photos)

Ramadan Feeding: Dangote
fulfils promise to IDPs (photos)

– Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko
Dangote is playing his role in the
society as a care giver
– Dangote, through his foundation –
The Dangote Foundation has been
involved in helping the downtrodden in
the society
– The billionaire has now shifted his
focus on Internal Displaced Persons
The richest black man on earth, Alhaji Aliko Dangote
has played his part in the upliftment of the
standard of life of IDPs in Borno state.
Some of the items donated by Dangote Foundation
Through his foundation, Dangote has donated 20
out of the 106 trucks of foodstuffs which he
promised IDPs in the month of Ramadan.
A Dangote truck transporting some of the items into
the ware house where they are kept
Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima of Borno
yesterday, June 8, inspected the items even as he
called on well-meaning citizens across Nigeria to
emulate the gestures of Dangote.
Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima inspecting
some of the items donated
The items which started arriving Maiduguri some
few days ago include Dangote Group products like
rice, sugar, flour, semolina, noodles and many
A boy poses with some of the items donated
The remaining 86 trucks are expected to arrive the
state soon.
While inspecting the items, Shettima thanked
Dangote for standing by the people of Borno state
at their time of need and prayed for Allah to
reward him abundantly.
Governor Shettima urged all other well-meaning
Nigerians to emulte the gesture of Alhaji Dangote
Exactly a month ago, Dangote made a donation of
N2billion to IDPs when he visited Maiduguri, the
Borno state capital where he equally made a
commitment to end malnutrition, hunger and
starvation in the camps and other parts of the
Last year, the Insurgency Appeal Fund, sponsored by
the American University of Nigeria (AUN) and
Adamawa Peace Initiative, received a major boost
from Dangote Foundation.

RELATIONSHIP :--10 basic types of boyfriends you would see in Nigeria

10 basic types of boyfriends
you would see in Nigeria

Nigeria is no doubt an interesting
country with lots of characters; there
is virtually nothing we have not seen in
this country. And when it comes to
relationships, you are bound to hear
tales that would wow you.
In order to ascertain how fruitful your relationship
would be, the type of people you roll with would
either have a long or short term effect on you.
There are certain traits women should watch out for
when they want to venture into a new relationship.
The qualities possessed by the men would give
women a glint of the kind of experience they are
bound to have with them.
In this piece, we would be looking at the different
types of boyfriends you could get in Nigeria and
the things you are likely to face while in a
relationship with them. Perhaps, this would serve as
a guide and help ladies choose wisely.
Find below some of the different types of
boyfriend you would find in Nigeria:
1. The unserious boyfriend
This boyfriend is never serious, he jokes around most
of the time and enjoys teasing you. While this may
be a good thing as the relationship is bound to be
fun, it could also be quite an annoying thing to
have him take you for granted and crack jokes with
important matters that are tugging at the strings of
your heart.
If your period ever gets missing while dating this
joker boyfriend, he would tell you to go look for it
wherever you misplaced it.
2. The wealthy boyfriend
He is all over himself and cannot do without
mentioning how vast his wealth is. You may have a
great time moving with the wealthy boyfriend as
both of you would paint the town with colors.
The only restriction attached to having a wealthy
boyfriend is that he knows other girls can be bought
and you will not be at liberty to act anyhow while
dating him because there are so many options when
it comes to replacing you.
3. The social boyfriend
Having a social boyfriend means you are not the
only one dating him. He is like a community
boyfriend with uses that extend to every tom, dick
and harry.
He is quick to lend support to a damsel in distress;
he could be useful to everyone in the community
except you. When you complain about him, everyone
thinks you are being too demanding as he is perfect
for you already.
4. The fine but broke boyfriend
A boyfriend like this could be very handsome and
would easily attract ladies in the society. Men like
these love to look good and would invest more in
themselves than in you.
After all, it is their looks that they sell; they have
their hair cut twice in a week but cannot afford to
give you money to make your hair. They would stalk
you all day and give people the impression they
worship you while you do not value them.

NEWS :--Edo guber: PDP sells nomination form for N16m

Edo guber: PDP sells
nomination form for N16m

– The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
Edo state is selling the party’s
nomination form for N16m each
– The expression of interest and
nomination form would be sold for
N11m, while N5m covers
administrative charges
– Aspirants have expressed their
displeasure over the cost of the form
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Edo state has
said that the party’s nomination and expression of
interest form for the governorship election will be
sold for N16m each.
According to The Punch, Chris Nehikhare, the Edo
state publicity secretary of the party, who disclosed
this on Wednesday, June 8, explained that the
expression of interest and nomination form would be
sold for N11m each, while N5m would cover
administrative charges.
He noted that the party’s aspirants were expected to
purchase the forms from the PDP state secretariat
as from Wednesday.
Though the party is yet to disclose the official
date for its governorship primary, 4 aspirants have
so far indicated interest in the election.
However some of the aspirants has expressed their
displeasure over the cost of the form, which they
described as not only expensive but an alleged plot
to present a consensus candidate.
Aspirants for the governorship election include
former secretary to the state government, Pastor
Osagie Ize-Iyamu, former commissioner with the
Niger Delta Development Commission, Matthew
Iduoriyekemwen, the director general of the PDP
Governors Forum, Osaro Onaiwu and Chief Solomon
Meanwhile, one of the main contenders for the Edo
state APC governorship ticket, Godwin Obaseki who
went to the party’s national secretariat on Monday,
June 6 to submit his nomination form said he was in
the race to take the people of Edo state to the
He said, being part and parcel of the Adams
Oshiomhole outgoing government, he has what it
takes to continue on the legacy of the governor,
which is a continuation of his on-going
transformation of Edo state.

NEWS :----Army to continue to maintain ceasefire in Niger Delta

Army to continue to maintain
ceasefire in Niger Delta

– The army says it willl continue to
honour the two-week ceasefire against
the Niger Delta militants
– It vows however to use the rule of
military engagement if bombing
– The militants has vowed to continue
to bomb pipelinesin he region
The Nigerian army has insisted that it will continue
to maintain the ceasefire declared by the federal
government in the spate of pipeline bombing in the
Niger Delta region.
The federal government ordered troops to withdraw
operation in the region in order to allow a dialogue
between the federal government and representatives
of the militants.
The Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group that
has claimed responsibility for series of bombing in
the region vowed not to dialogue with the federal
government and cemented this with the blowing up
of a crude oil pipeline belonging to Chevron Nigeria
NAN however reports that Ibrahim Attahiru who is
the General Officer Commanding 82 Division of the
Nigerian Army said on Wednesday, June 8 that in
spite of the recent attack, the army will still
respect the ceasefire.
He said it was art of the decision made by Tukur
Buratai, the chief of army staff but warned that
the army will not fail to use the rule of
engagement if the militants failed to honour the
“The Chief of Army Staff called a meeting
of all Principal Staff Officers and General
Officers Commanding, as well as
Directors in the Army Headquarters.
“The meeting is essentially to brief us on
the aftermath of the meeting in the
presidency and give further operational
directives on the happenings in the Niger

GOSSIP:---Woman slashes cheating husband's genitals for affair with friend

Woman slashes cheating
husband's genitals for affair
with friend

– A wife found out that her husband
had an affair with her best friend
– She tricked the man to remove his
trousers and managed
to slash his genitals with a box cutter
– The crying man was later found in
street covering his bleeding
wound with an ice pack
– The man was rushed to hospital for
emergency surgery and is recovering
A husband is left bleeding in the street in Thailand
after his scorned life slashed his penis with a box
Paramedics in the Thai tourist spot of Pattaya found
a man screaming in agony in the middle of the
street after his wife took a revenge on him.
According to local media reports, the man, known
only as Somchai, had been having sex with his
wife’s best friend for some time and paid the price.

SAD:--Federal High Court judge Steven Evoh Chukwu passes away

Federal High Court judge
Steven Evoh Chukwu passes

– One of the major judges in cases
against Nyako, Saraki, Ekweremadu and
other political figures has died
– His death as well as reasons behind
it are yet to be confirmed by the court’s
Justice Steven Evoh Chukwu
The Nation reports about the death of Justice
Steven Evoh Chukwu of the Federal High Court in
Abuja. According to a media outlet resources in the
court, the judge have passed away at hospital in
Garki, Abuja, on early Wednesday.
He had been reportedly fighting with an unknown
disease for about a month before loosing his battle.
The court’s management is yet to issue a formal
statement confirming or refuting the judge’s death.

NEWS :---House of Reps consider reduced age of candidacy in Nigeria

House of Reps consider
reduced age of candidacy in

– The House of Representatives is
considering to reduce the age of
candidacy to contest for the positions
of president, governor and senate
– “The bill is a demonstration of the
growing desire and demand of youths
to participate in the democratic
The bill proposing to lower the eligible age for
presidential candidates and those interested to run
for public offices in Nigeria passed second reading
in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.
If passed into a law it will lower age of candidacy
requirements for the office of the president from
40 to 30 years, and will also allow the 30-year-
olds to run for the office of a governor and for
election to the Senate.
Besides, it will reduce the age qualifications to
contest for the House of Representatives and State
Houses of Assembly to 25 years. The sponsor of the
bill is Tony Chinedu Nwulu who represents Oshodi-
Isolo 11 Federal Constituency of Lagos state, on
platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
The lawmaker believes that the intiative will
attract more youths in politics and governance, he
stressed that electing young candidates into public
offices is an important aspect of democratic
Explaining his position he gave an example of other
countries where age of candidacy requirements were
reduced. He said: “Countries like the United
Kingdom parliament decided in 2006 to
lower their age of candidacy from 21 to
18, which had existed since the
Parliamentary Elections Act 1695. An age
candidacy of 25 would encourage greater
youth participation in politics.”
Mr Nwulu is convinced that the bill is a
demonstration of the growing desire and demand of
youths to participate in the country governance. He
added: “This desire itself could be viewed
as a sufficient warrant for young people
to participate, demonstrate a willingness
to engage and fulfill the burdens of

BREAKING NEWS :-Nigerian army completely surrounded Boko Haram in SAMBISA FOREST

Nigerian army completely
surrounded Boko Haram in

– The Nigerian military said that the
Boko Haram sect is trapped in the
Sambisa forest
– According to the commander of the
operation, the insurgents are
completely surrounded and can’t
organize any attack
– The troops are waiting for the sect to
The Nigerian army has said that the deadly Boko
Haram sect is currently locked in Sambisa forest,
the notorious enclave of the insurgents.
The terrorists reportedly cannot come out to launch
attack on the rest of the nation.
The commander of the counter-insurgency operation
in the north-east (Operation Lafiya Dole), Maj. Gen.
Lucky Irabor said this while addressing the
conference on the successes in the war against the
Boko Haram fighters.
He said the forest is completely surrounded by the
Nigerian soldiers and there is no escape for any
insurgents still holed up there.
The commander added that it has become
impossible for the Boko Haram members still holed
up in the Sambisa forest to get out or for them to
have access to civilization to get any supply.
Irabor said the soldiers are only waiting for the
insurgents to surrender as life has become
unbearable for them.
He said if the terrorists do not come out soon
enough, the army would move further into the
forest to level it.
Meanwhile, he gave assurance that there is no
escape for any insurgent still trapped within the
forest as the soldiers have taken positions at all
access routes leading into and out of the forest.
Since President Muhammadu Buhari was inaugurated
on May 29, 2015, the Nigerian army achieved
huge success in the Boko Haram war.