Wednesday, 18 May 2016

SPORTS::::---Ozil is disappointed with Arsenal

Ozil is disappointed with

– Arsanal have finished EPL
season at second place
– Mesut Ozil speaks about
– According to the playmaker, he
is not going to leave the Gunners
Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has expressed his
disappointment with the Arsenal’s failed season.
The Gunners victory, coupled with Spurs
trouncing at the St. James’s Park by
Newcastle, ensured Wenger’s men finish above
their rivals yet again. Giroud’s close–range header
handed his side an early lead, before doubling up
midway through the second-half.
Speaking about Arsenal’s season Ozil noted: “I
think we dropped a lot of points that
we shouldn’t have dropped against
smaller teams and I think that was
the point in the season where as a
team we weren’t strong enough to
take just a point and go
ahead. Especially after the Barcelona
game we lost some points. That was
a time when we weren’t good enough
to just take points and go.”
He continued: “It’s a long season and a
lot of things must go right. One of
the things is players getting injured
which is one factor definitely. On the
other hand we just have to focus
more and with stronger players
maybe coming in be competitive for
next season and we will see where
we end up at the end.”
Mesut Ozil
The player concluded: “I think for us in the
end it was important to qualify
directly for the Champions League
which is the second or third
place. To be second in the last game
of the season and be on top of
Tottenham was also good for us and
our fans. It was a good finish to the
Don Balon reports that Mesut Ozil is growing
tired of the club’s lack of success in the Premier
League and in Europe under Wenger. However,
the player who was signed by Arsenal from Real
Madrid for £42.5 million in 2013, states that he
still has respect for the coach.
Via his twitter Ozil said: “Have seen the
media reports today. Arsène Wenger
was a big reason for me joining
Arsenal – this hasn’t changed!”

SOCIAL::--5 small acts that win you instant affection of people

5 small acts that win you
instant affection of people

Wish to win sympathy and favor
with other people? If you do these
5 simple, but effective things, you
can establish positive and
lucrative relationships in your
business or in your private life.
1. Be a copy cat
When you talk to someone try to use your body to
sort of mimic their moves and gestures. Surely, you
do not need to copy everything they do, but a slight
mirroring can do wonders. The study carried about
back in 1999 discovered that such behavior makes
people instinctively and subconsciously like you.
2. Say good things about them
Positive words and compliments cost you nothing.
However, if you can say them sincerely, and that is
the major condition, they open up the hearts of
people to you. Basically, this is how it works:
you say good things to them about them and they
begin to see more great stuff in you and like you.
3. Be their friends’ friend
If you know well and get along well with some of
their buddies, it opens up a way for acceptance. If
they know their friends like you, they follow their
4. Be happy
A happy person works like a magnet. Happiness
can be passed on to the other person. Once they get
in good mood, they become more open to like you.
5. Be vulnerable
Vulnerability can be very powerful. When you
open up and show your flaws and weaknesses,
people see you as a human being. They do not have
to defend against you or demonstrate their perfectness.
Instead they get the freedom to be friendly with
These things are simple, but they can help you to
get better relationships at work, in business or in
your private life.

GOSSIP::---Man dumps wife for chatting on their wedding night

Man dumps wife for chatting
on their wedding night

A man decided to disregard his
marital vows by filing for divorce
just a day after saying ‘I do’

A Saudi groom reportedly filed for divorce from
his bride on their wedding night because she refused
to perform her conjugal duties of having sex with
him, and instead chose to chat with her friends.
The bride and groom had gone to their hotel room
in Manama, Bahrain, after their wedding ceremony
and while the expectant groom hoped he would spend
quality time with his new wife, she chose to reply
friends and family who had sent in their
The groom had reportedly asked her to stop chatting
and became angry when she refused. A relative said
the groom had asked her how important he was to
her, “When he asked her if her
friends were more important than he
was, the bride answered that they
They got into a heated argument which prompted the
groom to storm out of the hotel room in anger,
threatening to divorce her as well.
According to the relative, the groom went ahead to
file for a divorce, which the court referred to the
reconciliation committee to try to get the newlyweds
to reconcile.
The groom has reportedly refused to have the case
withdrawn, insisting he no longer has interest in
marrying the bride and that the divorce case should
proceed as place

heh...even on your wedding night

hmm -:-----a cheater will always cheat

NEWS:::-NLC walked out on the Buhari-led government, find out why

NLC reveals why they walked
out on the Buhari-led

– The NLC walked out from a
meeting with the Nigerian
– Nigeria’s government refused to
consider the NLC’s demands,
hence triggering the walk out
– The meeting with the
government lasted barely an hour
before a walk out was staged
– NLC said it is not ready to listen
to the government’s offer
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), on the
night of Tuesday, May 17, walked out on the
Nigerian government, after a last minute meeting in
attempt to avert a nationwide strike over increased
petrol price, collapsed mid-way.
NLC says the Nigerian government is not ready
to heed the demands of the people.
Representatives of the organised labour staged a
walkout on government representatives, claiming that
the government refused to even consider its demand
for a reversal of the price hike, and an earlier
increase in electricity tariffs.
The meeting, called by the Secretary to the
Government of the Federation (SGF),
Babachir Lawal, was attended by the president of
NLC, Aliyu Wabba, who led representatives
of affiliate groups including Trade Union
Congress, TUC, and civil society organisations.
Sources reveal that the meeting was barely an hour
into its agenda when the labour leaders decided to
stage a walkout after what they called the “refusal of
government to accede to their demands”.
Premium Times reports that the General
Secretary of the NLC, Peter Ozo-Eson, said
members could not continue to put up with the
government’s unbending attitude towards their
“The talks with government broke
down because it was not ready to
address the issues the NLC placed
on the table for discussion; so we
left,” Mr. Ozo-Eson said.

BREAKING NEWS:-LIVE: Divided NLC defies court, embarks on strike

LIVE: Divided NLC defies court,
embarks on strike

Nigerians have remained in topsy-
turvy following the new
development in the country’s
downstream oil sector.Now lets  recalls that the federal government
on Wednesday, May 11, removed subsidy from
sale of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also
known as petrol with immediate effect.
According to the government, a benchmark of
N145 per litre, has been recommended as pump
The announcement was made by Ibe Kachikwu,
minister of state for petroleum, who however promised
the price will not stay for so long.
This however didn’t go down well with the
Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the
Trade Union Congress (TUC), who vowed to
go on strike to force the federal government to revert
to the former pump price of petrol (now pegged at
But just as both labour unions planned an
industrial action to force the federal government to
revert to the former pump price of petrol, the
government filed a suit at the Industrial court to
restrain the NLC and TUC from embarking
on strike. And in the early hours of Wednesday,
May 18, the court read an injunction against
NLC and TUC not to go on strike. The
court order shows that should the NLC and
TUC go ahead with the industrial action, then
they are going against the law.
Just before the court order, a meeting into the night
of Tuesday, May 17, between the federal
government and the labour workers to reach a
compromise over the proposed action, ended in a