Sunday, 22 April 2018



1.LAZINESS: Most Christians are very lazy when it comes to studying their book and very enthusiastic when it comes to the Holy Bible forgetting that, that same bible said that And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you) they have the wrong mindset that since we are not of this world we should not be buoyant in academics but that’s is wrong even Christ was taught of the holy spirit and there is no excellence without work/study .
2.MENTORS: Like my father will always say  “likes attracts like” in the sense that as a minister of God your academics background matters a lot if you take a good look back in the 1800’s and 1900’s those that became pastors were those that mostly without sound academics grounds maybe based on one issues or the other they forget that Jesus had a task collector as a disciple Peter was a professional fisher man, in our days we would have said he is an agriculturist, Judas Iscariot cannot be a very knowledgeable secretary if not well equipped/educated in our days we would have said he is an accountant and the greatest of them all apostle Paul was a barrister, BINNY HIN is not an illiterate he is a medical doctor he once in his life time asked God to please help him to pass chemistry in his school days and promised God he would not ask him for any such help in future he promised to study to pass his exams not far fetch PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE (DUNAMIS) IS A MEDICAL DOCTOR AND MANY OTHERS .Nowadays Christian students are given wrong orientation. Christian students can have dozens of Christian mentors but not one educational mentor in their field of study which is very bad how then do you expect to excel in academics “where your heart is there shall your heart be also” let’s turn a new leaf (3 john 1 vs Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.) our prosperity is not only of the soul but in all things.
3. BUSY SCHEDULE: Our God is not a God of confusion so we should be able to strategize and manage our time well and balance both Church activities and Academics activities because if we fail to do that we will have our self to be blame and there’s going to be a reflection of it in our academics performance. Why is it that is mostly Christians that tends to fail more? Wrong mindset of we thinking because God is our Father so he will favor us but  proverbs 21vs To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice and we then relax for God to wrought magic all in the name of Miracle and if we fail we will be like God why? You why didn’t you study well enough to pass your exams?
4.THEY DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF A STUDENT: A student is according to the dictionary a person who studies a particular academic subject or a person seriously devoted to Some subject, whether academic or not. So is either you are a student or a bible scholar there’s time for our Christian practices and time for study we should kn

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Saturday, 21 April 2018



11.     MARRYING SOMEONE THAT DOESN’T HAVE YOUR DESIRED QUALITIES: Most people marry with the impression that since a lady is beautiful/a guy is handsome and rich that’s all I need in a man and on getting to their home they discover that they are both of like the NORTH AND SOUTH POLE not agreeable in any ways, beliefs, morality even compatibility is lacking and this will firstly threaten their love. Another thing is virtue because not all ladies can be a wife  and not all guys can be a man
22.     THIRD PARTY: This is  the top of it a married man / woman should be a “ matured adult who is able to handle any situation with little or no help from a third party he/she should be able to make their own decisions”  because immediately a family matter is taken outside the home it becomes the nation’s affair and this can easily without notice crumble a home in no time, matters of the home are meant to be settled by the husband and wife only no third party place is provided because on marriage the both becomes one in all things and these two should be able to manage a situation no matter how tedious and tasking it may be.
33.   WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING: Many married couples get home and meet another or a whole stranger compared to who they dated and got married to and “the reason of dating being to get to know themselves intimately” was not achieved so this is still another error in marriage. Imagine getting home to discover  you married a thief, prostitute, mentally unstable she/he snores  and you happen to hate snorers  or sleep- talkers  you will fell discourage is easier said than done after saying “ yes I do, in richer, in poorer , in health and sickness”  it’s difficult for the party involved also fake lifestyle put up by their partner’s  just to get their partners approval but on getting to find out that all were just an act, to please her and so the period of dating should correct this error know him/her to her period even if possible when she wears a pant and not her cold and hot period etc.
44.  SLACK IN DUTIES: Like I always say especially on the side of men after marriage they think okay we are now married no need for us going out again even once in a long while or during festive season and on the side of the woman with the intent that am already married so no need to dress to please again to look good and charming this is a common attitude of the black women and later you will still be the one complaining of your partner chasing other ladies? So in essence things done during the period of dating should be continued so as any of the individual not to feel indifferent.

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1. LUST: This is one of the basics reasons why people cheat how can a married man for example having a beautiful and well endured wife still be lusting after another woman. Are they not both are they both not having the same body features shapes curve and edges? What is the different?  ” Like a saying will always say a cheater will always cheat” (No matter how clean you bath a pig it will still go back to the muds) so on my own point of view it’s what its inherent in the individual before marriage and like it’s been said charity begins at home same applies here the person involved has being engaging in this act before marriage so it’s the same character he/ she still exhibit in marriage/relationship.
2. TO KEEP UP TO DATE (THE TRENDING): Most persons engage in some fraud less activities because it the up and doing activity in town that is a very bad habit someone once said that before you enter a relationship you should be matured all wise you should be able to define your boundaries, limit, likes, dislike if at this time you are still tossed to and fro here and there I think you should retrace your steps and be a woman and man of your own.
3. LACK (MONEY, CHILD): Some people really don’t intend to cheat but due to lack they find themselves cheating maybe for money and child bearing the latter is common amongst Africans they can’t bear the thought and shame of not bearing children will be tempted to cheat and as they try it out sooner or later it then becomes a habit.
4. POOR SEX LIFE OF THE OTHER PATNER: This is the most important there is no marriage that there will be no sex, sex is very pleasurable and image someone who got married with the hope to have a lot of it but ended up being disappointed because of the inexperience of the other person will definitely look and desire to have a better and satisfied one and this will lead to cheating which was never intended.
5. FRIENDS AND FAMILY: This happens especially when the woman is ill-treated will little or no care and even sex starvation and if this be known to family and friends they may persuade her to cheat even giving her examples of those engaging in the act and the benefit and pointing out to her, her monster at home so if she is tired of bearing she may give up after all to “err is human and to forgive is divine”.
6.LACK OF LOVE AND APPRECIATION :There is a saying that “ appreciation is an  application for more” so no matter how small what  he/she does for you even if it’s  their responsibility always say thank you it make someone  fell  useful else they will fell  they are of no use to you and that you can do without them this  will then put a bridge in their heart . Never go out without kissing or telling your spouse I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW IT ALREADY RE-ECHO IT THIS WILL ALWAYS REMIND THEM OF YOUR LOVE FOR THEM.
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NDA:-Police quiz Delta pastor for allegedly funding Avengerago

– Police interrogated a cleric in
Warri over alleged sponsoring of
the militant group in Niger Delta
– The man of God was also
accused of harboring weapons in
church and at home
– However, the police didn’t find
anything after the search was
conducted in his residences
A bishop of a new generation
church in Warri was quizzed by the
Delta state police detectives over
reported sponsoring of the militant
group Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).
The Punch reports that the bishop
(name suspended), comes from
Ogbinbiri community of Egbema
(Ijaw) Kingdom in the Warri North
council area of the state and is the
presiding bishop of the New
Salvation Zion Church of Christ at
Igbodu area of the city.
The police insiders told reporters
that the church leader was
summoned for questioning after two
petitions supposing that he was
sponsoring the Avengers.
The interrogation was conducted at
the Warri area command of the
Delta state police command.
The prominent man of God was
quizzed from 8am to about 8pm
last week July 13, before he was
permitted to go and directed to
report the following day for further
A closed relative of the suspected
bishop confirmed the development
to the journalist, but asked not to
be identified.
The petitions also supposed that
the cleric was harbouring arms both
in his house and church.
The police conducted the search of
the Ijaw bishop’s residence at
Bendel Estate in Effurun, Uvwie
council area of the state, and his
church building in Igbodu area of
However, nothing incriminating was
found at both houses of the
The Avengers claimed series of
attacks on gas and oil facilities in
Niger Delta region.
The militants group has been calling
for a share of profits from oil
production with the local population.
They also demand regional self-