Thursday, 28 April 2016

Exclusive: Balarabe spits fire, says Buhari is weak and incompetent

Exclusive: Balarabe spits fire,
says Buhari is weak and

– Balarabe Musa said the atrocities being
committed by suspected Fulani herdsmen
across the country was because of the
weakness of the government
– President Buhari condemned the reported
attacks by the suspected Fulani herdsmen
– Fulani herdsmen was reported to have
killed 40 persons at Nimbo in Uzo- Uwani
Local Government Area of Enugu State
Former governor of the old Kaduna State
Balarabe Musa, said that the only
explanation for President Muhammadu
Buhari’s silence over renew attacks by
armed men suspected to be Fulani
herdsmen resulting in the deaths of several
Nigerians is absolute weakness, incompetent
and loss of focus.
About 40 persons have so far been
reportedly killed in the latest attacks by
some Fulani herdsmen at Nimbo in Uzo-
Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu
Former Kaduna state Governor, Balarabe
He laments in an interview

that not only are the Fulani herdsmen killing
and attempting to forcefully take over other
peoples’ land, they also engage in stealing of
cows belonging to others, a crime he said
not reported in the media.

He said the atrocities being committed by
suspected Fulani
country and llings of innocent
Nigerians and destruction of properties in
the northeast by Boko Haram insurgents are
indication that government at the central is
weak and lack the competence to address
the current overwhelming insecurity plaguing
the country.
“The killing by Boko Haram and Fulani
herdsmen appears to be the only crime taking
place in the country. It is not at all. These
Fulani herdsmen are also stealing cows of
others and the federal government is at
moment powerless.
“My own cows have been stolen twice; last
year and this year. It was never like this until
this present government came to power. For
people to be able to steal cows in the day
time in Nigeria that shows the level of
“It is terrible. The President and his
government are weak. Has the President said
anything since the Fulani herdsmen started
this senseless killings?” he asked.
“Let us not deceive ourselves. The President
is quiet because he is a weak President. The
state (Kaduna) government is also very weak
in terms of security. They have put the lives of
Nigerians in danger more than any government
in recent times,” he said.
He explained that the current level of
confidence with which the Fulani herdsmen
carries out their activities across the country
in total disregard for indigenous people who
owns the land in the first instance without a
word from the President, supports the
arguments in some quarters that they are
backed by highly placed government

Tiwa Savage's hubby accuses her of sleeping around

Tiwa Savage's hubby accuses
her of sleeping around

Top Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage’s husband,
Tunji Balogun, has accused his wife of
sleeping with some top Nigerian singers.
The obviously frustrated singer’s husband
who said he cannot keep pretending
everything was fine anymore, alleged that
his wife slept with Donjazzy, Dr Sid and
”With in what period of time did you Fuck
jazzy and Dr Sid. And I dint care because the
love I have for you. I looked at it that we all
have a past even when at this same fucking
time you were fucking with 2face.”
He didn’t stop there, he went further to
accuse Tiwa Savage’s mother of being a witch

”Please just take care of JamJam. I sacrificed
my life for you and put in work and my money
to your success. You are Tiwa Savage the
super star now right. You will never have
peace with that fame. Your mother wants to
turn me to what she turned your DAD to? I will
rather Die. Ask her to confess what’s she’s
done to me! All I did was look out for your
success and forgeries g who I am. I’m sorry
Olabisi, Gaetano. Onah and jamil. All daddy
wanted to do is be a good father and take
care all of you but they won’t let me. I have
been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a
kid my mother and father can testify. Went
from family battle to mother inlaws battle.
@tiwasavage ask your mother to confess what
she’s done to me.”
Nawa oo…The couple got married in a big
society wedding in Dubai in 2014 at Armani
hotel. They have a baby boy, Jamil.

enate to end B.Sc and HND dichotomy in Nigeria

Senate to end B.Sc and HND
dichotomy in Nigeria

– The differences in the degrees acquired at
universities, polytechnics and colleges will
be balanced soon
– “It is the right of every Nigerian child to
be educated by the government.”
– Achieving gender parity through
The degrees acquired at universities,
polytechnics and colleges are to be treated
as of equal importance and the senate
committee on tertiary education is currently
working on it.

The chairman of the committee, Sen. Binta
Garba, commented on the process in Abuja
on Wednesday:
“Again what we are doing as a committee on
tertiary institution; we are trying to come out
with a conference on legislative agenda on
education. We are trying to look at all other
summits on education, trying to look at
policies of government on education and trying
to see how we can have a balance.
Not every one of us can go to the university
because this syndrome or dichotomy between
the university, polytechnic and colleges of
education, I think we want to streamline it and
allow every person that has gone to any
tertiary institution to believe that he is not a
second class citizen, but a first class citizen.”
Gender parity and education in Nigeria
Touching on the matter of gender equlaity
she stated: “First and foremost I am a firm
believer in gender parity, not gender equality
because when we talk about gender equality, it
sends a very wrong signal even to the men

– Fake police chief nabbed with indian hemp makes stunning confessions

– Fake police chief nabbed with indian
hemp makes stunning confessions

– Says he took to the illegal trade in order
to cater for five wives and 23 children
– Blames his predicament on poverty and
The two suspects after being paraded on
The two suspects after being paraded on
Wednesday, April 27.
A self-styled superintendent of police,
George Oliseh, has been arrested with 10
bags of weed suspected to be cannabis, The
Punch reports.
The arrest of the police officer who was on
uniform and had an identity card, was
effected by the Ogun state police command
in Sagamu area of the state on Sunday, April
24, when the suspect was bringing the bags
of hemp from Owo, Ondo state, in his Toyota
Camry car.

Opinion: Buhari should stop playing with Nigerian lives

Opinion: Buhari should stop
playing with Nigerian lives

Editor’s note: While President Muhammadu
Buhari has finally addressed the issue of the
Fulani herdsmen , Nigerians continue to call on
their president to stop the killing. Paul E.
Michael, a criminologist and civil activist,
writes to Buhari, asking to stop playing ethnic
card with the lives of Nigerians.
Buhari seems not interested in curbing
Fulani herdsmen
As one who staked his integrity and life in
defence of the then General Muhammadu
Buhari presidential ambition, I find it totally
disappointing that President Buhari seems
not interested in curbing the unruly and
bloody conducts of the Fulani herdsmen,
which have resulted in the death of several
Nigerians across the country. The inability of
Mr. President to respond promptly to the
early actions of the herdsmen has made the
situation to degenerate into serial attacks. If
the president fails to act now, then we shall
have every reason to believe that our
president is running a Fulani agenda, as
claimed by some commentators.

CCT Chairman should resign

CCT chairman should resign:
FG queries Saraki's moral right

– The Senate president Bukola Saraki is
insisting the CCT chairman, Danladi Umar
withdraw from his trial over bribery
– Rotimi Jacobs, the lead prosecution
lawyer said the investigation of the bribery
allegation against Umar had been concluded
and the AGF and had cleared him of the
alleged bribery
– He said it was absurd that Saraki would
insist on remaining Senate president while
urging Umar to disqualify himself
– Also speaking, Umar said he has been
cleared of the allegation by both the EFCC
and the AGF
The federal government said it was
laughable that Bukola Saraki who is on trial
for corruption would insist on remaining the
Senate president while urging the Code of
Conduct Tribunal Chairman, Danladi Umar, to
withdraw from his trial over bribery
Saraki asked Umar to withdraw from his trial
over bribery allegations against him.
At the hearing on Wednesday, April 27,
Rotimi Jacobs, the lead prosecution lawyer
in the trial of the Senate president, queried
the moral right of Saraki to question the
integrity of Umar and to ask him to
disqualify himself from the trial, The Nation
Jacobs said: “ This motion is absurd. The
defendant (Saraki), who has been charged to
court, is still performing his statutory duty as
a senator till today, saying that the
Constitution guarantees him presumption of

Army aresst major Boko Haram supplier

 Army arrest major Boko Haram suppliers

– Some Boko Haram logistics elements have been arrested by the army

– The arrest was made  by troops of the 22 brigade on patrol through Dikwa

Troops of the 22 Brigade embarked on a  patrol to Ajiri and Antul villages, South East of Dikwa along  Dikwa-Gulumbagana road, and arrested some suppliers of Boko Haram.

Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, the army spokesman said the arrest was made following reports by some good citizens about Boko Haram terrorists activities and on hearing of very loud explosions near Dikwa the troops made some investigation.

The patrol made contact with Boko Haram logistics elements who specialised in using the 2 villages as base  for food storage and other logistics before moving them to Bama and then to Sambisa forest.

In the encounter 5 Boko Haram terrorists were arrested comprising 3 adults and 2 minors.

Justice Umar opens up on Saraki's case

Justice Umar opens up on Saraki’s case

– Justice
umar says he can’t resign from Saraki’s case, because he is the representative of God

– Rotimi Jacobs asks Justice Umar to stop exchanging words with Saraki’s lawyer

CCT trial

Bukola Saraki and Danladi Umar…the face-off between both men

Justice Danladi Umar, the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), has reacted to the calls for his resignation, PMnews reports

He has answered the embattled Senate president Bukola Saraki, who is currently facing trial at the CCT over alleged false declaration of assets.