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FOR YOU:-_5 simple ways of hooking up with single guys

5 simple ways of hooking up
with single guys in Lagos

Ladies most times are always in search of
single eligible men in Lagos; we understand
that finding men who are responsible could
be a very hard task for ladies who are new
to Lagos and want to get hooked.
No one is talking about the ‘runs girls’ and
other ladies who may be interested in flings
and affairs that would not last. For the
ladies who want something serious, we
would share some hints on how to find the
responsible men in Lagos.
Lagos is a busy and bustling place and it
could be really difficult finding the perfect
man as most of the guys you see on the
roads are looking for ladies to devour. All
they want is to sleep with innocent young
ladies at low or no cost and move on to the
next unlucky lady. So you do not fall prey to
the scheme of the irresponsible men who
may want to take advantage of you, there
are certain things you should know.
Find below some of the simple ways of
finding responsible and eligible single men in
1. Attend weddings
As soon as you step onto the ground of this
lovely city, do not consider locking yourself
up and staying within the confines of your
house always. No man would come looking
for you if you do not put yourself out there.
When you are in this large city, attend social
functions as much as you can.
Weddings especially would attract men from
all works of life; make yourself attractive so
as to be able to gain the attention of the
men in that gathering. Do not overdo it
though, so you do not end up embarrassing
yourself. However, if you play your cards
well and get lucky to catch the bouquet,
then you just might be lucky.
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2. Visit the gym
Men of this generation are super conscious
of their looks; they do not take exercises
lightly and would do all they could to keep
fit. Visiting the gym regularly would boost
your chances of running into a very cool guy,
it is essential that you do not act desperate
so as not to be taken for granted.
Also, be as attractive as possible when
visiting the gym; wear attractive sportswear
and try being neat while at it. This has two
advantages; you would get your body into
shape and stand the chance of meeting
good looking guys that are responsible too.
3. Worship in the church
No matter how short your stay is, try and go
to the church. Not all the men you see out
there are evil; some still have conscience
and would go to the church to worship. You
can be sure you would meet one or two
single guys in that gathering and depending
on how things play out, you may be in a
relationship with one before long. A man
who holds God in high esteem is by no
means, a good choice.
4. Visit the mall or the beach
While you are on a visit to this wonderful
city, go out as much as possible and have
fun. You could visit the mall and window
shop, go to the cinema or better still visit
the beach for fresh air. Most of the single
guys relax this way too and would always be
around places like that.
Nature would always be attractive and would
bless you in its coolness. The beach would
have lots of people on it and you can be
sure you would make friends there. There
are many beaches in Lagos; and apart from
finding company, you will also find yourself
relaxing there.
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5. Visit old friends
No one is an island, you must have met one
or two people in the past who live in Lagos,
this is the perfect time to bring out your
phone book and search for their numbers.
A reunion would do you more good as you
are bound to make more friends. While
visiting an old friend, you may get lucky and
be introduced to some other friends who
may be single.

UNBELIEVABLE:-_Mystery! Statue of Virgin Mary crying

Mystery! Statue of Virgin Mary

It was mystery when Maria Cardenas noticed
that her Virgin Mary statue of 10 years
started crying all of a sudden.
According to The Mirror, Cardenas said the
strange occurrence started when her cousin,
Jessie Lopez, was murdered about 18
months ago. Describing the Virgin Mary
statue crying as a miracle, Cardenas said
she shares the tears she collects from the
statue with anyone that visits her.

Virgin Mary statue appears to be weeping
California-born Cardenas who received the
statue as a Mothers’ day gift 10 years ago,
said she “ doesn’t understand why she’s doing
it” but she believes it could be linked to the
death of her cousin, Jessie Lopez.
One of Cardenas’s neighbours, Richard
Quintana, said he “wanted to come see for
myself” after he was invited to take a look
when he moved in across the street. He
added: “That’s amazing. It takes the words
out of my mouth– like wow. I’m so amazed.”
Virgin Mary statue appears to be weeping
The statue’s caretaker, who didn’t want to
be identified, told Action News: “We’ve had
priests come from all over to look at her, and
all they say is that it’s a miracle. We’re not
hiding her, but at the same time, we don’t
want anything to happen to her,’ said the
caretaker.” You can watch the video of the
statue crying below:
Can this be true?

NEWS:--DSS official set ablaze after rebuking suspect

DSS official set ablaze after
rebuking suspect

– A DSS official was doused in fuel and set
on fire in Delta state
– The state has recorded cumulative
violence against security operatives due to
tension between the people and law officials
– The suspect was finally apprehended and
is answering questions at the police station
Reports have emerged on how an official of
the Department of State Services, DSS was
set ablaze at Oghara in Delta state.
Vanguard reports that the victim, Andrew
Maduku who is an indigene Oghara died
after he was doused in petrol after he
rebuked the suspect.
Felix Maduku who is the brother of the
deceased narrated how the father of four

ENTERTAINMENT:--Olamide finally opened up on Lil Kesh's exist from YBNL

Olamide finally opened up on
Lil Kesh's exist from YBNL

– Top Nigerian music artist Olamide finally
opened up on Lil Kesh’s exit from YBNL
– He revealed despite his exit, Lil Kesh is
still part of YBNL
– Olamide signed in a new artist just after
Lil Kesh’s exit from YBNL
Lil Kesh and Olamide
Award winning YBNL record label boss and
music star, Olamide has remained quiet
since the exit of one of his artist; Lil Kesh
left the label to stand on his feet.
Since both artist parted ways, Lil Kesh has
come out to clear the air saying despite
floating my own record label, I am still very
much with YBNL. He added that him and
Olamide did not part ways because they had
unresolved issues but because his contract
with the record label expired and there was
no need for renewal.
In an interview with TVC connect, Olamide
opened up on Lil Kesh and what he has been
up to in recent times saying: “ I have been
busy in the studio recording Adekunle Gold’s
album, recording new songs for my new artist
and also shooting videos for myself and
Adekunle Gold.”
When asked about why he signs YBNL
artists for just two years, Olamide said:
“ YBNL artists are not usually signed up for
two years it depends on the deal we have but
the deal I had with Lil Kesh and Victor was for
two years.”
Speaking on Lil Kesh saying he is with
YBNL, the music star revealed that: “ Yes he
is still with YBNL, we helped him set up his
own record label, business and we will help
him manage the business as well .”
However, just immediately after Lil Kesh’s
exit from YBNL the record label boss
immediately signed a new artist, Princess
Temmie Ovwasa who was also described as
the label’s first lady. The newly signed artist
has already kicked off a media tour, where
she opened on how she joined YBNL and
how her parents have been very supportive
of her music career.

HEALTH:-6 ways of improving quality of life if you have diabetes

6 ways of improving quality of
life if you have diabetes

It’s no fun having diabetes. It can feel like
diabetes increases your risk of almost every
major health condition, while diabetes
management can take hours out of your day
on a consistent basis.
Medication can keep diabetes in check, but
without decrying the benefits medication
has, it can be exhausting to stick to a
regimen, especially one that requires self-
adjustment. All in all, it is very easy for
people with diabetes to feel down on any
given day.
This is why it is so important to make sure
you have a good quality of life. By having a
high quality of life, you’ll focus less on the
negative aspects of diabetes and feel
happier in yourself.
This may sound easier said than done, but
here are some straightforward ways of
improving your quality of life if you have
either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. http://
1. Set yourself achievable targets
There’s nothing worse than when your doctor
tells you that your Blood sugar,diet, weight
or other lifestyle choices are not up to what
he expects and then sets you daunting
targets to get back on the right track. If your
blood sugar levels have recently been quite
erratic, aim to assess why this is the case
and what could be causing these
fluctuations. Taking this extra time to work
out why you may be having regular highs or
lows can help regulate your glycemic
control. Once you have found the cause, you
can then focus on trying to keep your blood
sugar levels within the target range. http://
Similarly, if you have been recently
struggling with weight loss, or certain
aspects of dietary and/or lifestyle changes,
focus on small improvements in the short-
term. Small improvements are more
attainable if you’ve hit a stumbling block,
and can give you a necessary boost
before resuming your long-term target.
2. Be in control
A 2013 survey of a Diabetes Forum
members found that those with type 1
diabetes who felt more in control had fewer
hypos and less anxiety over
complications.There is no reason why these
findings can’t be applied to type 2 diabetes.
As mentioned earlier, being told by your
doctor that your diabetes management
needs to improve can be depressing. It’s
easy to think “I’m a failure”. However,
forcing yourself to take a more positive
outcome – such as “I will improve” –can be
much more effective in improving your
diabetes control. Start with those
aforementioned small steps to reinforce your
new attitude, as results will be easier to
achieve in the short-term.
3. Eat a healthy diet
Processed foods aren’t good for anyone.
While the excess sugar in some processed
foods can provide a short-term sense of
pleasure, they are linked with poor long-term
health and can be packed with harmful
additives. Click here
A healthy diet is essential for someone with
diabetes –processed foods should feature
as little as possible. If you regularly eat
processed foods, set an achievable target to
wean yourself off them.
One diet that many people find useful for
controlling blood sugar levels and aiding
weight loss – both of which can make you
feel much better about yourself, and your
diabetes – is the low-carb diet. Research is
continually backing the low-carb diet’s
benefits for people with diabetes. We
recently sent out the Low-Carb Program to
enable people to take control of their
diabetes and improve their health and
wellbeing in the short and long term.
Click here

SHOCKING:-- Doctor asked patient to undress for him to insert an instrument but rather inserted something else

Doctor arrested for allegedly
molesting, impregnating

– Victim had kept mum about incident after
its occurrence
– Police source says the ‘doctor’ admitted
to having an affair with the lady
– Informs that he has since been arrested
while investigation continues
– Anti-sexual violence team counsels ladies
on opening their private parts to male
A trado-medical doctor is presently under
investigation by the Isokoko police division,
Ayobo, Lagos for allegedly forcing a patient.
The lady, Funmilayo (pseudonym), who is a
26-year-old National Diploma holder from a
polytechnic in Lagos was said to have gotten
pregnant after the said act.
According to The Punch findings, the lady
was an ulcer patient in the Ipaja Ayobo area
of the state, who approached the
doctor’s Damola Healthcare for treatment on
her ailment.
But, the doctor, simply identified as Abiodun,
maneuvered the treatment and forcefully
slept with her, and when he discovered that
she had gotten pregnant from the act, asked
her to abort the pregnancy.
Funmilayo had been asked to pay N18,000
by Abiodun’s workers after prescribing some
herbal drugs for her treatment, and she
reportedly deposited N10,000
But when there was no improvement in her
situation, the lady requested to meet with
Abiodun for further counselling in January
2016. And after conducting some tests on
her, the doctor allegedly told her that she
had womb infections and she needed to be
further examined, giving her another date
(two days after) to come for proper
The lady, it was gathered, had gotten to the
hospital as early as 7am for fear of testing
to womb infection. The doctor reportedly
arrived at about 8am and invited Funmilayo
to his office, asking her to undress to have
her private parts examined.
It was during this period that the doctor
allegedly molested the lady and pleaded with
her not to disclose their affair to anybody.
But, according to a police source, the lady
could no longer keep the secret when in
February, she discovered that she was
pregnant and that the doctor had asked her
to carry out an abortion.
“The ‘doctor’ agreed he had an affair with her,
but he insisted that the victim should get rid
of the pregnancy. The lady insisted that she
would not risk her life to go for an abortion
since she was not promiscuous. When the
matter got to the Ayobo division, the ‘doctor’
was arrested and made to promise to take
care of the lady. But after he was granted bail,
the promise was not kept,” the police source
The victim also narrated her ordeal, saying:
“On that day, when he arrived, we went into
his office. He asked me to lie on the bed as
he would insert a rubber tool into my private
parts for examination. I did. My legs were far
apart. He did that for some minutes, and
suddenly I noticed he inserted his private

MUST READ:--Why Buhari’s anti-corruption boss may be arrested

Why Buhari’s anti-corruption
boss may be arrested

– EFCC boss Magu may be imprisoned over
flouting the court order
– Abuja court demanded Magu to release
Austrian security expert, Wolgang Reinl from
‘unlawful’ detention
Ibrahim Magu (R)
The chairman of the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu is
facing imprisonment for alleged disobedience
to court order, The Guardian reports.
A contempt charge has been filed against
Magu over flouting a court order by Justice
Peter Affen of the Abuja High Court asking
that Austrian security expert, Wolgang Reinl,
be released from “unlawful” custody.
The charge is asking Nigeria’s anti-graft
boss to show reason why he should not be
committed to jail for the crime.
Justice Affen had directed EFCC to
immediately release the international
passport, cheque books, mobile phones and
other belongings to the foreign businessman
which were ‘unlawfully’ seized since
December 2015 when his Abuja residence
was raided by operatives of the agency.

GOSSIP:---Ben Murray Bruce plans to buy a horse

Ben Murray Bruce plans to buy
a horse

Common sense senator, Ben Murray Bruce,
will not cease to be sarcastic. Lol
Ben Murray Bruce lists his achievements.
The senator in a tweet explained what he
will do now that the price of fuel has now
skyrocketed to N145. He said:

”Somebody is asking me for advise on how he
can survive fuel price increase. What can I
say? Personally I’m even considering buying a
Somebody is asking me for advise on
how he can survive fuel price increase.
What can I say? Personally I’m even
considering buying a horse!
— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce)
May 11, 2016

LOL! Are you also thinking of buying a

NEWS:---Militants: Niger Delta Avengers go underground

Militants: Niger Delta Avengers
go underground

– Niger Delta Avengers militant group have
gone underground
– Security agencies say they may likely
pick some of the groups family members to
force them out of hiding
Niger Delta militant have returned to become
a major problem in the region
After attacks on government installations,
members of the new militancy group in the
oil rich Niger Delta, Niger Delta Avengers
(NDA) have gone underground following a
massive manhunt for them by the Army,
Navy and other security agencies.
The group blew up Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation, NNPC and Chevron
Nigeria Limited, CNL, facilities,
NDA in a statement by its spokesperson,
Madoch Agbinibo, claimed that it was on
ground and neither the Federal Government
nor ex-militant leader, Government
Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, could stop it
from crippling the nation’s economy.
Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari
gave the military marching order to crush
the group.
But according to a Vanguard source “People
say the headquarters of Niger Delta Avengers
is in Delta State. I do not think so, but I know
that they have their network of information
gathering and are conscious of the directive by
President Buhari to security agencies to crush
the militant group.”
The report claimed the militants have also
not responded to mail inquiries by as it other
channels of communication have also been
shut down, an indication that it has
temporarily gone out of circulation.
Security agencies say they had obtained
information on the identities of some
members of the group and would likely pick
some of their family members to force them
out of hiding.
The Niger Delta Riverine Security headed by
Commander Bibi Oduku, said members of
Niger Delta Avengers to face the full wrath
of the law.
“Niger Delta Avengers is a criminal and
devilish group, which is interested, in crippling
economic activities in the Niger Delta and
Nigeria. I advise Niger Delta youths not to
fraternize with these criminals,” he told
Meanwhile, oil producers are evacuating
workers from the troubled region.

SPORTS:---Stephen Keshi set to land South African coaching job

Stephen Keshi set to land
South African coaching job

– The ‘Big Boss’ is set to re-awaken his
coaching career with a PSL side
– Keshi has registered with a top South
African agency
– The 54-year old tactician has been out of
job since he was sacked in July 2015
Former Super Eagles’ coach Stephen Keshi
may soon return to action as the manager of
a South African Premier Soccer League
The Big Boss has registered with an agency
in that country and is expected to be
arranged with a club very soon.
Stephen Keshi
Vanguard reports that Keshi signed a deal
recently with top South African sports talent
The 54-year old tactician has been out of job
since he was sacked from his position as
the Super Eagles coach in July 2015.
He is likely to secure a deal with a PSL club
ahead of the 2016/17 season.
“Stephen Keshi has signed with Quality Talent
Sports, one of the biggest agencies in South
Africa and they will work towards getting him
a club in the PSL as soon as possible,” a
source confirmed.
The former Super Eagles’ captain led Nigeria
to win the 2013 Afcon in South Africa. He
has also managed other West African
national teams including Mali
Other Nigerians including Shuaibu Amodu,
Okey Emordi, Austin Eguavoen and late
Musa Abdullahi have previously worked in
South Africa.

Breaking! Fuel subsidy removed; new price of fuel revealed

Breaking! Fuel subsidy
removed; new price of fuel

The federal government of Nigeria has
removed subsidy on fuel and it will now
start to sell for N145 per litre.
This removal was made on Wednesday, May
Until the removal, the official price of petrol
was N87 per litre although consumers have
been paying as much as N200 for fuel due
to scarcity.
Ibe Kachikwu and President Muhammadu
The removal in fuel subsidy has been a
lingering issue since President Muhammadu
Buhari took over power.
The minister of state for petroleum product,
Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu had said that
the citizens were not benefitting from the
subsidy which made it necessary to be
An official in the petroleum industry had
earlier said the federal government would
deregulate the downstream sector of the
Nigerian petroleum industry so as to put an
end to scarcity.
The petroleum minister in a statement said
the decision was taken based on the current
challenges and that Nigerians have been
paying exorbitant prices for fuel.
We have just finished a meeting of various
stakeholders presided over by His Excellency,
the Vice President of the Federal Republic of
The meeting had in attendance the Leadership
of the Senate, House of Representatives,
Governors Forum, and Labour Unions (NLC,
The meeting reviewed:
“The current fuel scarcity and supply
difficulties in the country.
“The exorbitant prices being paid by Nigerians
for the product. These prices range on the
average from N150 to N250 per litre currently.
“The meeting also noted that the main reason
for the current problem is the inability of
importers of petroleum products to source
foreign exchange at the official rate due to the
massive decline of foreign exchange earnings
of the federal government. As a result, private
marketers have been unable to meet their
approximate 50% portion of total national
supply of PMS.
Following a detailed presentation by the
Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum
Resources, it has now become obvious that
the only option and course of action now open
to the government is to take the following
“In order to increase and stabilise the supply
of the product, any Nigerian entity is now free
to import the product, subject to existing
quality specifications and other guidelines
issued by Regulatory Agencies.
” All Oil Marketers will be allowed to import
PMS on the basis of FOREX procured from
secondary sources and accordingly PPPRA
template will reflect this in the pricing of the
“Pursuant to this, PPPRA has informed me
that it will be announcing a new price band
effective today, 11th May, 2016 and that the
new price for PMS will not be above N145 per
“We expect that this new policy will lead to
improved supply and competition and
eventually drive down pump prices, as we have
experienced with diesel. In addition, this will
also lead to increased product availability and
encourage investments in refineries and other
parts of the downstream sector. It will also
prevent diversion of petroleum products and
set a stable environment for the downstream
sector in Nigeria.
“We share the pains of Nigerians but, as we
have constantly said, the inherited difficulties
of the past and the challenges of the current
times imply that we must take difficult
decisions on these sorts of critical national
issues. Along with this decision, the federal
government has in the 2016 budget made an
unprecedented social protection provision to
cushion the current challenges.
“We believe in the long term, that improved
supply and competition will drive down prices.