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SHOCKING:: A Woman married to two men at the same time

A Woman married to two men
at the same time

– Woman gives excuse to go and see either
of her partners
– Bubble burst after she had a quarrel with
her friend
– Prosecutor says it contravenes the sharia
A woman who married two men ‘legally’ has
reportedly devised a means of sleeping with
each of them.
Nigerian Tribune reports that the
woman, Amina Kabir, is currently standing
trial before the Jibiya upper sharia court,
Katsina, over her acts which are contrary to
sharia law of the state.
The prosecutor informed the court that the
woman married her first husband in 1994,
and hooked up with the second just about
five months ago.
According to him, the first husband,
identified as Kabir Mohammed, lives in
Jibiya, while Shamsu Saulawa, the new
lover, lives in Katsina township.
He said: “My Lord, anytime, she wants to
sleep with one of them, she will tell the other
that she will be travelling to either Jibiya or
Hindatu, one of the accused woman’s
friends, was said to have let the cat out of
the bag after an issue that sprang up
between the pair.
“Her first husband who witnessed the quarrel
thought that Hindatu wanted to paint his wife
black and thus he decided to sue her for
defaming Amina,” the prosecutor added.
Hindatu’s interrogation where she revealed
that she witnessed her friend’s marriage
ceremonies to both men, was attended by a
large number of people.
Alhaji Kabir Hamisu Bello, the presiding
judge, adjourned the case till May 9 for
further hearing.
Recently, a woman made a shocking
confession of how she cheated with her
husband with a man she met on the social
She said: “I cheated on my husband so I’m
burning inside, and by the way, I need
reasonable comments. I am 39 and married
with 3 kids. I was a virgin before I got married
to my husband and the only one I’d sex with.
“I met a man on social media, Facebook to be
precise, and we became friends and got very
“Mr. J wanted to meet me face to face and we
made arrangements to meet. The day he saw
me, he couldn’t resist me.”
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‘Tomato Ebola’ destroys Nigeria’s tomato harvest

‘Tomato Ebola’ destroys
Nigeria’s tomato harvest

– ‘Tomato Ebola’ has reduced locally
available fresh tomatoes
– Many fresh tomato sellers have resorted
to purchasing the product from neighbouring
– Some people are gradually switching to
tomato pastes
The ravaging insect pest known as ‘Tuta
Absoluta’ has destroyed an estimated 40% of
anticipated harvest. However Nigerians are
gradually switching to pastes, on account of
prices that has gone up by 105%, from
N17,000 to N35,000 per basket.
According to BusinessDay, many fresh
tomato sellers have also resorted to
purchasing the produce from neighbouring
countries, especially the Republic of Benin
and Cameroon, in an effort to bridge the
shortfall in Nigeria.
The disease which farmers also refer to as
‘Tomato Ebola’ has reduced locally available
fresh tomatoes, forcing consumers to buy
canned purees/pastes which are relatively
Tuta absoluta is a harmful leaf mining moth,
also called tomato leaf miner and has a
strong preference for the tomato plant. The
moth travels and breeds in swarms and has
a reputation for swiftly ravaging tomato
cultivation in a little above 48 hours –
prompting farmers to nickname it Tomato
The disease has spread across tomato
farmlands in the north of Nigeria, including
areas in and around Makarfi, Hunkuyi, Soba
and Zuntu villages in Kaduna State; in Danja,
Katsina State, and in Kadawa, Dakasoye and
Kura villages in Kano State, according to
Agro Nigeria.
Tomatoes constitute 18 percent of all
vegetables consumed by Nigeria’s 180
million populace, according to a research by
the Agricultural Economics Department of
the University of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
Nigeria’s domestic demand for tomatoes is
put at 2.3 million tonnes, while it produces
only 1.8 million tons annually, according to
the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Development (FMARD).
Alice Aliagun, managing director of small-
scale Sandton shop in Lagos said: “There is
a disease now that has made fresh tomatoes
more expensive. You can imagine that a
basket of tomatoes which went for N17,000
last month now sells for almost N35,000.
Some of us now buy the cheaper cans and
sachets” .
According to Lawal Biliya Adam, secretary,
tomato section of the perishable goods
segment of Mile 12 Market in Lagos, there is
scarcity of tomatoes currently in the market,
owing to ‘Tuta Absoluta’ disease that has
affected most tomato farmlands in the
north. The secretary said: “We now send
some of our boys to Cameroon to buy
tomatoes since we cannot meet up with

Who is number one, father or mother????

Who is number one,
father or mother????

– Is it right for someone to have a
preference between his father and mother?
– There is no known father or mother in this
world who will have the same love and
affection for all his or her children
– Having affection more for a particular
person over the other comes naturally or
environmentally induced
A happy mother in between her two children
Some people believe male children tend to
love their mother more than they love their
father, while another set of people think and
feel that daughters are much closer to their
father than their mother. However, this
scenario is not always the case.

In trying to know if a child could love one
parent over the other, the Glorious Qur’an
first states some things about a child’s
duties to his parents. In chapter 17, verses
23 and 24 of the Book of Allaah (Azza
Wajjal), the Creator of the heavens and earth
“And your Lord has decreed that you should
not worship any other creature or thing except
Him, and to parents, that is both of them, give
them good treatments, whether one or both of
them, when they reach old age, while living
with you. Say not to them degrading words
and do not repel them, but speak to them a
noble word.
“And lower to them the wing of humility, out of
mercy, and say: My Lord, have mercy upon
them, as they brought me up when I was a
little child.”
The above two verses point out the fact that
our parents are our number one any day,
any time.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his
noble soul) in many parts of his Hadith,
instructed and advised his Ummah
(followings) to obey their parents and be
kind to them. A person can only disobey his
parents, when they call him to practise Shirk
(polytheism), in case both of them or one of
them is a polytheist or unbeliever in the
Glorious Qur’an and Hadith.
There was a time Allaah sent Angel Jibril to
his Messenger regarding the importance of
parents. When the angel said Allaah will not
shower His mercies on a defiant child,
Rasuulu laah said Aameen to the request.
This shows how great the gravity of a sin
against our parents is.
There was a time a person came to ask the
Prophet of Allaah, who he should do good to
first. The Prophet replied, ‘your mother.’ The
man asked, who the next person should be,
Prophet Muhammad also said, ‘your mother,’
and said the same thing the third time
before he mentioned, ‘father,’ the fourth
It is from this particular scenario that shows
why Muslims should always buy things first
for their mother, before their father.
Therefore, it is not partiality, but what Allaah
has made to be so, due to how mothers
suffer more on the children than fathers.
Happy weekend

RIP::Cameroonian star Patrick Ekeng dies on the pitch (video)

Cameroonian star Patrick
Ekeng dies on the pitch (video)

– The 26-year-old fell to the floor in the
70th minute
– Patrick Ekeng died during a game in
– It would be recalled that the Marc Vivien
Foe also died on the pitch in 2013
Cameroon and Dinamo Bucharest midfielder
Patrick Ekeng has died of a suspected heart
attack after collapsing on the pitch.
The 26-year-old fell to the floor in the 70th
minute of a televised Romanian league
match between Dinamo and Viitorul.
According to Romanian broadcaster
Digisport, there was no resuscitation kit/
equipment in the ambulance that transported
Ekeng to the hospital, one minute away, but
instead cardiac massage was performed.
The player was pronounced dead two hours
Ekeng’s former club Cordoba tweeted: “We
have no words to express our sadness at the
The Cameroonian FA confirmed the sad
news on a social media platform.
Ekeng had also previously played for Le
Mans and Lausanne.
Recall that on 26 June 2003, Cameroon and
the entire football world lost Marc Vivien
Foe during a Confederations Cup match in
In the 72nd minute of the game, FoƩ
collapsed in the centre circle, with no other
player near him.
After attempts to resuscitate him on the
pitch, he was stretchered off the field, where
he received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
and oxygen.
Medics spent 45 minutes attempting to
restart his heart, and although he was still
alive upon arrival at the stadium’s medical
centre he died shortly afterwards.
Watch video below:

NEWS:: Traggedic 2 dead,10 critically injured in gruesome accident at Mile 2

Traggedic 2 dead,10 critically injured in
gruesome accident at Mile 2


– A ghastly motor accident involving a
commercial bus and a motor truck occurred in
Lagos on Friday, May 6
– The accident left two persons dead while
ten persons were critically injured
The truck and the commercial bus involved in
the accident
There was a gruesome accident around noon
on Friday, May 6 along Jakande Estate of
Festac-Mile 2 link road between a trailer and a
commercial bus popular referred to as danfo,
killing two and leaving ten persons critically
According to eyewitness testimony, the driver
of the trailer lost control of his breaks and in
other to stop the moving trailer ran into the
danfo that was highlighting some passengers.
The driver of the trailer was apprehended by
some of the area boys close to the scene of
the accident when he tried to flea
A road safety official that identifies himself as
John confirmed the severity of the survivors
injury and he said “I hope they make it alive
from the hospital.”
Also according to an eyewitness that was
identified as Abu Dauda, he thanked the police
and LASMA that came with Lagos state
ambulance for quick attention to the wounded.
In his words: “if not, it would have been
something else, they (Police, LASMA) really

Zenith bank set to give scholarships to 150 lucky winners

Zenith bank set to give
scholarships to 150 lucky

Nigeria’s most profitable banking
institution, Zenith Bank Plc, has moved to
reward its loyal and prospective customers
alike in a promotion entitled Zenith
Children’s Day Promo geared towards
holders of its Zenith Children’s Account

The promotion will see the bank provide
scholarships of an undisclosed amount to
over 150 lucky children this Children’s Day.
According to the Bank’s awareness
materials, for a child to qualify for the
scholarship draw, his/her parents simply
needs to open a Zenith Children’s account
for the child and maintain a minimum
balance of N20,000 till the raffle day.

Information gleaned from the Zenith Bank
website by our correspondent revealed the
following documents required to open a
ZECA account with the bank:
– Birth certificate of the child
– Utility bill
– Identification card of parent
– Signed account opening form
– Two references (these references are only
needed should you want to deposit cheques
into the account)
For more information visit Zenith Bank

FACTS:: 6 ways men get to know if their girlfriends have cheated

6 ways men get to know if their
girlfriends have cheated

The issue of infidelity in relationships can
never be overlooked as it is a subject that
affects many. The same way women cheat
in relationships, men also cheat.
What most people fail to understand is that
there would always be lapses when a party
starts to cheat on the other person.
Although, many would agree that catching a
cheating partner is psychological; this
explains why people say their instincts led
them to the discovery.
In this piece, we would be looking at the
signs men watch out for when they want to
know if their woman has been cheating or
The signs that would be raised would be
considered elementary for those girls who
make cheating their life ambition and would
never be caught doing it.
Find below some of the give-away signs that
men watch out for when women cheat son

1. The smell
There is always a funny smell you will
perceive after sex; no matter the level of
personal hygiene you may have, there would
always be an odor. This is because sex has
its own smell. And after the meshing and
grinding of two bodies on heat, you should
not expect to breathe in clean air in that
Men get to know if their girlfriends have just
slept with someone else by perceiving that
odor. Some people have very sensitive
olfactory lobes that could pick smells from
afar. Ladies who do not clean up well may
be caught this way.

2. Deep sleep
Whenever your girlfriend returns from an
unknown place and spend an awfully long
time in the bathroom, then something is
fishy. Women are always very conscious and
would do everything they could to cover
their tracks after sleeping with someone else
other than their boyfriends.
And to make matters worse, they go into a
deep sleep without being drunk. Definitely,
they have some serious explanations to

3. They turn down advances
Men get to predict if their girlfriends just
slept with someone else when they turn
down their sexual advances later. Women do
not like having sex when they have reached
orgasm severally. The best they could do in
an instance as such is to turn down the
sexual advances and rest till they feel
rejuvenated enough to do it.

4. When her make up is neatly done
Another way men get to know if their
girlfriends have been doing stuffs behind
them is through their appearances. Women,
in a bid not to draw attention to themselves
and what they have done try reapplying their
Some men who know their women well
enough may feel like it is out of place for
them to have their makeup reapplied at a
particular time of the day. Also, they make
effort to look fresh by applying perfume on
their bodies for freshness.

5. They become defensive
Women who cheat know that their boyfriends
are likely to question them when they return;
therefore, they are prepared for the
questions and prepping they may go through.
And being women, they end up flaring up as
soon as the questions are asked. This
defense mechanism of theirs makes the men
feel like they have just slept with someone

6. They avoid eye contact
Remember men could never get it wrong
with these signs if the girlfriends in question
are women who are just starting to get into
the cheating business.
They still have conscience and would feel
guilty about sleeping with other men. But the
pros, they are most likely to look you in the
eye and stand their ground when they are
being questioned.

7 things that can destroy your urge for sex

7 things that can destroy your
urge for sex

An unhealthy sex life can lead to tension
between you and your partner. It can make
you feel exhausted and tired.
Everyone deserves a healthy, yet satisfying
sex life but some factors in our everyday life
can cause your sex drive to wane.
The mattress is for sleeping and occasionally
for sex, but if your sex life is boring, you
need to find out what went wrong and how
you can fix it. As the only difference
between a great friendship and romance is
Different things can affect your desire for
sex. One of which is a low testosterone.
This could be a major loss in sex drive as
testosterone is the main male sex hormone.
Apart from this factor, other factors affect
your urge for sex. This leads to a
disconnection from partners.
It is important for couples’ to run a proper
check on their love life and make-up with
their relationship flaws.
Without much ado,here are seven factors
that destroys your urge for sex.
1. Sleep
Little sleep does not only affect our looks,
health and ability to deal with everyday
stressors. It also kills sex drive and lowers
level of testerone; the sex drive hormone in
both men and women.
Sleep is a basic biological necessity. It has
an impact on every aspect of our health and
life. Sound sleep results in an increased
energy and productivity. It aids a better
mood and longer life.
So an eight-hour rest not just makes you feel
better but is essential for your sex drive.
2. Consumption of excess food
Consumption of any food in excess leads to
weight gain is due number one sex drive
killer for any man. Diet accelerates the
ageing process.
Foods that contain added hormones or
antibiotics such as some red meats and
fatty foods, starchy foods are a huge sex
offender and unbalanced a man’s natural
hormone. Poor diet is also a huge factor to
the lost of your sex drive. A good diet
equals a good sex and the better your diet
the more healthy your sex drive.
3. Alcohol
Alcohol in moderation never hurt anyone’s
lust but over indulging, can bring things
down by the end of the night. Alcohol can
affect your sexual prowess causing
difficulties, trouble achieving organism and
premature ejaculation.
Being drunk can also be a turn off for your
partner. And too much alcohol is going to
make one feel sleepy, tired and lost interest
in sex. Therefore moderation is a key factor.
4. Stress
Stress is one of the biggest mood killers.
Some people do many things well when they
are stressed. For women, feeling sexy is not
one of them. Stress at work, home or in
marriage can happen to anyone but learning
to handle it in a healthy manner is helpful
and needful.
5. Erection problems
Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) often
worry about how they will be able to perform
sexually and that worry can drain their
sexual desire.
This issue can be treated and couples can
also work together to keep it from affecting
their relationship.
6. Problems with partner
For many women emotional closeness is an
essential prelude to sexual intimacy.
Problems with spouse can be a huge
contributive factor to low sex drive.
Lack of connection with your partner,
unresolved conflicts or fights,
communication issues, infidelity to mention
but a few often-leads to lost of interest in
sex and reduce sex drive among couples.
7. Depression
Depression is a common cause of poor sex
drive and often leads to poor sleep.
Depression can leads to other libido
condition like high blood pressure.
Sex without feeling close can slay desire:
intimacy is more than just sex. If your sex
life is dry as a couple, try to talk it over by
spending more non-sexual drive together,
just the two of you. Take, snuggle, trade
messages. Find ways to express love
without having sex. Getting closer can
rebuild your sex drive.

FOOTBALL NEWS Massive! Five matches you can’t afford to miss

Massive! Five matches you
can’t afford to miss

– The English league has been decided but
Leicester will be having a party at the King
Power Stadium
– Spanish La Liga will go down the wire as
three teams jostle for the title in the
penultimate games
– Enugu Rangers host Shooting Stars in
what could be described as an epic NPFL
The leagues across Europe are almost
rounding off and some of this weekend’s
matches will decide the fate of teams vying
for titles; with some desperate to avoid
These are then five must see matches this
1. Leicester City vs Everton
The English League has already been
decided last Monday at Stamford Bridge
when Chelsea’s 2 – 2 draw with Tottenham
crowned Leicester Champions of England for
the first time.
Vardy takes on Everton defenders during a
league game
The Foxes will have their celebration party
as they tackle Everton at the King Power
Stadium where fans will be given free
The Toffees will be looking to stun the
Champions as under pressure coach,
Roberto Martinez will be aiming to finish
strongly in league after losing to Manchester
United in the FA Cup.
2. Manchester City vs Arsenal
No doubt, this is definitely a curtain raiser.
The race for the Champions League spot is
still on as the citizens are looking ahead to
secure their European credentials for
incoming coach Pep Guardiola.
Cazorla and Giroud celebrate a goal against
Arsene Wenger will be looking to redeem his
image before the London fans by getting the
deserved result and finishing this season on
a high.
3. Barcelona vs Espanyol
The Catalan derby in the past has always
been a tug of war between both Barcelona
and Espanyol but in recent years the
Bualgrana has always stamped their
authority over their city rivals.
Messi in the thick of action against Espanyol
However Espanyol will want to spoil the
party for Barcelona by inflicting a win on
draw which will be detrimental to the title
hopes of the defending champions.
All Barcelona need is an outright win in the
derby even if they will come out with
4. Real Madrid vs Valencia
When both teams met in the first half of the
season the, then Gary Neville side forced
Real to a 1-1 draw at the Mestalla which
lead to sack of Rafa Benitez.
Real Madrid will need to defeat Valencia to
boost their title hopes
Real Madrid on the other hand are in fine
form both in the league and Champions
League and a victory is expected from the
Los Blancos but they will be without their
most informed player Gareth Bale.
5. Rangers vs Shooting Stars
The old time enemies will be at the war front
again when league leaders Enugu Rangers
trade tackles with Shooting Stars of Ibadan.
Rangers are sitting comfortably on top of
the log with 27 points from 14 matches and
will be looking to consolidate their leadership
with a win over the ‘Oluyole Warriors’ at
Ranfers FC players
The visitors have not been having good
results on the road as they have handed
heavy defeats by El-kanemi and Kano Pillars
conceding nine goals in the process.
The Afonja Warriors will be aiming to snatch
a draw to boost their chances of survival in
the Premier League as they are placed 18th
on the log with 16 points from 17 matches.

Troops arrest three Boko Haram Ameers in Sambisa forest

Troops arrest three Boko
Haram Ameers in Sambisa

– Boko Haram Ameers arrested by Nigerian
troops lament the recent onslaught by the
– More abductees were also rescued during
the operation
– Troops also recover food items and
vehicles during the crackdown
In continuance of its ‘Operation Crackdown’
in Sambisa forest, troops of the Nigerian
army have arrested three Boko Haram
Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman,
spokesperson of the military, informed that
this was achieved by the troops of 26 and
223, Battalions of the army headquarters
strike group and armed forces special
A statement issued by the spokesperson
reads: “The troops have cleared remnants of
Boko Haram in Izza and Njima general area.
Although they did not encounter any Boko
Haram terrorists, there were noticeable fresh
footprints, motorcycle and bicycle tyre marks
in the seemingly abandoned places.
Some food items recovered by the Nigerian
“However, the troops came across and
recovered 8 abandoned vehicles belonging to
Boko Haram terrorists. The advancing troops
also cleared all Boko Haram terrorists’
hideouts along the way including their camps
at Bula Buba and its environs where they
recovered 1 Hilux, 1 Canter truck, 15 AK-47
rifle magazines, a 60mm High Explosive Bomb,
200 G3 rifle magazines, 3 Browning Machine
Gun tripod stands and a 60mm mortar bipod
stand. Other recoveries include several metal
links of 7.62mm (NATO) and
“In their area of operations, troops of 121
Task Force Battalion today, intercepted 35
civilians comprising 6 men, 7 women, 7 males
minors and 15 minor females who claimed to
be coming from Balaganje village.”
The Ameers who were captured by the
Nigerian troops.
Preliminary investigation, according to
Colonel Usman, revealed that the people
intercepted had been living in Balaganje as
captives by Boko Haram terrorists who
threatened to kill them if they attempt to
escape. They are being investigated further.
“In a related development, quite a number of
Boko Haram terrorists have continued to
surrender. Yesterday, out of 16 male adults
that came along with their families to troop’s
from Balazala and Ahamdaga Makaranta
villages in the Dure district, 7 of them
confessed to be Boko Haram terrorist
One of those captured in Boko Haram den.
“However, on proper interrogation, the
suspects confirmed to be Boko Haram
terrorists with some of them having
specialized trade and status. Three of them
were Ameers (leaders) in the Boko Haram
terrorist group’s hierarchy; for instance,
Hamidu Buba was found to be the Ameer
(leader) of tailors, while Musa Buba is Ameer
of mechanics and Ali Idrissa, an Ameer of
“The others confessed to be “Rijan” (fighters)
adding that they have participated in various
Boko Haram attacks on so many villages and
towns. They further stated that the ongoing
crackdown operation is really taking its toll on
them as they can barely survive.
Some sections of the Boko Haram enclaves
being burnt down by the troops.
“As a matter of fact, they confessed that they
were all fed up with the situation which has
become worse as a result of Operation
CRACKDOWN. They also stated that the Boko
Haram terrorists have ran out of food and they
now survive on roots and unripe mangoes.