Friday, 20 May 2016

WHY NOW:----A man who wore breast implants for 19 years wants them out!

A man who wore breast
implants for 19 years wants
them out!

Why on Earth would a man want
to get breast implants and have
boobs like a lady? First reason
was the money and the second
reason was love!
The man’s name is Brian Zembic and nearly 20
years ago he had a bet: he won $100 000 for getting
breast implants and having female boobs for one
year. That happened back in 1997. Brian is a
gambler and he is passionate about winning. So, he
took the bet and started the search for a surgeon.
Back at that time it was not an easy thing to do.
Eventually he found one and luckily the guy also
loved to gamble. So, Brian won few bets with
him and got his breast implants for free! He had to
wear them for one year to get the money and he did.
He could have taken them out now, but… he fell
in love with his own boobs!
So, he just kept them for 19 years! That has made
him a man who better understands female issues, such
as picking the right size and support bra. He was
also worried over aging of the boobs and their
look.And now he is ready to take the implants out.
He just says that his love with his own breasts is
over and he wants them out!
The guy fairly enough got much wanted attention
and the money. Now once again his boobs make
him popular!