Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Naira crashes against dollar,
sells for N319 in black market
show that the naira has plummeted against
the dollar in the parallel market.
This is coming after the Nigerian currency
had r emarkably strengthened against the
dollar in parallel market on Monday, April 18.
According to our Bureau De Change (BDC)
source, the naira now trades for between
N319 and N320 as against the N318 – N320
it was on Monday, April 18.
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dollar, sells for N319
“Today, it is being sold at N319, although
some are selling at N320,” one of BDC
sources informed.

Throughout last week, the naira maintained
a strong stand against the dollar, a situation
which had been absent in the parallel
market for the past few months.
Many had said the naira will likely stay firm
against the dollar this week, but that doesn’t
seem to be going quite well as the nation
currency is presently hovering around N319
– N320.

Judge shows up late at Saraki's CCT trial in Abuja

– Danladi Umar, the CCT chairman, has
come over an hour late to court for the
commencement of Saraki’s trial
– The Senate President’s trial was billed to
begin at 12pm prompt, but Umar arrive 20
minutes short of 2pm
– Saraki was kept waiting in court alongside
some of his colleagues
The chairman of the Code of Conduct
Tribunal(CCT), Danladi Umar, on Tuesday,
April 19, appeared at the court hours late.
The trial was meant to commence at exactly
12pm and over an hour after, Umar is still
yet to arrive.
He arrived in court at exactly 1:40pm with
no explanation on why he was late.
Senator Saraki at a session of the CCT
hearing in Abuja.

2face, Yemi Alade performance at #TasteTheFeelingNg launch

2face, Yemi Alade performance
at #TasteTheFeelingNg launch

Finally, Nigeria’s top male and female
music artistes, 2Baba and Yemi Alade, have
performed together for the first time. The
long-awaited collabo took place at the
Coca-Cola ‘Taste the Feeling’ Launch in
Lagos, over the weekend.
We mean it when we say the atmosphere
was electric. Simply magnetizing. Getting
fellow influencers to jive and sing along can
be a hard feat, but both singers pulled it off
effortlessly. Little wonder Denrele, Bovi and
Falz could not resist joining Yemi Alade on
stage while 2Baba joined the dance floor.
Cynthia Morgan stole the show when she
took up Yemi’s challenge to dance. If you’re
wondering who won, well, it ended in a tie
Performances aside, Coca-Cola treated
guests to water sports. Radio personality,
Kaylah and comedian, LaffUp were among
the brave ones to go on jet skis. We are
certainly looking forward to the next Coca-
Cola event.

7 funny signs you have become a typical Nigerian woman

7 funny signs you have become
a typical Nigerian woman
Basically, Nigerian women have interesting
qualities. Firstly, they know all the tricks in
the world to make you do their bidding and
then they could turn on their drama skills
and use some fast lines on you too.
Growing up with many Nigerian women
around could make you possess one or two
of their traits and start to act like them
yourself. There are c
ertain qualities that
Nigerian women exhibit; and you know for
sure that you have been transformed into
one when you start doing the following:
1. When you bargain in the market till
you are insulted

Don’t bother paying, come and steal it
Have you tried going to the market with a
Nigerian woman? It even becomes more
dramatic if she is a mother as she would
want to cut down her budget by all means
to save money.
Nigerian women have the habit of bargaining
in the market till market sellers insult them
and ask them to take the wares without
paying. When you start to do this, just know
you are gradually transforming into a typical
Nigerian woman.
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commit as a Nigerian
2. When you can talk with your eyes
Most Nigerian women expect their children
to understand body signs and languages.
Your mother could hit you for failing to
understand some sign she gave you with her
Overtime, these signs become a part of the
children too. When you start to use your
eyes to tell someone to pick up money from
the floor, then you have succeeded in
becoming a typical Nigerian woman.

3. When you cannot do little chores by
Nigeria is blessed with a lot of hardworking
women. Most of these women display this
all the time and train their children to do
likewise. However, they love being pesky for
no reason.
You know you have become a typical
Nigerian woman when you start to ask your
children to get you an object you could get
for yourself. And worse still, when you start
to use your mouth to point out directions.
4. When you make retorts without
thinking them through
Sorry for yourself!
Most Nigerian women seem to have ready-
made answers. Try not to offend any of
them or risk being compared to an object
you despise.
In other cases, they show their frustration by
making statements that showcase their
efforts. When a child says he/she is hungry,
they retort by saying ‘ Come and eat me.’
5. When you cannot accept simple
To err is human and to forgive is divine, they
say; offending a Nigerian could feel like hell.
Nigerian women could be very difficult at
times. You know you have been initiated
when someone tells you sorry and you
cannot help saying ‘Sorry for yourself.’
6. When you do not understand the
term picnic anymore
All these for a picnic?

This is noticeable when you intend going for
a picnic and you pack all the things you
could think of. You know you are a typical
Nigerian woman when you pack wrappers
and many things that would be considered
inappropriate. This attitude extends into you
packing things needed for a year for a
journey that would last a week.
7. When you become judgmental
Nigerian women see themselves as women
who are chastised. They understand the
word decency and try being moderate in
everything they do. You know you have
transitioned into a typical Nigerian woman
when you cannot help opening your mouth
when you see a girl walking half naked.

Symptoms Of Diabetes You Should Know

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes usually
appear in subtle ways. In fact, it’s typical
for people in the early stages of the disease
not to realize there’s something wrong for
about 5 years before they are diagnosed.
Diabetes can wreak havoc on your health,
especially if it goes undiagnosed for too
long, that is why it is important to know the
signs and symptoms before it goes too far.
Many of us know the most common
symptoms—frequent urination, increased
thirst and unusual weight loss, just to name
a few; but there are plenty of other less
obvious signs that something is not quite
Here are some of the most surprising
symptoms of diabetes:
1. Snoring
Is your snoring keeping your spouse up at
night? Excessive nighttime noise is one
symptom of diabetes, and has actually been
shown to be a risk factor for developing the
disease. One major sleep disorder
associated with snoring, obstructive sleep
apnea, is nine times more common in
diabetics than in the general population.
2. Feeling cold
People with diabetes often feel unusually
cold, especially in their hands and feet. This
is due to diabetic neuropathy and kidney
damage is the result of diabetes which
causes poor circulation, and thus makes it
difficult for your hands and feet to stay
warm. www.showmehealthytips.com
3. Irritability
Diabetes isn’t just a disease of the body, it’s
also a disease of the mind. The low glucose
levels that are a hallmark of diabetes can
cause all sorts of mental issues—including
anxiety, apathy, moodiness, impaired
judgement and, yes, irritability.
4. Bed wetting
Most of us haven’t wet the bed since we
were little—but people with both type 1 and
type 2 diabetes are more prone to this
embarrassing nighttime leakage. Frequent
urination is a common symptom of diabetes
and peeing in your sleep isn’t necessarily an

Olimpija sack coach who called Nigerian player “black Idiot”

– Coach Marko Nikolac have been “mutually
consented” by Olimpija Ljubljana for calling
Nigerian player “black idiot”
– The Slovenia league leaders says it had
no choice but to part ways with Nikolic
following a seven match ban by the FA on
the coach
– Nikolic was caught on camera racially
abusing Nigerian forward, Blessing Eleke for
“over celebrating” after getting his team’s
equalizer in a 1 – 1 draw at home against
Zavrc on Sunday, April 10
Slovenia league leaders, Olimpija Ljubljana,
have parted ways with their coach Marko
Nikolic via ‘mutual consent’, Complete Sports
This comes after Nikolic was handed a
seven-match ban by the FA for a racial slur
against one of his own players, Nigerian
forward Blessing Eleke.
According to Olimpija Ljubljana’s president
Milan Mandaric, the club had no choice but
to lay off the Serbian coach, since the ban
meant Nikolic would have been kept away
from the dugout until the end of the season.
“It was not an easy decision but as the club’s
president I had no other options,” Mandaric,
the former Leicester City and Portsmouth
owner said on the club’s official website.
“Nikolic is a good coach but he committed an
intolerable offence while Olimpija, a club that I
took over because of its huge potential, has to
remain a role model of professional conduct.
“We have reached an agreement with Marko

Nikolic for him to resign as coach. He is a
good coach, a good man, but he made a
mistake and had to pay for it,” Mandaric
Olimpija Ljubljana have sacked their coach
Marko Nikolic via ‘mutual consent’ for his
black idiot racial slur on Nigerian Blessing
Let's recalls that Eleke had said his
religious background influenced him in
talking the club president Milan Mandaric
out of sacking the Serbian.
This prompted Mandaric to forgive Nikolac.
The club president had said in a press
briefing: “The remarks of our coach were not
racially motivated. He just wanted to win the
game. We are all focused on qualifying for the
championship playoffs and going on to win the
However, the Slovenian FA intervened by
banning Nikolac, citing “clear racism” as its
reason for acting.
Just before the ban and his sack,
Nikolac had apologized to Eleke for fear of
losing his job after he racially abused him.
Nikolac said his remarks about Eleke were
not racist as he only wanted his team to
conserve time and try to score a winning
goal as they aim to reach the championship
He said he was very angry when he saw
Eleke ‘over celebrating’ after the Nigerian
scored a leveller for Olimpija against Zavrc
on Sunday, April 10.
He said: “I wish to apologise to the to
everyone – the President, the Sports Director,
Blessing Eleke and finally all fans of Olimpija
for an inadvertent remark, which when heard
again on television later sounded very
distasteful and worthy of condemnation.
“My only wish was that after the equaliser on
92 minutes, we should try to get the winning
goal. My target is to reach the national
championship playoffs and go on to win the
championship. I would like to thank all the
team for understanding that my remarks were
not meant to be racist.”
Olimpija top Slovenia’s 10-team first division
with 62 points from 30 games, two more
than the champions Maribor with six games

It is possible to free Chibok girls – Shehu Sani

It is possible to free Chibok
girls – Shehu Sani

– Senator Shehu Sani still believes that the
missing Chibok girls can be freed
– However, he noted that Nigeria may have
to pay a very high price to secure the
release of the abducted girls by releasing
some captured Boko Haram members

– According to Sani, the federal government
should set up a special committee which will
do everything possible including persuading
and negotiating with the insurgents
“We may have to pay a very high price to
get these girls out now. It is possible to free
Senator Shehu Sani representing Kaduna
Central senatorial zone does not lose hope
and believes that the missing Chibok girls
can be freed and reunited with their families.
However, he has recently noted that Nigeria
may have to pay a very high price to secure
the release of the abducted school girls by
releasing some captured Boko Haram
Vanguard reports that the senator expressed
worries while fielding questions from
journalists in Kaduna after donating assorted
materials, equipment and machines valued
at N42 million to hospitals, schools, women
and youths centres to the seven local
government areas in his constituency.
“It is very unfortunate that we could not get
this out on time. They have spent two years in
captivity now. The good thing now is that the
government of Muhammadu Buhari has
degraded the capacity of the insurgents to
hold unto any territory or to carry out their
usual big scales attacks. But we may have to
pay a very high price to get these girls out
now. It is possible to free them,” he said.
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According to Sani, the federal government
should set up a special committee which has
its mandates and responsibilities.
The committee should do everything possible
including persuading and negotiating with
the insurgents with terms on how to get
these girls out.
“There is the need to set up another
committee to ensure that both sides abide by
the rules set up for the negotiation. This
committee should include international bodies
like the United Nations. I think we may need to
pay the highest price to get these girls out
even if it means freeing some of their
members in detention. I don’t like this
academic argument of saying, ‘if this happens,
then that thing will happen’,” he noted.
The senator noted that the Chibok girls
continue to stay in the hands of the
terrorists simply because of class
“This is the truth of the hostage situation in
Nigeria. When the children of the high and
mighty are abducted, or their wives and
brothers are kidnapped it takes no time to
secure their freedom,” he added.
Meanwhile, Oby Ezekwesili, the convener of
Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement, has
accused the federal government of not doing
enough to rescue the Chibok girls.
She noted that the girls would have been
rescued if they were the daughters of the
elite, and added that their abduction
symbolises “our failure as a nation”

Five killed in Benue, as Okpoga, Inleng clash bloodily

Five killed in Benue, as
Okpoga, Inleng clash bloodily

– An ongoing war between Okpoga and
Inleng, has led to the death of about 5
– The problem stemmed from the killing of
a suspected robber from Inleng by Okpoga
vigilante group
– A reprisal attack by boys from Inleng isa
said to have rekindle the flames of the cold
– The police is yet to make comments on
the issue
Reports suggest that there is an ongoing war
between Okpoga, the country home of
Benue state Deputy Speaker, James Okefe
and Inleng, a neighboring town.

It was gathered that the fight has claimed
the lives of about five people. fewer than
five lives.
An insider hinted that the problem started
few months ago when a man, who is
believed to be a member of an armed
robbery gang from Inleng, a neibouring
village, was arrested and killed by vigilante
group from Okpoga.
Few days later, the deceased’s group traced
one of the vigilante members to Okpoga and
strangled him to death and burnt his body.
“The same suspected robbers again came to
the community with motorcycle and the
vigilante members identified them and followed
them to a nearby village where fight broke out
between them
“The vigilante guys overpowered them after
their bullets exhausted. They arrested them,
cut off their manhoods and set them ablaze,”
the source said.

Total war broke out after the boys from
Inleng returned to the community and killed
two boys from the community in reprisal
“They killed, dismembered their bodies and set
them on fire,” the source added.
“As we speak, Okpoga, Okpodu, Aidogodo and
other villages have teamed up and are
currently matching to Inleng to fight.
“The entire Okpoga is like a graveyard as we
speak. I am currently in Ai-Fam, in Owukpa as
I am talking,” another community member
who gave his name as Agbo said.
Daily Post reports that Efforts to reach the
Benue state police spokesman, Moses Yamu,
were futile.
The situation on ground remains sketchy, as
a formal statement by the police is awaited.

Married woman stuck with boyfriend during sex in Benin

Married woman stuck with
boyfriend during sex in Benin

This reportedly happened in Benin.
Neighbours come out to see the duo stuck
Sources claim the man had been suspecting
his wife’s illicit moves for a while, so he
decided to ‘insure’ his property quietly, even
without letting the ‘property’ (the wife)

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The ‘insurance’ was done to expose her, glue
her to any man that gets down with
her. Sadly, within just days the adulterous
wife was caught live in the act with his
cheating partner glued to each other.

they couldn’t separate, they both had to cry
out for help.