Friday, 13 May 2016

SHOCKING:-_-Shocking doctor's discovery - the girl had no womb or vagina

Shocking doctor's discovery -
the girl had no womb or vagina

The girl did not start to have her periods
timely. Her mother took her to the doctor to
see what is wrong there. What he said was
socking: the girl had no womb, no upper
vagina or cervix! Learn why such things
This lady at 17 was diagnosed with
Rokitansky syndrome. It basically means
that while in her mother’s womb the embryo
did not develop these organs. She has all
the outward female private parts, but she
does not have the proper inward genitals.
For over 17 years neither the girl, nor her
parents knew nothing about the condition.
They were socked about the discovery. Girl’s
mother could not reconcile herself to this
situation. She thought it was her fault, but
the science tells that it is in the genes. One
in 5000 women get born with
underdeveloped or absent womb, cervix and
Here is what Joanna Giannouli herself has to
say about it. She has turned 27 by now.
“Well, it’s been almost 10 years. I’m still
feeling bad about it but I’m not ashamed any
more, it’s been way too long. And I’ve realised
that I cannot change it, it’s just the way it is, I
have to embrace it and live with it.”
Besides not having any menstruation the girl
had hard time making love. Her vagina inside
was too short and too narrow. The doctors
had to perform a major operation to create a
usable vagina for her to have sex. For three
months the lady had to perform special
vaginal exercises to get rid of the pain and
stretch the inner private part.
Presently, she can have sex, but she would
never be able to have kids. Several guys
broke up with her because of this condition.
Some of them were making fun of the girl.
But eventually she was able to find someone
who loves her as she is. He knows of the
condition, but accepts her and does not
leave her.

We take so many things for granted. We
enjoy them not thinking that someone out
there can be bereaved of such a basic thing
as vagina or a womb! Let us be grateful for
all the things we have!