Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NDA:-Police quiz Delta pastor for allegedly funding Avengerago

– Police interrogated a cleric in
Warri over alleged sponsoring of
the militant group in Niger Delta
– The man of God was also
accused of harboring weapons in
church and at home
– However, the police didn’t find
anything after the search was
conducted in his residences
A bishop of a new generation
church in Warri was quizzed by the
Delta state police detectives over
reported sponsoring of the militant
group Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).
The Punch reports that the bishop
(name suspended), comes from
Ogbinbiri community of Egbema
(Ijaw) Kingdom in the Warri North
council area of the state and is the
presiding bishop of the New
Salvation Zion Church of Christ at
Igbodu area of the city.
The police insiders told reporters
that the church leader was
summoned for questioning after two
petitions supposing that he was
sponsoring the Avengers.
The interrogation was conducted at
the Warri area command of the
Delta state police command.
The prominent man of God was
quizzed from 8am to about 8pm
last week July 13, before he was
permitted to go and directed to
report the following day for further
A closed relative of the suspected
bishop confirmed the development
to the journalist, but asked not to
be identified.
The petitions also supposed that
the cleric was harbouring arms both
in his house and church.
The police conducted the search of
the Ijaw bishop’s residence at
Bendel Estate in Effurun, Uvwie
council area of the state, and his
church building in Igbodu area of
However, nothing incriminating was
found at both houses of the
The Avengers claimed series of
attacks on gas and oil facilities in
Niger Delta region.
The militants group has been calling
for a share of profits from oil
production with the local population.
They also demand regional self-

Corper in court for repeatedly having sex with married woman

A recent graduate completing his
National Youth Service Corps
(NYSC), Bonaventure, was
arraigned in a Gudu Upper Area
Court in Abuja on Monday for
allegedly committing adultery.
Youth corps members
The Eagle Online reports that the
husband of his alleged lover, Mr
Anozie, made a direct criminal
complaint to the court against the
defendant on March 24. The youth
corps member who resides in Abuja
was arraigned on a one-count
charge of committing adultery with
Mrs. Anozie. Mr Anozie of Kaduna
state said the defendant, knowing
that he is legally married to Mrs
Anozie, committed adultery with her
on December 18, 2014.

Anti-corruption war: Lawyers tackle Buhari

– Lawyers have tackled President
Buhari for accusing the judiciary
of frustrating the speedy
determination of corruption cases
– NBA president said Buhari
should put some things in place
for the judiciary to perform its
role without inhibitions
– A lawyer, Amobi Nzelu, said
Buhari should be patient and
allow the judiciary do its work
Lawyers have called on President
Muhammadu Buhari to put in place
an enabling environment for judges
perform their duties optimally.
The lawyers were reacting to
Buhari’s comment that the judiciary
was frustrating the war against
Speaking at the at the National
Judicial Institute, Abuja while
declaring open a workshop on the
“Roles of Judiciary in the fight
corruption”, Buhari said corruption
cases filed by government are not
progressing as speedily as they
should because the courts allow
some lawyers to frustrate the
reforms introduced by law.
Reacting to this, the Nigerian Bar
Association (NBA) said the
prosecution of criminal cases
follows due processes and laid
down procedures recognised by law
before arriving at conviction, Daily
Sun reports.
President Muhammadu Buhari and a
cross section of Nigerian Judges

Monday, 18 July 2016

New clues on Fayose House that Worth's Billion

– The EFCC has revealed further
secrets regarding Governor
Fayose’s alleged involvement in
– Governor Fayose and his
associate Abiodun Agbele are said
to have fraudulently bought
houses worth N1.3billion
– The antigraft agency says the
recent finding is a major
breakthrough into the case
against the governor
– EFCC says some of the money
used for the frivolous purchases
were from the controversial
Dasuki Funds
Governor Ayodele Fayose might be
in some more messy situation with
regards to the allegation leveled
against him by the Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission
EFCC claims to have made a
breakthrough in the case against
Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti
The EFCC says it has made a
headway in the alleged corruption
case against the Ekiti state
governor and his associate, Abiodun
Agbele is currently in the EFCC
net, he is said to have received
N1.219bn from a former Minister of
State for Defence, Musiliu
The funds were received on behalf
of Fayose during the build-up to
the Ekiti governorship election in
June 2014.
Detectives of the EFCC allege that
Fayose used a large portion of the
N1.219bn along with some money
from the Ekiti state coffers to buy
houses in Lagos and Abuja which
have since been seized by the anti-
graft agency.
The Punch reports that Fayose
used Agbele to buy the houses in a
way that the source of the money
would look legitimate.
An undisclosed source reported
that the two houses in Abuja were
bought with bank loans on the
surface. However, the stolen money
was used in offsetting the bank
“From the Dasuki funds, they had
about N300m stashed in one
account. However, when they were
going to buy the N270m property
located on Yedseram Street, they did
not use the N300m from the stolen
funds. Rather, they obtained a loan
of N120m in the name of Spotless
Hotel from Zenith Bank to deposit for
the house.
“They then took about N150m out of
the Dasuki money to pay the balance
on the house and then used the
same Dasuki funds to offset the loan.
They went through all this stress to
cover their tracks and make it look
as if it was a bank loan they used in
buying the property.
“Why did they take a loan that would
be gathering interest when they had
more than enough money to buy the
The investigator said when it was
time to buy the four duplexes in
Lagos, Fayose and Agbele allegedly
overpaid the seller of the houses
and then told the seller to use the
balance which was N200m, to pay
for another house in Abuja.
“The worth of the four duplexes in
Lagos is N1.1bn which was sold by
Still Earth Nigeria Ltd. However,
Fayose and Agbele paid Still Earth
N1.3bn in cash and then told the
company to transfer the balance of
N200m to Skye Bank. It was that
N200m that was used in purchasing
the building at 44 Osun River
Crescent, Abuja. This was done so
that no one would be able to trace
the fund to them.”
Meanwhile, the anti-graft agency
has also traced about N60m to an
account belonging to Agbele.
The account titled, BYKD
Consultant Limited, which is
domiciled in a new generation bank,
received some funds from Ekiti
state local governments under the
heading, ‘Millennium Development

Opinion: Why Nigerians don't beilieve President Buhari

Opinion: Why Nigerians don't
beilieve President Buhari

Editor’s note: The times are biting
hard at the faith of the Nigerian
people, the nation tends to be
experiencing the worst of times in its
history, prioritization has become a
key skill to survive, where the people
have hardly seen any improvement in
the standard of their economy.
There are fears that the nation might
have no future, there are fears that
the change mantra was only a sham.
The people are not sure where the
country is headed, they wonder of
the president feels their plights.
Hope and faith are no more
Recent happenings and
commentaries have shown that
Nigerians need someone to believe
in; someone to call their leader
without sentiment; someone who
practically leads them through this
pain with sincere action and not
through mere intents or words.
Many Nigerians have stopped
believing in President Muhammadu
Buhari’s change mantra.
In times like these, Nigerians have
struggled to believe Mr President,
and below are 5 crucial reasons
1. They don’t know if he is listening:
Feedback is a proof to show a man
listens. A listening leader is one the
followers call a concerned leader.
In the 2015 elections, we thronged
out in our millions to vote
President Buhari because we all
assumed a listener in him. Reality is
here and we don’t know if he has
created bottlenecks for himself
that filters what he hears and how
he responds because the only
feedback from his office has been
majorly in response to attacks
from aggrieved parties or the
opposition. The presidency should
be better than that.

Goodluck Jonathan to be keynote speaker at NLA merit award

– Dr Goodluck Jonathan is to be
keynote speaker at the 2016 US
Nigerian Lawyers Association
(NLA) merit awards

– The ex-president will give the
speech at the event which is
scheduled to hold in New York
– Tickets for the event are to be
sold at a $100 for members and
$130 for non-members
Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ)
has been selected to give the
keynote speech of the United
States Nigerian Lawyers Association
(NLA) Merit Awards Dinner.
Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is to
be the keynote speaker at the US
Nigerian Lawyers Association (NLA)
merit award in New York.
Following an announcement by
Nexus U Sea, president of the
association, GEJ is to give the
speech at the event which has been
scheduled for October 29 in New

Stop acting like the Grandfather of Corruption

– Governor Fayose has urged
President Buhari to stop acting
like the grandfather of corruption
in Nigeria
– Fayose urges Nigerians to
demand the release of the
authentic report of the Committee
on Audit of Defence Equipment
Procurement in the Nigerian
Armed Forces
– He says that the moment
documents of probe panels are
being adjusted to shield those
seen as the President’s men, then
Buhari himself is corrupt
Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state
has advised President Muhammadu
Buhari to stop acting like the
grandfather of corruption in
Nigeria, even as he asked Nigerians
to demand the release of the
authentic report of the Committee
on Audit of Defence Equipment
Procurement in the Nigerian Armed
In a statement issued on Sunday,
July 17, by Lere Olayinka, the
governor’s special assistant on
public communications and new
media, Fayose said that although
fighting corruption is a good
idea, but noted that the moment
documents of probe panels are
being adjusted to shield those seen
as the President’s men, shows that
entire purpose of the corruption
fight has been defeated.

Fayose said it is clear that Buhari
supports corruption, following the
claim by the federal government
that the probe panel only looked
into procurement and contracts
awarded by the military between
2011 – 2015 because documents
regarding procurement from 2007
to 2010 were not available,
Premium Times reports.
Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state
has advised President Muhammadu
Buhari to stop acting like the
grandfather of corruption in Nigeria.

He said: “It is now obvious to the
entire world that anyone that is in
President Buhari’s good books can
never be adjudged as corrupt even if
such a person is caught looting the
entire money in Nigeria’s treasury.
“There are many petitions relating to
defence from 2007 that are been
discarded, the question is why?
There are several petitions against
APC leaders that are not being
looked into, the question is why?
“Fighting corruption and targeting
only opponents of the president is in
itself corruption.
“Buhari’s’ Minister of Interior, Major
General Abdul rahman Dambazau
(rtd) was Chief of Army Staff between
2008 and 2010 and the current Chief
Of Army Staff, Major General Tukur
Buratai served as Director of
Procurements, Defence
Headquarters, from 2012 till May

Saturday, 2 July 2016

GOSSIP::He thinks wife's cheating on him. But the truth's more shocking

There are a lot of times when we jump into
conclusion without taking a moment to think
things through and verify facts. It is in these
most neglected moments that we fail the
most. Here’s a hilarious story that will show
you why we must always verify things first
before acting.
A little girl picks up the phone.

“Hi, honey. This is Daddy. Is Mommy near the
phone?” Daddy asks.

“No, Daddy. She’s upstairs in the bedroom
with Uncle Paul.”
After a brief pause, Daddy says, “But, honey, you
haven’t got an Uncle Paul.”
“Oh, yes I do, and he’s upstairs in the room
with Mommy, right now.”

Dad takes a second to process this, then speaks. “Uh,
OK, then this is what I want you to do. Put the
phone down on the table, run upstairs, knock
on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy
that Daddy’s car just pulled into the driveway.”
A few minutes later the little girl comes back to the
phone. “I did it, Daddy!”

“And what happened, honey?” he asked.
“Well, Mommy got all scared, jumped out of
bed with no clothes on and ran around
screaming. Then she tripped over the rug, hit
her head on the dresser and now she isn’t
moving at all!”
“Oh my God! What about your Uncle Paul?”
“He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on,
too. He was all scared and he jumped out of
the back window and into the swimming pool.
But I guess he didn’t know that you took out
the water last week to clean it. He hit the
bottom of the pool and I think he’s dead.”
A long, silent pause.
Then Daddy says, “Swimming pool? … Is this
Did the twist shock you? Yes it’s hilarious, but it’s
also quite alarming. So be sure to verify the phone
number before asking anything or thinking your wife is
cheating on you!

GOSSIP::::::::Man pretended to have no legs in order to beg

A beggar was caught on the street of China
after a passerby refused to believe that he
was really handicapped.
When checked, the man had tucked his legs into the
back of his boxer shorts, to give the appearance that
he had no legs. He then put on a pair of trousers to
cover his hidden limbs and spend the day sitting on a

E get why oh especially for this buhari regime

Murder: DSS arraigns Fulani herdsmen in Rivers

Murder: DSS arraigns Fulani
herdsmen in Rivers

– The Department of State Service (DSS)
has nabbed a Fulani herdsman in Rivers
– The herdsman is accused of the murder of
a resident in the state
– The accused was arraigned in a
Magistrate’s Court in Port Harcourt
A Fulani herdsman was arraigned in court yesterday,
July 1 by the DSS on accusations that he murdered
a resident of Rivers state.
DSS officials
The herdsman identified as Saidu Buba allegedly
killing one Bright Iruanya in Abam community,
Okrika local government area of the state.
The herdsman and others at large were accused of
killing the Late Iruanya in on Monday, May 30,
Vanguard reports.
One of the two count charges read in part, “Saidu
Buba, adult with others still at large on or
about the 30th day of May, 2016, at Abam,
Okrika local government area within the
jurisdiction of this court did murder Bright
Iruanya by shooting him to death with a gun
and thereby committed an offence contrary to
section 316 and punishable under section 319
of the criminal code law, laws of Rivers state
of Nigeria, 1999.”
The presiding magistrate, Andrew Jaja however
adjourned the matter to Thursday, September 29.
Similarly, another magistrate B. Jamabo yesterday
adjourned to Thursday, August 11, the trial of Gospel
Lloyd, Obinna Emmanuel and others at large for the
murder of a DSS personnel named Garick Jonathan
Oyaghiri on Friday, March 18, in Obage community,
Ogba Egbema Ndoni local government area.
They accused were given two count charge of
conspiracy to murder, punishable under section 516 of
the criminal code law, laws of Rivers state of
Nigeria, 1999 and murder of the deceased by
shooting and matcheting him to death, an offence
punishable under section 319 of the criminal code
law, laws of Rivers state of Nigeria, 1999.
Meanwhile, the DSS has revealed that it has arrested
a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra
(IPOB), who was planning, alongside his
colleagues, to carry out attacks on the popular
Computer Village market in Lagos.



Manchester United is delighted to announce the
signing of Swedish international striker Zlatan
Ibrahimović, 34, made 180 appearances for Paris Saint-
Germain, scoring 156 goals. He has won championships in
four different leagues since beginning his professional career
with Malmo in 1999. Zlatan represented his country 116
times, scoring 62 goals, before announcing his retirement
from international football last month.
Zlatan Ibrahimović said:
"I am absolutely delighted to be joining Manchester
United and am looking forward to playing in the Premier
League. It goes without saying that I cannot wait to
work with Jose Mourinho once again. He is a fantastic
manager and I am ready for this new and exciting
challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career so far
and have some great memories. I am now ready to create
more special memories in England."
Jose Mourinho said:
"Zlatan needs no introduction. The statistics speak for
themselves. Ibra is one of the best strikers in the world
and a player who always gives 100 per cent. He has won
the most important league championships in the world of
football, now he has the opportunity to play in the best
league in the world and I know he will grasp this
opportunity and will work hard to help the team win
titles. I am certain that his talent will delight fans at Old
Trafford next season and that his experience will be
invaluable in helping to develop the younger players in the