Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Some Nigerian musicians who have been missing out in 2016

Nigerian musicians who
have been missing in 2016

The year 2016 has been an amazing year in
terms and view of the growth in the music
industry with several international
recognitions, collaborations and more. But
several musicians have been off the radar
which is pretty disturbing.
With pop stars Wizkid and Davido blazing the
trail and others following closely, the
Nigerian music industry is set to conquer
new terrains and open more doors for the
next generation given the present
accomplishments. And this is remarkably
But what we find unusual is the fact certain
musicians have been off the radar in what
has been a boisterous year, in a thriving
music industry as ours and in an era with
absolute buzz and prospects for more.
It is pretty discomforting.
While some of the names on this list may be
suffering from an unusual form of
complacency (given they’ve got only a little
compared to what they can actually
achieve), other names on this list are an
embodiment of blandness characterized by
flat displays, absence when they least should
and more.
The fans are the winners in all of this
because whatever the case they have
interesting pieces to listen to any day and
anytime given the volume of music currently
circulating within the internet and
mainstream Nigeria.

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This piece has nothing personal against
anyone or group of persons but it will have
served its purpose if it succeeds in the
minimal task of nudging some of our
Nigerian musicians here so that they realize
the need to awaken from their slumber as
the Nigerian entertainment industry is on the
cusp of rewriting history on several planes.
This said, we present 15 Nigerian musicians
who have gone off the radar in 2016 and
need to get their acts together as now is
the time:
1. Niyola
The 30-year-old talented R&B singer has
been a bit too quiet all year leaving us with
the impression that she is on a hiatus. We
wonder who cleared her for this sort of
break on the EME management.

2. Waje
Waje is a vocal powerhouse any day but
she’s been particularly quiet when she
shouldn’t, and save for her current
appearance on The Voice as a coach there’s
only so much she has done all year in terms
of releases, collaborations and activities
regarding increasing her catalogue.

3. Dr SID
Riding on the fame of Surulere from 2014
and the less dominant hit song Kabiyesi in
2015, the Mavin star hasn’t been up to much
in 2016 and this leaves us with a disquieting

4. Omawumi
Omawumi is a super star and we love that
she started 2016 on a superb note with the
Angelique Kidjo collaboration for Play Na
Play. But that’s been all thus far and many
believe she should be up to more as this is
possibly the turning point in the industry’s

5. Vector
The year 2015 was splendid for Vector Tha
Viper but he’s failed thus far to replicate
that form and magic. What this portends is
danger in the fact that his riding on the
success and acclaim of King Kong will only
take him so far.

6. D Prince
D Prince just needs to sit up and take his
music more seriously than he currently is
because in the end Don Jazzy is Don Jazzy
and for all the producer’s greatness Prince
will be appraised on his own regardless of
any blood ties. Think of the new Mavin team
with Korede Bello and Reekado Banks and
let that shed more light on your thought
process so you see just how much Prince is
lagging behind.
File photo of Mavin Records singer D Prince
7. W4
Someone needs to check W4’s address and
be sure all is well with the young man as
well as if he still remembers what it means
to be a musician. That’s all.
File photo of singer W4
8. Eva
Eva has a lot to give the Nigerian music
industry but sadly she lacks the right push or
whatever it is she needs. Whatever the case,
she needs to step it up this year.
File photo of hip hop artiste Eva Alordiah
9. K-Switch
The singer needs to get back into the studio
and make music. K-Switch needs to make
and release and push his music.
File photo of singer K-Switch
10. Naeto C
Naeto-C has had an unusually quiet 2016
and needs to put out several songs or
contribute in forms of collaborations to make
another major impact in the thriving industry.

11. Ketchup
Ketchup has what it takes to shine in the
Nigerian music industry, he is not making
music or collaborating at a time like this is
as good as saying he has called it quits
when he has barely even started the race.

12. D’ija
Where is Di’ja? What is the Mavin singer up
to? When did her career begin that she’s on
a break of this sort? What is the cause of
her absence from the scene at a point
where label mates Korede and Reekado are
steaming hot and cruising through the
charts? These are pressing questions that
require utmost attention and answers, to say
the least.

13. Rayce
Rayce is another wonderful talent who has
chosen to shoot himself in the foot by
relaxing at a critical point in our industry’s
history as this. Hopefully he gets the right
push and whatever he requires to get up and
get out into mainstream music as expected.

14. Phenom
Phenom will not make it into the top tier
without something extraordinary because the
audience is not favourably disposed to hip
hop as much as pop coupled with the fact
that the musician has a bit of a laid-back
outlook as far as his music is concerned.
Whatever the case, Phenom is a brilliant
young man who deserves more than he
currently gets, question is when will he make
the difference with his music?

15. Yung 6ix
Rapper Yung 6ix has for sometime hovered
on the brink of greatness in the Nigerian
music industry but he’s yet to cut into the
top tier. There’s that missing element, that
spark, something like Tekno what currently
has, the type of fire in a Ycee or a Reekado
Banks for instance, and as long as he fails
to marry his music with that incredible
element there’s not much we can expect
from the young man. But he does need to
step it up this year and modify his sounds to
reflect the dynamics of today’s consumer
tastes and the market.