Wednesday, 27 April 2016

CCT:trail Judge orders saraki lawyer out from Court

CCT trial: Judge orders
Saraki's security out of court

– Security operatives attached to the
Senate president, Bukola Saraki were sent
of the court room by the Danladi Umar, the
chairman of Code of Conduct Tribunal
– Umar sent them out for the safety of the
people present at the court
– Saraki’s lead counsel, Kanu Agabi begged
the CCT chairman to tone down his anger
Danladi Umar, the chairman of Code of
Conduct Tribunal on Wednesday, April 27,
ordered security operatives attached to
Bukola Saraki, Senate president, out of the
Bukola Saraki’s security operatives were
sent out by Danladi Umar, the CCT chairman
According to him, the order was for the
safety of the people present at the court.
“ We have observed that some armed security
agents are at the tribunal. We want such
security men to stay outside.
“They should stay outside of the court hall not
inside. It is for the protection of us here, ”
Umar said.

– South south APC
However, he also spoke on the leaked video
of him shouting at a lawyer which went viral
He said it is not right that people in their
houses can watch what goes on within the
walls of the court room which should not be
Kanu Agabi, the lead counsel to Saraki said
all he wants is peace to reign as the judge
should tone down on his anger.
He said this is because there are lawyers
who take him as a role model and should
not be misled.
“ My prayer is for peace and understanding. By
God’s grace, you are in that post to be
instrumental. I have great deed that harmony
and love will prevail.
“That is why I always urge you not to be angry
because anger is not of God but of the devil.
“Generations to come will adore you if you are
humble and humane. Nobody will assassinate
you but you should be an advocate for peace,”
he said.
Saraki arrived at the CCT in company of just
two senators, Tayo Alasoadura of Ondo
atate and another who is yet to be
Saraki has been charged to court since
September 22, 2015 over 13 counts of
corruption bordered on corruption.