Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Prostitute spill her industry

Prostitute spills her industry's

– A high class prostitute has gone online to
spill her job’s secrets
– She reveals the kind of men who obtain
their services and what they enjoy
– The Australian woman also describes
some of the more unusual things she’s seen
in her job
A professional sex worker has spoken out
about her taboo career and some of the
strange things she has encountered,
The 23-year-old brothel worker, who earns
around £2,000 (N580,000) a week, also
claims you can “chuck a semi pretty girl into
a brothel with nice lingerie and she can make
a fortune and be worshipped like a goddess.”

And she has revealed that one man who
came to her had a huge penis as long and
thick as her forearm.
The prostitute’s bedside table
She was forced to decline and added: “Poor
guy burst into tears as he can’t get laid it’s so
The sex worker, from South Australia, wrote:
“I am a full sex worker that pretty much does
“I know there’s been a gazillion hooker/
prostitute IAMA’s recently. Just thought if
you’ve got any specific questions, or even the
general ones again ask away.”
How small exactly is a small penis?
“Small penises I tend to think are the
‘micropenis’ which are roughy less than an
inch to two inches.
“Normal small/average is around three inches.
From there to about five to six is about
average. Six and above I consider larger.
“Biggest was as long and thick as my forearm
and I decline. Poor guy burst into tears as he
can’t get laid it’s so big. Plus at that size they
never really get hard.”
How many men do you have sex with on an
average night?
“On busy Friday and Saturday nights probably
can have between seven to nine clients in six

“Most of the guys have been out partying so
it’s limited to 30 minute bookings.”
How much do you earn?
“I am earning roughly £1,975 to £2,135
(N573,000 – N619,000) tax free a week.”
The woman shared a picture of a room
inside her brothel
4. Who introduced you to it?
“Myself. I was young and horny and
rebellious. Had a great upbringing. Beautiful
parents, great schools etc. For me it seems
like a logical outlet. Lots of sex in private and
I get paid.
“Was very internet savvy so googled brothels
and the one I started (and am now working at)
had a website so I started there.
“Although it was dodgier when I started than it
is now.”
5. Do you always enjoy the sex or do you
fake it for their pleasure?
“I pretty much always enjoy it.
“Some guys are terrible, but I’ll politely and
humorously put suggestions to them to
improve their technique and how to get me

“Seriously though – there is so much bad sex
out there.
“No wonder most wives/women/men want to
cheat, it does take practice.”
6. What is the average age of the ladies at
your brothel? Are all the women what you
would consider good looking?
“We’ve got some gorgeous girls, average ones
and some you wouldn’t look twice at on the
“Average age is around 28. It’s strange, chuck
a semi pretty girl into a brothel with nice
lingerie and she can make a fortune and be
worshipped like a goddess.”
The sex worker also published her price list,
shown in Australian dollars
7. Do you ever randomly hook up with guys
at bars or do you get your sex fill at work?
“I get my sex fill at work but I crave sex that I
“The teasing, foreplay, flirting, tension you
can’t replicate in a brothel.
“I do miss that, plus the intimacy and love of
sex with a partner.”