Saturday, 30 April 2016

Dog brought home a plastic bag from a dumpster. Guess what's inside

Dog brought home a plastic
bag from a dumpster. What
happens next will shock you!

Everyone knows Pui, the heroic dog, in his
rural Thailand town, because he saved the
life of a premature baby!
It was an usual hot day. Pui was rummaging
through some garbage, and he came across
something a little out of the ordinary.

The dog picked this strange plastic bag, and
brought it to his owner. The man’s 12-year-
old daughter took a glimpse inside the bag.
And… came face-to-face with a very
premature baby girl.
Immediately they brought the weak baby to
a hospital, where she was hooked up to an
Pui became a hero in his town. Red Cross
officials awarded him a leather collar and a
medal as a token of appreciation for his
noble act.
What about the rescued baby? Multiple
families offered to adopt little girl. Also
officials are looking for the mother and
whoever is responsible for the attempted
It’s amazing that Pui knew there was a tiny
person in trouble. He proved that dogs are
the most loyal man’s friends.