Saturday, 30 April 2016

Buhari came at the right time - Ngige

Buhari came at the right time -

– President Muhammadu Buhari is not yet
one year old in office and Nigerians are
already calling for his head due to the
economic challenges the citizens are facing
– One time governor of Anambra state and
current Minister of Labour and Employment,
Dr Chris Ngige believes the slow pace of the
All Progressive Congress (APC) led federal
government will still materialise into
something fruitful at the end of the day for
– The former Senator wondered why some
sections of the country believe President
Buhari should be blamed more for the
incessant national problems, which seem to
resist solution.
Dr Chris Ngige, who heads the Ministry of
Labour and Employment said Nigerians
should be grateful to God for the coming of
President Muhammadu Buhari as the
nation’s number one citizen at this time of
economic downturn. He said Nigerians could
be complaining about the various challenges
presently, but thinks, something will be done
to assuage the problems.
He stated: “Well, first and foremost, I have to
thank the Nigerian people for electing us, for
believing in us and our mantra of change. I
can tell you unequivocally here that we have a
four year mandate, and within this period,
Nigerians will smile. The question of being
despondent now after just ten months of the
administration should not arise. You know that
as the Igbos say, to start to cry is usually very
difficult, but when you start, the tears flow. I
am going to tell you that we are in our tenth
month of a-four-year tenure, and a-four-year
tenure is 48 months, so we have 38 months

“But within the 10 months in question, what
have we achieved? We promised Nigerians
change, change in the way things are being
done, change from corruption, and its
tentacles – that we shall fight it to a standstill.
We promised them infrastructure development.
We are going to tackle manpower,
transportation, air and land.

“We are going to look at Agriculture, we are
going to look at employment which is part of
the economy, and we also promised them that
we shall in conformity with the Nigerian
government, make sure that the primary focus
of our government is security – securing the
lives and property of the citizens of Nigeria. In
that 2015, we told them we were going to
defend the constitution; that the material
resources of the country will be deployed to
general use, not being cornered by a select
Dr Chris Ngige, former governor of Anambra
state and present Minister of Labour and
The former governor also spoke about some
of the things the Buhari administration has
achieved in its first 11 months. He started by
mentioning securit,y as one of the major
achievements of the federal government.
He said the crackdown on the Boko Haram
insurgents is what Nigerians should applaud
Buhari for, while he also spoke on the
economy and other important national

“First, we have faced the issue of security.
Let’s look in the area of security, before this
administration came, Boko Haram was a
scourge. They had taken 14 local governments
in the North Eastern States of the
Country.  They had hoisted their flags in the
north east; they had become what you can
call theocratic states and theocratic local
governments. They were trying to drive out the
governors of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa from
office. From Madagali, they were moving to
see if they could take Yola; they were moving
from Sambisa and Gwoza to see if they could
take Maiduguri; they made inroad into
Maiduguri many times. They made incursions
into Yobe and got up to Government House.
“But when we came, our President, a tested
and trusted leader and a general of the
army said I will have no more of this
nonsense. He moved the Army command
headquarters into Borno,

Maiduguri and
overhauled the command structure and put in
more funds, material resources, money, arms,
armament of all sorts and there was a balance
of terrors. The army started pushing them, and
today they are no longer a big fighting force;
they are now ready for negotiation.
“Even the Boko Haram hostages are being
released. The Chibok girls who are still in their
custody, the latest Video clips have shown that
they are still alive, and we will do something.
When two sides go to war, even the side that
defeated still comes to a round table for
negotiation. So, this government will negotiate
terms with the Boko Haram when necessary,
and the Chibok girls will be released. Military
operations can do that, but if they do, it may
result in casualties and fatalities.

“This is just security. On corruption, we have
fought it to a standstill. A lot of money had
been recovered. We stopped the fuel subsidy,
which trillions had gone into. We are no longer
subsidising, we are no longer doing subsidy.
The money for the subsidy is in the kitty, it is
going to be used to fund the federal budget
for 2016. Recovering has also been made.
Some people say why not put the money into
the system to ameliorate the suffering of the
people, but things are not done like that. They
should go through the right process. All
monies derivable from export, from oil go into
the federation account, from where they are to
be distributed according to revenue derivation
formula. So, this money is in a special
account in the CBN, and would be put into the
budget and appropriated for

Nigerian people
by necessary organ of government which is
the national assembly.
“On the economy, the budget is there. For the
first time, we are having a budget going into
capital expenditure in the neighborhood of
35%. This is the first time. We are not playing
as a government, and that is why the
government was even ready to borrow to
finance the capital because that is the only
way we can relate this economy, because it
was almost going into recession. Oil has
moved from over $105 per barrel to $35 per
barrel, so the earnings of the Country

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