Saturday, 7 May 2016

Troops arrest three Boko Haram Ameers in Sambisa forest

Troops arrest three Boko
Haram Ameers in Sambisa

– Boko Haram Ameers arrested by Nigerian
troops lament the recent onslaught by the
– More abductees were also rescued during
the operation
– Troops also recover food items and
vehicles during the crackdown
In continuance of its ‘Operation Crackdown’
in Sambisa forest, troops of the Nigerian
army have arrested three Boko Haram
Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman,
spokesperson of the military, informed that
this was achieved by the troops of 26 and
223, Battalions of the army headquarters
strike group and armed forces special
A statement issued by the spokesperson
reads: “The troops have cleared remnants of
Boko Haram in Izza and Njima general area.
Although they did not encounter any Boko
Haram terrorists, there were noticeable fresh
footprints, motorcycle and bicycle tyre marks
in the seemingly abandoned places.
Some food items recovered by the Nigerian
“However, the troops came across and
recovered 8 abandoned vehicles belonging to
Boko Haram terrorists. The advancing troops
also cleared all Boko Haram terrorists’
hideouts along the way including their camps
at Bula Buba and its environs where they
recovered 1 Hilux, 1 Canter truck, 15 AK-47
rifle magazines, a 60mm High Explosive Bomb,
200 G3 rifle magazines, 3 Browning Machine
Gun tripod stands and a 60mm mortar bipod
stand. Other recoveries include several metal
links of 7.62mm (NATO) and
“In their area of operations, troops of 121
Task Force Battalion today, intercepted 35
civilians comprising 6 men, 7 women, 7 males
minors and 15 minor females who claimed to
be coming from Balaganje village.”
The Ameers who were captured by the
Nigerian troops.
Preliminary investigation, according to
Colonel Usman, revealed that the people
intercepted had been living in Balaganje as
captives by Boko Haram terrorists who
threatened to kill them if they attempt to
escape. They are being investigated further.
“In a related development, quite a number of
Boko Haram terrorists have continued to
surrender. Yesterday, out of 16 male adults
that came along with their families to troop’s
from Balazala and Ahamdaga Makaranta
villages in the Dure district, 7 of them
confessed to be Boko Haram terrorist
One of those captured in Boko Haram den.
“However, on proper interrogation, the
suspects confirmed to be Boko Haram
terrorists with some of them having
specialized trade and status. Three of them
were Ameers (leaders) in the Boko Haram
terrorist group’s hierarchy; for instance,
Hamidu Buba was found to be the Ameer
(leader) of tailors, while Musa Buba is Ameer
of mechanics and Ali Idrissa, an Ameer of
“The others confessed to be “Rijan” (fighters)
adding that they have participated in various
Boko Haram attacks on so many villages and
towns. They further stated that the ongoing
crackdown operation is really taking its toll on
them as they can barely survive.
Some sections of the Boko Haram enclaves
being burnt down by the troops.
“As a matter of fact, they confessed that they
were all fed up with the situation which has
become worse as a result of Operation
CRACKDOWN. They also stated that the Boko
Haram terrorists have ran out of food and they
now survive on roots and unripe mangoes.

“They also said 2 of their members sent for
food were killed at Frigi crossing point some
days earlier by troops, (you may recall that we
reported the military’s ambush at the crossing
point),” the statement reads further.
One of the Nigerian soldiers holding up a
Boko Haram flag after the defeat.
It was also gathered that the troops of 122
Task Force Battalion injunction with some
elements of 26 Task Force Brigade on
receipt of information from some escapees,
embarked a clearance patrol to Fadagwe
Muni, along Yamtake-Gwoza road.
On sighting the troops, the suspected Boko
Haram terrorists fled and left behind an
abducted 16 year old female cripple.
Some of the soldiers after the victory over
the insurgents.
The terrorists were also said to have
abandoned large stock of grains stored in
underground pit. Other items recovered
include grinding machine, 2 tricycles and 1
photographs printer.
“The troops nevertheless pursued the fleeing
insurgents and killed some of them.
“Similarly, troops of 121 Task Force Battalion
also conducted clearance operation at Kadera
Dam and Anguwar Fulani, while troops of 192
Battalion that conducted similar operation to
Guduf, Nagadio, Duma and Kusarha. The Boko
Haram terrorists ran to the top of the
mountains and they were engaged heavy
mortar fire.
Some of the ammunitions recovered from
the Boko Haram enclave during the raid.
“The 7 Division and its supporting elements
has also intensified the clearance and rescue
operations deep inside Sambisa forest. On
Friday, they had encounter with Boko Haram
terrorists at Alafa in which they cleared all the
terrorists hibernating there.
“The troops in various axis have continued to
exploit further till they accomplish the mission
of Operation CRACKDOWN.
Some food items recovered from the
terrorists in Sambisa forest.