Saturday, 7 May 2016

7 things that can destroy your urge for sex

7 things that can destroy your
urge for sex

An unhealthy sex life can lead to tension
between you and your partner. It can make
you feel exhausted and tired.
Everyone deserves a healthy, yet satisfying
sex life but some factors in our everyday life
can cause your sex drive to wane.
The mattress is for sleeping and occasionally
for sex, but if your sex life is boring, you
need to find out what went wrong and how
you can fix it. As the only difference
between a great friendship and romance is
Different things can affect your desire for
sex. One of which is a low testosterone.
This could be a major loss in sex drive as
testosterone is the main male sex hormone.
Apart from this factor, other factors affect
your urge for sex. This leads to a
disconnection from partners.
It is important for couples’ to run a proper
check on their love life and make-up with
their relationship flaws.
Without much ado,here are seven factors
that destroys your urge for sex.
1. Sleep
Little sleep does not only affect our looks,
health and ability to deal with everyday
stressors. It also kills sex drive and lowers
level of testerone; the sex drive hormone in
both men and women.
Sleep is a basic biological necessity. It has
an impact on every aspect of our health and
life. Sound sleep results in an increased
energy and productivity. It aids a better
mood and longer life.
So an eight-hour rest not just makes you feel
better but is essential for your sex drive.
2. Consumption of excess food
Consumption of any food in excess leads to
weight gain is due number one sex drive
killer for any man. Diet accelerates the
ageing process.
Foods that contain added hormones or
antibiotics such as some red meats and
fatty foods, starchy foods are a huge sex
offender and unbalanced a man’s natural
hormone. Poor diet is also a huge factor to
the lost of your sex drive. A good diet
equals a good sex and the better your diet
the more healthy your sex drive.
3. Alcohol
Alcohol in moderation never hurt anyone’s
lust but over indulging, can bring things
down by the end of the night. Alcohol can
affect your sexual prowess causing
difficulties, trouble achieving organism and
premature ejaculation.
Being drunk can also be a turn off for your
partner. And too much alcohol is going to
make one feel sleepy, tired and lost interest
in sex. Therefore moderation is a key factor.
4. Stress
Stress is one of the biggest mood killers.
Some people do many things well when they
are stressed. For women, feeling sexy is not
one of them. Stress at work, home or in
marriage can happen to anyone but learning
to handle it in a healthy manner is helpful
and needful.
5. Erection problems
Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) often
worry about how they will be able to perform
sexually and that worry can drain their
sexual desire.
This issue can be treated and couples can
also work together to keep it from affecting
their relationship.
6. Problems with partner
For many women emotional closeness is an
essential prelude to sexual intimacy.
Problems with spouse can be a huge
contributive factor to low sex drive.
Lack of connection with your partner,
unresolved conflicts or fights,
communication issues, infidelity to mention
but a few often-leads to lost of interest in
sex and reduce sex drive among couples.
7. Depression
Depression is a common cause of poor sex
drive and often leads to poor sleep.
Depression can leads to other libido
condition like high blood pressure.
Sex without feeling close can slay desire:
intimacy is more than just sex. If your sex
life is dry as a couple, try to talk it over by
spending more non-sexual drive together,
just the two of you. Take, snuggle, trade
messages. Find ways to express love
without having sex. Getting closer can
rebuild your sex drive.