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Opinion: Why Nigerians don't beilieve President Buhari

Opinion: Why Nigerians don't
beilieve President Buhari

Editor’s note: The times are biting
hard at the faith of the Nigerian
people, the nation tends to be
experiencing the worst of times in its
history, prioritization has become a
key skill to survive, where the people
have hardly seen any improvement in
the standard of their economy.
There are fears that the nation might
have no future, there are fears that
the change mantra was only a sham.
The people are not sure where the
country is headed, they wonder of
the president feels their plights.
Hope and faith are no more
Recent happenings and
commentaries have shown that
Nigerians need someone to believe
in; someone to call their leader
without sentiment; someone who
practically leads them through this
pain with sincere action and not
through mere intents or words.
Many Nigerians have stopped
believing in President Muhammadu
Buhari’s change mantra.
In times like these, Nigerians have
struggled to believe Mr President,
and below are 5 crucial reasons
1. They don’t know if he is listening:
Feedback is a proof to show a man
listens. A listening leader is one the
followers call a concerned leader.
In the 2015 elections, we thronged
out in our millions to vote
President Buhari because we all
assumed a listener in him. Reality is
here and we don’t know if he has
created bottlenecks for himself
that filters what he hears and how
he responds because the only
feedback from his office has been
majorly in response to attacks
from aggrieved parties or the
opposition. The presidency should
be better than that.

2. They believe His appointments
looks more personal than national:
Obvious to a blind man is the fact
that recent appointments by Mr
President has been
disproportionate. No excuse on the
surface of this planet can justify
the inclinations of President
Buhari’s appointments. Even his
party (APC) are rather mute about
it. Now imagine what the ordinary
non-partisan civilian believe about a
President who ignores the optics of
his inclination (Personal than
3. They believe He is hardly
communicating to them: Where is
Mr. President? Posting pictures on
the internet shouldn’t be mistaken
as communication. Having to always
respond to attacks isn’t the same
as communication. Having to tell us
that you know what we are going
through isn’t the same as
communication. Probably, we need
the President to begin his trips
again, maybe then we would hear
more from him and get more
updated about where he is leading
this nation to. The poor and
downtrodden don’t understand
protocols and obstructions, all they
need is their president showing
practical concern to their

4. They don’t have an idea of his
economic plans: Anyone who
believes to have an idea of Mr
President’s economic plan can
believe everything about his
government and his policies. But for
Nigerians who buy, trade and
renders service, their idea of Mr
President’s economic plan is
“Delayed Timing mixed with Hope”.
5. They don’t think he is identifying
with them anymore: What has Mr
President done to cut down the
expenses of the presidency? How
many aircraft has gone off his
fleet? Nigerians feel used, feels
dumped, and feels Mr President is
looking like every other politician
who will never be true to their
word. Forget the so called
achievements that this
administration is forcing down our
throats… no one believes his
presidency anymore and if you still
do, ask 5 people around you so
you can feel their pulse.

This administration needs
redemption, its sliding without
knowing, claiming to work with
saints while every other person is
indepthly corrupt.
President Buhari and the people
around him should be reminded that
he has 2 full years to go before
another political campaign. I
sincerely hope the story changes
because the people will come for
him… Ask Goodluck.
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