Monday, 18 July 2016

Goodluck Jonathan to be keynote speaker at NLA merit award

– Dr Goodluck Jonathan is to be
keynote speaker at the 2016 US
Nigerian Lawyers Association
(NLA) merit awards

– The ex-president will give the
speech at the event which is
scheduled to hold in New York
– Tickets for the event are to be
sold at a $100 for members and
$130 for non-members
Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ)
has been selected to give the
keynote speech of the United
States Nigerian Lawyers Association
(NLA) Merit Awards Dinner.
Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is to
be the keynote speaker at the US
Nigerian Lawyers Association (NLA)
merit award in New York.
Following an announcement by
Nexus U Sea, president of the
association, GEJ is to give the
speech at the event which has been
scheduled for October 29 in New

The president of the association
said tickets for the event at on
sale on the NLA website. “Early Bird
tickets are $100 for NLA Members
and $130 for Non-Members. We
recommend that you purchase your
tickets before Standard Rates apply.
The Early Bird period will expire on
August 31, 2016 at 11:59PM.
Standard Rates are $130 for NLA
Members and $160 for Non-
Members.  The ticket price for
everyone at the Door will be $180,”
Nexus Sea noted.
According to the NLA, the venue of
the event is the 630 Second
Ballroom, at 630 Second Avenue.
Mr Sea said the keynote speaker
will be joining a long list of Nigerian
dignitaries who have attended the
event in the past.
He named such celebrities as
including: “Professor Wole Soyinka, a
1986 Noble Laureate in Literature,
and world-renowned writer, poet and
playwright; Professor Chinua
Achebe, world-renowned writer and
author of the award-winning novel
(Things Fall Apart); and Dr Ngozi
Okonjo-Iweala, former World Bank
Managing Director and former
Nigerian Minister of Finance.”
According to the NLA website, the
annual Merit Awards Dinner are
held “to celebrate the achievements
of distinguished individuals who have
made outstanding contributions in
the legal profession and towards the
advancement of public and
community service, and to give out
scholarships to law students of color
from across the country, based on
need and merit.”

It was not immediately clear what
President Jonathan will focus on in
his address. Since losing the
presidency last year, he has spent
a lot of time abroad speaking to
audiences about the success of his
administration in tackling corruption
and boosting democracy.
In the next few weeks, he is
scheduled to launch his foundation,
the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation,
which he announced last year in a
letter to former President Olusegun
In the letter, he said he was back
to work following the taking of
power by President Muhammadu
Buhari, “to continue to serve and
dedicate my life to promoting peace
and prosperity for all,” and that he
would be “devoting the rest of my life
and energy to making the world a
better place.”
Dr Jonathan recently canceled his
speech at the Africa Peace Awards
Dinner at the California State
University in Sacramento due to
health problems.
The information was provided by
Jonathan’s special assistant on
new media, Reno Omokri, who
represented the ex-president
during the ceremony.
The news was confirmed by Ernest
Uwazie, director of the Center for
African Peace and Conflict
Resolution, who added that
Jonathan is hospitalized as of the
However, Sahara Reporters claimed
that the former leader was
malingering to avoid protests
organised by the LGBT community
against the event and Jonathan in
Commenting on the situation, Mr
Uwazie said: “He (Reno Omokri) will
be available to meet with anybody
like the LGBT group that has
expressed interest in meeting with
him, before the awards dinner. We’re
also looking at the possibility of
some Facetime technology with
Goodluck Jonathan at the hospital
where he is.”