Tuesday, 10 May 2016

NEWS-I need to resurrect my case with Choc City in court – Brymo

I need to resurrect my case
with Choc City in court –

– Former Chocolate City singer Brymo is
still mourning the inclusive case between
him and the record label
– Bymo said the case is inconclusive and
thus want it resurrected
– The Ara Mbe singer is crying sabotage
and wants justice
Singer Brymo Olawale
Alternative singer Brymo has revealed why
he lost the case against his former label
Chocolate City in court.
The Ara Mbe singer expressed his loss
during an interview on Beat FM on Monday,
May 9 which also doubles as his 30th
birthday. He said:
“Even though it happened a long time ago and
I am constantly trying to forget it. I feel like
somebody needs to resurrect the case in
court. We had the opportunity to iron it out in
court but they fried it up. I don’t know what
they did but they definitely spoke to the judge
and spoke to the lawyers and scrapped the
case, they are lawyers; they can do it.”
Despite the fact that the case has been
scraped by the court, Brymo said the case is
inconclusive. “I don’t know what they are
doing right now, the last time I was in court
was in May 2015 and they came out to tell
everyone that Brymo won the case; the judge
never even passed the sentence. The judge
just came that day and said, “I can’t do this,
they don’t trust me so I’m going to drop the
case” and so he dropped it.”
Former and new Chairman of Chocolate City

: Audu Maikori and MI
Speaking on reconciliation moves, he said:
“While everyone is saying I should try and
reconcile with Choc City and be nice to them,
they are not even being nice to me. If they had
their way, I would have stopped singing a long
time ago, I’ll not even be on stage performing
anymore. So I think it’s sabotage and every
time I try to find peace with them, they start to
grow an erection and say this is what I must
do now. I’m here to make music and have a
great life and they are trying to sabotage that.
There’s nothing I can do but to just keep
moving forward in all the purity of my heart.”
on Monday, October 14, 2013 Chocolate City
filed an interim injunction at the Lagos High
Court restraining Brymo “by himself, agents,
representatives from recording releasing
distributing and composition, song, musical
works or carrying out any activities as a
recording or performing artiste through or for
the benefit of any person or organization other
than the Plaintiff pending the determination of
the motion on notice for interlocutory
injunction in this suit.”
Chocolate City was alleged to have been
threatening anybody who is working with
Brymo including the marketers of the album.
And this prompted the singer to take to
Twitter to cry out. Brymo tweeted that:
“Audu Maikori has been calling and
threatening everyone who wants to work
with me, the injustice will not cease‘,
@BrymOlawale tweeted on October 25,
Meanwhile, popular rapper Milli has dumped
Chocoalte City despite the label trying to
quench the rumour when it first came out.