Tuesday, 10 May 2016

JOK . A child return from school one day and ask his dad

Rib cracking
A child return from school one day and ask his dad


Son-- daddy what is fuck?
dad-- who taught you that?
son-- my class mates were discussing it
dad-- don't mind whatever they ve said Fuck is Prayer

     The following day
son--daddy what is penis??
dad-- ahh where did you learn that
son--my friends told me about it
dad-  don't mind them penis is UMBRELLA
son--okay dad
     5mins later while daddy and mommy were praying in the room, their pastor visit

  son-- goodafternoon pastor
pastor-- goodafternoon kid where are your parents?

  since his dad already told him that fuck is same as prayer and penis umbrella he taught if he use those synonymous his pastor will commend him

 son-- they are fucking
son-- i said they are fucking
pastor -open the door i need to see you parents
son-- okay then come on in but dont forget to keep your penis outside pastor-- hey!

Whose fault is it?

Boy or Father

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