Tuesday, 10 May 2016

GOSSIP-- Unbelievable Girl takes selfie in a coffin

Girl takes selfie in a coffin

Nawa oo, the extraordinary things young
people are doing these days all in the name
of selfie is surprising!
The girl inside the coffin, posing for the
This photo showing a girl in a coffin, posing
and beaming with all smiles has been
making rounds on social media. While some
people call the picture ‘a pre-burial shoot’,
some call it ‘paradise things’. Lol.


Charles Uzor with Sgegede
Phuz'uphume Mkhwebane .
Pre Burial Shoot
# Paradise_things
8 May at 13:56 · Public
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It is so glaring that people are taking their
quest for daring selfies to more and more
bizarre levels! Abi what do you call this?