Wednesday, 11 May 2016

GOSSIP:---A Man steal 200 pieces of used female underwear

Man steals 200 pieces of usedfemale underwear

When Police arrested Tomohiro Honma fortaking 12 women’s underwear from aclothesline, little did they know that theywere in for more surprises.The Mirror reports that the 31-year-old manhad taken the underwear from the first-floorbalcony of an apartment in Takatsu Ward,Kawasaki, Kanagawa where he lives. Butwhen the police decided to search his home,about 200 pants and bras were seen.
Honma admitted he also stole the pants andbras belonging to different women on atleast 50 different occasions.“I like women’s underwear. I did it to satisfymy sexual desire,” he told police at theTakatsu Station.Last month a knicker thief who stole sexylingerie from Victoria’s Secret admitted thathe was able to take them by wearing themunder his clothes. Pablo Munoz stole morethan 1,000 items of underwear worth£18,000 intending to sell them on , butinstead keeping them at home.