Friday, 29 April 2016

Three things that will not build the love between a husband and wife

Three things that will not build  the
love between a husband and

The ability to manage conflicts and resolve
problems are qualities every man should
Communication breakdown will always arise
between husbands and wives
There are three things some men are guilty
of in marriage and a few women
Marriage is an institution where no one is
expected to graduate from. Learning in
marital life continues till death parts each of
the spouses, as long as there is no
misunderstanding between them, in terms of
A man not listening to his wife due to some

There are so many things that come
between a man and a woman, while as
husband and wife. Some of these things
bring so much discord between the couple,
thereby leading to absence of trust, which is
the foundation of marriage.
The three things that majorly bring set-
backs to holy matrimony are: Extramarital
affairs/bigamy/infidelity; alcohol
consumption and gambling/going to club

1. Extramarital affairs
Either you call it infidelity or adultery or by
whatever name you intend calling it, it is one
of the main canker worms, rampant in all
societies.It is sad to hear stories of a man
after saying he is legally married to one
wife, having many concubines outside the
home. This ugly trend is fast becoming a
norm in most societies of the world.
About five years ago, a radio presenter in
one of the Radio stations in Lagos state
gave a shocking information, when he said
bigamy is rampant in Lagos state.
Bigamy is marrying another person after
being in a marriage already. For Allah’s sake,
where is the world turning into? Men are
more guilty of this. A good number of happy
homes have been turned into theatre of
sadness due to this unholy act.
In one of the Asian countries, the
government eased the laws on adultery, as it
said, it will not be punishable under the law.
This clearly shows, laws made by man, are
one of the causes of broken homes, which in
turn, affect the children, thereby leading to
chaos in the larger society
In the Glorious Qur’an, Allah said in chapter
17 verse 32: “And do not approach unlawful
intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality
and evil as a way.”
What an excellent instruction from our
Creator. However, man believes he knows it
all. The resulting effects of fornication,
infidelity, bigamy, prostitution and adultery
are nothing, but high rate of daily divorce,
single parenting and lots of other problems
in the society at large.

2. Alcohol intake
It has been scientifically proven that alcohol
consumption has so much side effects on
the metabolic activities of the body. Alcohol
consumption has been linked to some forms
of cancers.
Husbands who are drunkards, do beat up
their wives, especially after becoming
intoxicated. Alcohol makes someone to lose
his mental processes.
Some men find it difficult to spend on their
wives and children just because of alcohol
consumption. They prefer to spend their last
kobo, or even steal from their wives on
alcohol. Some children at a very young age
take after their parents because they drink
alcohol. Likewise, women, who sell alcohol
bring more problems to their children,
especially their daughters.This is because,
the mothers’ customers sometimes lure the
daughters into unlawful sex, thereby
destroying the future of the young girls.
Some girls later become wayward and also
menace to the society.

3. Gambling
All over the world, gambling has been
popularised so much that, even a married
woman gambles. This is so sad! It has
become an addict of some parents to
gamble with the money they ought to spend
on their children. When they fail to spend,
some children themselves take to crime and
other societal vices, which ruin the future of
their children.
Gambling has been packaged so much that,
both educated and illiterates are involved.
Allah mentioned both alcohol, gambling and
some other evil acts in the chapter 5 verse
91 of His book, Al Qur’an, he said: “Satan
only wants to cause between you animosity
and hatred through intoxicants (alcohol) and
gambling and to avert you from remembrance
of Allah and from prayer. So, will you not