Friday, 29 April 2016

10 ways ladies could avoid sleeping with men they visit

10 ways ladies could avoid sleeping
with men they visit

Sometimes ago, we presented to you some
of the things men do want to
sleep with ladies who are visiting them in
their houses for the first time. Now we
would be looking at the things women do to
ward off such advances.
what women do to prevent men from
There is a reaction to every action; most
ladies are naturally cautious and it would be
a lie to think most of them do not think or
assume men would want to sleep with them
the very first time they visit them.
As a result of this, women also devise
methods that would protect them as much
as possible so the guys would not sleep with
them on the first date. Having sex may be
inevitable in that relationship at the long run,
but women are able to prolong the
abstinence for as long as possible when they
do take certain steps.
Find below some of the things ladies do
when they do not want a guy to sleep with
them anytime they go visit them:

1. Keeping the door opened
Ladies sometimes are on the defensive side
and ask men to open the door to their rooms
so everyone could see what is happening in
the room.
To an extent, ladies feel comfortable this
way as they know it is near impossible for
the guys to attempt being funny or try to
have sex with them with the door wide
2. Wearing tight clothes
Another thing ladies do when they go visit
men in their houses is to wear tight clothes
that have restrictions. It would be pretty
difficult getting them out of the cloth and it
would give them enough time to allow sanity
creep back in peradventure they got closer

3. Red flag shows up
what women do to prevent men from
Ladies know that men do not like hearing
the fact that the red flag is on. Most men
would be irritated seeing the blood bank of
the girls when they want to sleep with them.
It is a natural turn off for men so ladies use
it as a weapon and say they are on. Some
even go on to wear pads just to prove it is

4. They would have a friend with them
Ladies do not like visiting men for the first
time alone. They would rather go with one or
two friends that would help them break the
tension that could be around the place.
Having one or two other girls in the room
apart from the main girl visiting would spoil
the show for the men. Ladies can be sure
nothing would happen then.

5. They avoid sitting on the bed
what women do to prevent men from
Many ladies avoid sitting on the bed when
they visit men as they feel they are falling
into a trap. The bed makes them more
cautious and to avoid being tempted or lured
into doing something they do not want to do
at that moment, they would rather sit on the

6. They receive calls at intervals
When ladies feel like they have stayed long
enough in a place, they start to receive calls
that would make the guys feel they need to
be on their way. Some even become
apologetic on the phone to make the guy
feel they have to go somewhere
In some cases, girls put their friends up to
this and make them call them at intervals
just to prevent the guy from launching his
sex idea on them.

7. They focus on something
Another thing ladies do when visiting guys in
their houses is to concentrate on doing a
particular thing. Some place all their
attention on books while some watch movies
and do not give the guys the time to want to
get personal with them.

8. List of house chores
Ladies avoid having sex with men they visit
by coming up with the excuse of leaving for
their own house. Usually, the guy would try
to persuade them and they would come up
with the annoying list of things they need to
do at home before their parents or guardians
get back.

9. Stories that touch the heart
what women do to prevent men from
Sometimes, ladies cook up all sorts of
stories that would make men pity them; they
talk about how they have suffered one or
two forms of abuse in their previous
relationships. They act traumatized and this
would naturally throw the men off balance.
It would after all be inappropriate for the
guys to want to try anything funny after they
have heard their heart touching tales.

10. They act edgy
what women do to prevent men from
Sometimes, ladies deliberately put up an
edgy front when they visit men in their
houses. They act uncomfortable and would
be cold towards the guy till they leave. Men
sense their defense and aloofness and would
rather leave them alone till they adjust.