Friday, 29 April 2016

– Man stabs his girlfriend to death for refusing his marriage proposal

– Man stabs his girlfriend to death for
refusing his marriage proposal

– The franchise officer is now on the run
after stabbing the girlfriend’s mother
– She is presently receiving treatment in the
hospital after sustaining serious injuries
A man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to
death in the Tanke area of Ilorin, Kwara
state, on Monday, April 25, for refusing his
marriage proposal.
Reports say the franchise officer with one of
the leading mobile telecommunication
operators also stabbed his girlfriend’s mother
when she tried to settle the issue between
the two. She sustained serious injuries and
was rushed to the University of Ilorin
Teaching Hospital where she is receiving

Investigations by Thisday newspaper
revealed that the man is currently on the
run. The spokesman of the Kwara state
police Command, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi who
confirmed the incident said he has been
declared wanted.
According to Leadership Newspaper, prior to
the tragic incident, the deceased who had
been in a relationship with the suspect for
some time, insisted that she could not marry
“It was gathered that they went out on Sunday
night and returned to the girl’s house at Tanke
area of Ilorin where the mother had also come
on a visit to her daughter. Early yesterday
morning, the argument resurfaced with the girl
still maintaining her position. The young man
was said to have allegedly threatened to kill
the lady if she refused his proposal.

It was at the height of the argument that the
lady’s mother reportedly came out of her room
with the intention of settling the dispute. The
young man was said to have dashed to the
kitchen where he allegedly brought out a knife
with which he attacked the two women. But
another version of the incident claimed that
the young man, who is currently on the run,
had first reported for duty at his office (a
telecommunication firm) located along the
University of Ilorin road before he told his
colleagues he wanted to go and pick
something at home.”
An eyewitness said that the deceased said
to be in her early 30s was stabbed several
times at the neck and around the back of
the armpit. An autopsy will be conducted on
her corpse by the UITH before a formal
report will be filed.