Wednesday, 20 April 2016

PDP prepares replacement for Saraki

PDP prepares replacement for
– The opposition party has already chosen a
politician to replace Saraki if he resigns
– The Unity Forum promised to work with
PDP’s candidate for Senate president post
Bukola Saraki in court today
There are indications that the next Senate
president may be chosen by the opposition
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Daily Sun reports that some members of the
opposition party are thinking of Ike
Ekweremadu as a likely replacement if there
is vacancy in the Senate.
Members of both camps disclosed that they
are considering Ekweremadu as a probable
substitution for Saraki based on his
experience and the fact that he has been
Senate president’s deputy since last June.
A senator from the South-East said that
members of Like Minds group, who are
preponderantly PDP, were already mooting
the idea of Ekweremadu succeeding Saraki.
The source said: “We hold meetings everyday
and we strategise on the way forward. But
many of us were shocked when we read
yesterday (Saturday) that the APC was willing
to concede the Senate presidency seat to us
(PDP). We did not expect it to end like this.
“We have always stood by Saraki and we will
stand by him till the end. But we also need to
start putting the interest of our party (PDP)
first. We have started talking to ourselves and
we have started mounting pressure on
Ekweremadu to gear up and be prepared to
succeed Saraki. He has been the Deputy
Senate President for three times now. PDP will
take over and Ekweremadu may just be the
In a dramatic turn, the Unity Forum has
pledged to work with Ekweremadu in the
event that he emerges as Senate president.
Saraki’s trial continues today at the Code of
Conduct Tribunal having failed to get a new
relief from the Federal High Court in Abuja
which ruled last Friday that the Senate
president should face trial.