Thursday, 9 June 2016

RELATIONSHIP :--10 basic types of boyfriends you would see in Nigeria

10 basic types of boyfriends
you would see in Nigeria

Nigeria is no doubt an interesting
country with lots of characters; there
is virtually nothing we have not seen in
this country. And when it comes to
relationships, you are bound to hear
tales that would wow you.
In order to ascertain how fruitful your relationship
would be, the type of people you roll with would
either have a long or short term effect on you.
There are certain traits women should watch out for
when they want to venture into a new relationship.
The qualities possessed by the men would give
women a glint of the kind of experience they are
bound to have with them.
In this piece, we would be looking at the different
types of boyfriends you could get in Nigeria and
the things you are likely to face while in a
relationship with them. Perhaps, this would serve as
a guide and help ladies choose wisely.
Find below some of the different types of
boyfriend you would find in Nigeria:
1. The unserious boyfriend
This boyfriend is never serious, he jokes around most
of the time and enjoys teasing you. While this may
be a good thing as the relationship is bound to be
fun, it could also be quite an annoying thing to
have him take you for granted and crack jokes with
important matters that are tugging at the strings of
your heart.
If your period ever gets missing while dating this
joker boyfriend, he would tell you to go look for it
wherever you misplaced it.
2. The wealthy boyfriend
He is all over himself and cannot do without
mentioning how vast his wealth is. You may have a
great time moving with the wealthy boyfriend as
both of you would paint the town with colors.
The only restriction attached to having a wealthy
boyfriend is that he knows other girls can be bought
and you will not be at liberty to act anyhow while
dating him because there are so many options when
it comes to replacing you.
3. The social boyfriend
Having a social boyfriend means you are not the
only one dating him. He is like a community
boyfriend with uses that extend to every tom, dick
and harry.
He is quick to lend support to a damsel in distress;
he could be useful to everyone in the community
except you. When you complain about him, everyone
thinks you are being too demanding as he is perfect
for you already.
4. The fine but broke boyfriend
A boyfriend like this could be very handsome and
would easily attract ladies in the society. Men like
these love to look good and would invest more in
themselves than in you.
After all, it is their looks that they sell; they have
their hair cut twice in a week but cannot afford to
give you money to make your hair. They would stalk
you all day and give people the impression they
worship you while you do not value them.

5. The most sought after boyfriend
This boyfriend is well loved by every woman in the
society; it would take extra effort trying to hold
him down as he is seen as a commercially valuable
entity. He has prospects when it comes to engaging
women and they sure have a good time around him.
6. The insatiable boyfriend
There is nothing you do to please this boyfriend. He
would always talk about his need for a woman in
his life. Even while you are trying to be the ideal
woman for him, he would croon about new qualities
he hopes to see in a woman and how depressed he
is about finding that one woman.
7. The sperm donor boyfriend
This boyfriend does well when it comes to getting
women pregnant; ladies who have never had
children would be blessed once he touches them. It
is all about touching lives really.
You would have to worry about finding a remedy for
his lustful desires if not ladies would keep dumping
babies at your doorstep every nine months.
8. The frustrating boyfriend
It is risky having a boyfriend like this; he makes
you feel comfortable with him that you start
having the prospect of marriage with him. He would
cater to your needs and assume responsibility for
you; people around would tag you as his wife but
he would never pop the question.
You may end up dating him for eleven years and
never know the way forward. He may put a ring on
your finger at some point and spoil your business in
9. The under-G boyfriend
People around feel he has a girlfriend but no one
knows who she is. He would never put you up on his
dp as his girlfriend and would never take an
incriminating selfie with you. He is too coded to be
caught off guard when it comes to women. He has
the potential to be a player because no one knows
his affairs yet he is highly respected. He avoids
scandals and has a good profile.
10. The faithful boyfriend
He is every girl’s dream; he is attractive and has a
trail of ladies chasing him. Despite this, he is
focused and does not fool around with other girls.
He may flaunt you occasionally as his bae but that
is all that there is about it.