Thursday, 9 June 2016

Jokes :--10 things you will know from using public toilets in Nigeria

10 things you will know from
using public toilets in Nigeria

We are sure you must have had one or
two nasty experiences where you
suddenly felt the need to use the toilet
while outside the comfort of your
house or lush bathroom. Some people
are lucky enough to be in
a comfortable and neat environment
when this happens.
Bottom line is, you are human and this could happen
to anyone. The worst case scenario would be for you
to feel the need to use the toilet while traveling
in a bus. Some Nigerians who know there is no big
deal about being pressed may not be bothered by it;
but when you are running stool while traveling, you
would definitely know it is no joke.
Firstly, the thought of having to stop the driver
and explain to everyone in the bus is unsettling;
many people debate about this in their minds for as
long as possible while trying to suppress the shitty
feeling. And when it finally happens and you
discover you probably have to do it again, it could
change your system and mess your mood. In a
situation like that, you could become sick from
worrying and could have other issues along the line.
Find below some of the other things you will
understand from having to use a public toilet:
1. The fear
While you are looking for the nearest place to ease
yourself and empty your bowel, there is this fear
of not having to mess up yourself. As a Nigerian,
you would be thinking about the shit not dropping in
your pant; if it does, you have just created another
unsettling situation. You would have to deal with
the smell and having yourself cleaned up from the
2. Looking for a place to do it
While you are nursing the fear of not soiling
yourself up, you would probably be looking for a
place to do it. Having to ask everyone around you
for the nearest public toilet is embarrassing to most
people. If it is a place you are not familiar with,
you have a lot of work to do as this would
destabilize you the more.
3. When a putrid smell hits your nose
from the entrance
Finally, you were shown a public toilet and you
made your way towards it. However, you had to stop
the moment you got to the entrance and you were
hit with the strong putrid smell of urine.
At this point you are confused, you have a tough
decision to make; whether to manage the toilet
while the strong smell of urine stings your nose or
to walk away from there and find another toilet.
What were you expecting by the way, that the
public toilet would be as neat as your own toilet?
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4. When you cannot use the toilet
without paying N20
Your decision to leave the other toilet probably paid
off as you were able to find another public toilet
that could be managed.
The only problem with the new public toilet is that
there is a mean porter at the entrance who insists on
you paying N20 or N50. The sad part is you may
not be with your purse and if you do, the change
may not be available for you to give the porter.
5. When you finally made it to the
After being able to get through the porter, you got
to the toilet and discovered it is not as neat as you
thought. But of course, it is still better than the
first one you saw.
The toilet could have permanent stains that toilet
cleaner cannot remove at once. The buzzing flies
around too could land on your body and piss you off
the more. Since you are there already, you are

6. The way you sit on the toilet
Knowing fully well that using a public toilet would
put you at risk of catching a toilet infection,
Nigerians know the best way to use public toilets.
They suspend their butts while making use of these
toilets in order to avoid catching an infection or
allowing the water in the toilet bowl to
splash. Most Nigerians know this well and would use
the toilet in this position even when they want to
7. When you worry about people
hearing the sound you make
While you are in the toilet, you may have to worry
about the poop sound you may be making while
using the toilet. Sometimes you also worry about
soiling the whole place and messing it up. Most
times, the public toilets are lined up near each
other, and there might be other users in them.
8. When you don’t want water to
When it is time for you to clean up and you really
do not want the water to splash and touch you. This
is another part that gives people headache. For
some people, having to step on the wet ground of
the public toilet is enough; many people stand on
their toes while there.
9. When you don’t have enough water
to flush
Another thing that may happen to you after using
the toilet is not having enough water to flush if
you are using a WC toilet. At this point, some
people either cover the mess and find their way
while some may try to clean it up.
10. That look people give when you
emerge from the public toilet
Another thing that you may have to deal with after
using the toilet is the weird way people look at you
as soon as you leave the toilet. Your self-esteem
may be reduced if the toilet is in a crowded place
and there are many eyes on you. However, if you
have a chain of people waiting to use the toilet
too, ‘nothing do you’.