Wednesday, 18 May 2016

SOCIAL::--5 small acts that win you instant affection of people

5 small acts that win you
instant affection of people

Wish to win sympathy and favor
with other people? If you do these
5 simple, but effective things, you
can establish positive and
lucrative relationships in your
business or in your private life.
1. Be a copy cat
When you talk to someone try to use your body to
sort of mimic their moves and gestures. Surely, you
do not need to copy everything they do, but a slight
mirroring can do wonders. The study carried about
back in 1999 discovered that such behavior makes
people instinctively and subconsciously like you.
2. Say good things about them
Positive words and compliments cost you nothing.
However, if you can say them sincerely, and that is
the major condition, they open up the hearts of
people to you. Basically, this is how it works:
you say good things to them about them and they
begin to see more great stuff in you and like you.
3. Be their friends’ friend
If you know well and get along well with some of
their buddies, it opens up a way for acceptance. If
they know their friends like you, they follow their
4. Be happy
A happy person works like a magnet. Happiness
can be passed on to the other person. Once they get
in good mood, they become more open to like you.
5. Be vulnerable
Vulnerability can be very powerful. When you
open up and show your flaws and weaknesses,
people see you as a human being. They do not have
to defend against you or demonstrate their perfectness.
Instead they get the freedom to be friendly with
These things are simple, but they can help you to
get better relationships at work, in business or in
your private life.