Wednesday, 18 May 2016

GOSSIP::---Man dumps wife for chatting on their wedding night

Man dumps wife for chatting
on their wedding night

A man decided to disregard his
marital vows by filing for divorce
just a day after saying ‘I do’

A Saudi groom reportedly filed for divorce from
his bride on their wedding night because she refused
to perform her conjugal duties of having sex with
him, and instead chose to chat with her friends.
The bride and groom had gone to their hotel room
in Manama, Bahrain, after their wedding ceremony
and while the expectant groom hoped he would spend
quality time with his new wife, she chose to reply
friends and family who had sent in their
The groom had reportedly asked her to stop chatting
and became angry when she refused. A relative said
the groom had asked her how important he was to
her, “When he asked her if her
friends were more important than he
was, the bride answered that they
They got into a heated argument which prompted the
groom to storm out of the hotel room in anger,
threatening to divorce her as well.
According to the relative, the groom went ahead to
file for a divorce, which the court referred to the
reconciliation committee to try to get the newlyweds
to reconcile.
The groom has reportedly refused to have the case
withdrawn, insisting he no longer has interest in
marrying the bride and that the divorce case should
proceed as place

heh...even on your wedding night

hmm -:-----a cheater will always cheat