Thursday, 12 May 2016

FOR YOU:-_5 simple ways of hooking up with single guys

5 simple ways of hooking up
with single guys in Lagos

Ladies most times are always in search of
single eligible men in Lagos; we understand
that finding men who are responsible could
be a very hard task for ladies who are new
to Lagos and want to get hooked.
No one is talking about the ‘runs girls’ and
other ladies who may be interested in flings
and affairs that would not last. For the
ladies who want something serious, we
would share some hints on how to find the
responsible men in Lagos.
Lagos is a busy and bustling place and it
could be really difficult finding the perfect
man as most of the guys you see on the
roads are looking for ladies to devour. All
they want is to sleep with innocent young
ladies at low or no cost and move on to the
next unlucky lady. So you do not fall prey to
the scheme of the irresponsible men who
may want to take advantage of you, there
are certain things you should know.
Find below some of the simple ways of
finding responsible and eligible single men in
1. Attend weddings
As soon as you step onto the ground of this
lovely city, do not consider locking yourself
up and staying within the confines of your
house always. No man would come looking
for you if you do not put yourself out there.
When you are in this large city, attend social
functions as much as you can.
Weddings especially would attract men from
all works of life; make yourself attractive so
as to be able to gain the attention of the
men in that gathering. Do not overdo it
though, so you do not end up embarrassing
yourself. However, if you play your cards
well and get lucky to catch the bouquet,
then you just might be lucky.
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2. Visit the gym
Men of this generation are super conscious
of their looks; they do not take exercises
lightly and would do all they could to keep
fit. Visiting the gym regularly would boost
your chances of running into a very cool guy,
it is essential that you do not act desperate
so as not to be taken for granted.
Also, be as attractive as possible when
visiting the gym; wear attractive sportswear
and try being neat while at it. This has two
advantages; you would get your body into
shape and stand the chance of meeting
good looking guys that are responsible too.
3. Worship in the church
No matter how short your stay is, try and go
to the church. Not all the men you see out
there are evil; some still have conscience
and would go to the church to worship. You
can be sure you would meet one or two
single guys in that gathering and depending
on how things play out, you may be in a
relationship with one before long. A man
who holds God in high esteem is by no
means, a good choice.
4. Visit the mall or the beach
While you are on a visit to this wonderful
city, go out as much as possible and have
fun. You could visit the mall and window
shop, go to the cinema or better still visit
the beach for fresh air. Most of the single
guys relax this way too and would always be
around places like that.
Nature would always be attractive and would
bless you in its coolness. The beach would
have lots of people on it and you can be
sure you would make friends there. There
are many beaches in Lagos; and apart from
finding company, you will also find yourself
relaxing there.
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5. Visit old friends
No one is an island, you must have met one
or two people in the past who live in Lagos,
this is the perfect time to bring out your
phone book and search for their numbers.
A reunion would do you more good as you
are bound to make more friends. While
visiting an old friend, you may get lucky and
be introduced to some other friends who
may be single.