Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Naira crashes against dollar,
sells for N319 in black market
show that the naira has plummeted against
the dollar in the parallel market.
This is coming after the Nigerian currency
had r emarkably strengthened against the
dollar in parallel market on Monday, April 18.
According to our Bureau De Change (BDC)
source, the naira now trades for between
N319 and N320 as against the N318 – N320
it was on Monday, April 18.
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dollar, sells for N319
“Today, it is being sold at N319, although
some are selling at N320,” one of BDC
sources informed.

Throughout last week, the naira maintained
a strong stand against the dollar, a situation
which had been absent in the parallel
market for the past few months.
Many had said the naira will likely stay firm
against the dollar this week, but that doesn’t
seem to be going quite well as the nation
currency is presently hovering around N319
– N320.