Tuesday, 19 April 2016

7 funny signs you have become a typical Nigerian woman

7 funny signs you have become
a typical Nigerian woman
Basically, Nigerian women have interesting
qualities. Firstly, they know all the tricks in
the world to make you do their bidding and
then they could turn on their drama skills
and use some fast lines on you too.
Growing up with many Nigerian women
around could make you possess one or two
of their traits and start to act like them
yourself. There are c
ertain qualities that
Nigerian women exhibit; and you know for
sure that you have been transformed into
one when you start doing the following:
1. When you bargain in the market till
you are insulted

Don’t bother paying, come and steal it
Have you tried going to the market with a
Nigerian woman? It even becomes more
dramatic if she is a mother as she would
want to cut down her budget by all means
to save money.
Nigerian women have the habit of bargaining
in the market till market sellers insult them
and ask them to take the wares without
paying. When you start to do this, just know
you are gradually transforming into a typical
Nigerian woman.
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2. When you can talk with your eyes
Most Nigerian women expect their children
to understand body signs and languages.
Your mother could hit you for failing to
understand some sign she gave you with her
Overtime, these signs become a part of the
children too. When you start to use your
eyes to tell someone to pick up money from
the floor, then you have succeeded in
becoming a typical Nigerian woman.

3. When you cannot do little chores by
Nigeria is blessed with a lot of hardworking
women. Most of these women display this
all the time and train their children to do
likewise. However, they love being pesky for
no reason.
You know you have become a typical
Nigerian woman when you start to ask your
children to get you an object you could get
for yourself. And worse still, when you start
to use your mouth to point out directions.
4. When you make retorts without
thinking them through
Sorry for yourself!
Most Nigerian women seem to have ready-
made answers. Try not to offend any of
them or risk being compared to an object
you despise.
In other cases, they show their frustration by
making statements that showcase their
efforts. When a child says he/she is hungry,
they retort by saying ‘ Come and eat me.’
5. When you cannot accept simple
To err is human and to forgive is divine, they
say; offending a Nigerian could feel like hell.
Nigerian women could be very difficult at
times. You know you have been initiated
when someone tells you sorry and you
cannot help saying ‘Sorry for yourself.’
6. When you do not understand the
term picnic anymore
All these for a picnic?

This is noticeable when you intend going for
a picnic and you pack all the things you
could think of. You know you are a typical
Nigerian woman when you pack wrappers
and many things that would be considered
inappropriate. This attitude extends into you
packing things needed for a year for a
journey that would last a week.
7. When you become judgmental
Nigerian women see themselves as women
who are chastised. They understand the
word decency and try being moderate in
everything they do. You know you have
transitioned into a typical Nigerian woman
when you cannot help opening your mouth
when you see a girl walking half naked.