Tuesday, 17 May 2016

NEWD:---Lagos capital heavily flooded after morning rainfall

Lagos capital heavily flooded
after morning rainfall

Source: Naij. com

There was a heavy rainfall in
Ikeja, the Lagos state capital, on
Tuesday, May 17, much to the
relief of some residents of the
But it was another day of unpleasant experience for
some other residents whose areas usually witness
flood anytime it rains.
From Awolowo way to Under Bridge in Ikeja,
there was serious impediment on the movement of
vehicles and pedestrians as the flood encroached into
the road and sent some workers ‘packing’.
NAIJ.com’s photojournalist, Emmanuel
Osodi went to the major areas in the state capital
and images from his trip show that refuse had begun
to gather in some of these flooded areas with some
residents vacating their places of work because of the
flood’s invasion.
Below are some of the images from the flooded
areas on Tuesday: