Monday, 6 June 2016

Shocking - teachers check underwear of school girls in Japan find out why

Shocking - teachers check
underwear of school girls in

Japanese culture may seem nuts to us.
These people are up for some crazy
things including their sex life. The
reason why teachers check the panties
of school girls is shocking indeed!
Men in Japan are great fans of used ladies’
underwear. They seem to like the smell of it and
the ones worn by young school girls are the most
popular. There are companies that sell the used
panties packed up in special boxes and with the
pictures of the girls who wore them. The business is
a very lucrative one in this country.
So, some of the school girls decided to avoid go-
betweens and do business directly. They sell their
used underwear right in schools! That is why
teachers carry out the panties’ check to see, which
ones of the girls are acting amorally!
The used panties cost much more than the new ones,
so such check up never stop the girls. They just
bring over an extra pair of fresh panties to replace
ones they sold! Many countries do have shocking
facts on the sex life of their people.