Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Whossp:::----- Virginity Tests

Is your girl a virgin? 3 signs
she is not

For many men it is important to
be the first one with their wife.
So, they are looking to marry
virgin girls. But how does find out
about such a thing without
carrying out a virginity test? Get
the signs now.
Surely, before you start applying these to your
girlfriend, you should gain a deeper understanding of
what virginity is and how a girl gets disvirgined.
For one, it is not all about the physical condition.
Surely, most virgins have unbroken hymen (a tissue
that partially closes their vagina entrance).
However, the hymen can be broken without sex.
For instance, a girl may be playing or riding her
bike and it gets torn accidentally. She still remains
a virgin, though.
Virginity is not about hymen, but rather about
absence of sexual experience. Can you call a girl
with unbroken hymen who had oral sex a virgin? Or
the one who had anal sex? Virginity is about moral
purity and integrity. It is the quality of soul,
rather than of the body.
So, here are the signs of possible virginity loss in
your girlfriend.
1. Her reaction to your questions
What does she say when you ask her if she is a
virgin? In most cases, (if the girl is not a
feminist), she would react calmly or shyly. The
one who has lost it, may get irritated by your
inquiries or angry with you. She has it no more and
those questions make her nervous.
Unless, she is a very self-confident girl, who
knows who she is with the hymen or without it!
2. She gets engaged in sex talk
A virgin girl has a bit of this natural modesty.
She does not have firsthand experience in the
process, so sex talk makes her uncomfortable. She
would not be easily engaged in it.
3. How she conducts herself with
Virginity loss is a serious step in every woman’s
life. It involves some big changes in her behavior
as well. But once there is not more to lose, a girl
may start acting more lavishly and self-indulging
with men. If she is a student, she might be hanging
out in the teachers’ office all the time. It’s not a
secret that such a place is rich with sex opportunities.
Now, if you see only one of these signs do not
jump into any conclusion. Even a combination of
all 3 of them is not a sure sign of the virginity
loss. However, they may indicate a girl is not a
virgin anymore. So, beware of them and pay close
attention to her dressing style, conversations and
moral standards.