Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tee Billz is irresponsible - Foluke Daramola's husband reveals

Tee Billz is irresponsible -
Foluke Daramola's husband

– Foluke Daramola-Salako’s husband also
expressed disgust about Tee Billz actions
– Olukayode Salako claimed that Tee Billz
is not a responsible man
– It was reported that Tunji Balogun is
known for neglecting his children
Tee Billz and Dr Vivian Oputa
Just few days back Tee Billz’s third baby
mama and sugar mummy, Dr Vivian Oputa
was unveiled as Tiwa Savage remains more
broken about the ongoing separation
between herself and her husband.
Many believed that Tiwa Savage was lying
when she revealed that Tunji Balogun does
not take care of their baby Jamil but another
revelation disclosed that Tee Billz does not
also take care of his other children.
According to Encomium Magazine, they
disclosed that the 37-year old man also
neglects his daughter Onah, from Dr Vivian

They said: “ Insiders disclosed that the
handsome dude hardly visits the Lekki (Lagos)
home of her baby mama who is in her 50s, in
spite of the fact that it is nearby (to the 1004
Flats he shared with Tiwa, and the Lekki
duplex they later moved to).That he does not
provide either material or physical needs of
mum and daughter .” Remember that it was
once reported that he doesn’t cater for the
two kids he has abroad too.
Also, reacting to the marriage crisis of Tiwa
and Tee Billz is Foluke Daramola’s husband
and the National Coordinator of Change
Agency of Nigeria Network (CANN),
Olukayode Salako further expressed disgust
about Tunji’s act of irresponsibility towards
Tiwa and their son, Jamil Balogun.

Olukayode Salako and wife Foluke Daramola

On Tuesday, May 3, Salako disclosed that:
“ Marriage is not run on the struggle of only
the woman, especially with an irresponsible
man, who manifest incurable dirty habits and
never psychologically balanced. Tiwa deserves
to be happy, though she cannot be perfect.
One, she is a top celebrity. Two, she is a
young woman who deserve a man who can
understand this and continue to support and
manage her inadequacies, at least to a
reasonable extent. They are always under
serious pressure to be distracted not to do
some things right, not even when she
appeared to be the bread winner. I watched
the video of the interview with rapt attention
from beginning to end and at a point I didn’t
know when a tear ran down my check, at the
point Tiwa broke down. Her testimonies were
real, original and sincere as far as I am
concerned. I do not feel she told any lie at all
about the situation. I am convinced Tee Billz
has not been a responsible, mature, caring
and mentally balanced man enough around
that poor woman.”
Salako further revealed that probably their
marriage did not last because they were not
destined to be together or Tee Billz does not
know how to cope with Tiwa Savage adding
that marriage is not supposed to be endured
but enjoyed sayi
“ You cannot sustain a celebrity marriage, if
you cannot over look certain tendencies
around your woman. Anyway, I am never one
person who believes that marriage must
continue to be a do or die affair. May be the
guy is not even her destined man for
marriage. May be! I am convinced Tiwa wanted
the marriage, but it is Tee Billz who did not
know how to run it with her. She has narrated
her own side of the story and I think that was
not good enough to sustain that marriage. I
told my wife. I won’t believe anything that is
running on the social media until I hear Tiwa’s
side of the story. Tiwa won’t ever be a happy
and fulfilled woman if she continues to live
like the way she has narrated with her hubby.
Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed and not
endured, not even with a man like Tee Billz