Tuesday, 3 May 2016

See what Policeman was spotted doing

Traffic policeman spotted
working under the rain in

Adulation has been showered on the Ghana
police force, following the emergence of a
now viral photo which shows one of its
officers (a traffic warden)

controlling traffic
under the rain.

An unknown police man controlling traffic in
the rain.
The officer who was reportedly spotted in
Ghana was going about his duty, defying
even the horrible weather just to ensure that
road users were safe and that traffic was
not a mess.

Many have taken to social-media to call for
the promotion and honoring of this police
officer whose name still remains unknown

Amid many comments regarding the photos
which were posted on May Day, one very
striking comment was made by one
Emmanuel Anim Annor. He said: “Maximum
respect and love to Ghana police force
especially MTTU. This is really inspiring. If we
all will honor our country in the execution of
our duties, then there is hope for our people.
Happy may day to all workers. Let’s work with
this selfless example in mind. Signs of hope
for our motherland