Saturday, 21 May 2016

GOSSIP:--Pregnant 13-year-old girl delivered of her baby

Pregnant 13-year-old girl
delivered of her baby

Pregnant 13-year-old girl who
was recently taken in by a Dutch
woman in Akwa Ibom state, has
been delivered of her baby
Following concerns over how 13-year-old who was
impregnated by a yet-be-identified man, would have
her baby, she has been successfully delivered of the
13-year-old Ekemini welcomed her baby via a
Caesarean Section, yesterday, May 20.

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A happy Anja Ringgren Loven and her husband
David Emmanuel Umem, took to their Facebook
pages to share the news. Here’s what they wrote on
their wall:
“This morning at 10 Ekemini gave
birth ( caesarean operation ) to a
healty young little boy 👶🏿💚 .
Ekemini is the girl, only 13 years old
who David and our team rescued a
few weeks ago and brought to safety
to our orphanage ❤️ So please say
Hello to the new member of our big
family at DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF
Childrens Home 👶🏿 He is just
so sweet and adorable and I cannot
wait to hold him in my arms ❤️ The
operation went fine but Ekemini is a
little sick and very tired. But she is
with David and our team at the
hospital now and they will all take
good care of her and our little
sweetheart 👶🏿💚🇳🇬”
See a picture of her baby below:

Thank God for a successful delivery!