Monday, 25 April 2016

World oldest person discovered in Nigeria

World oldest person discovered
in Nigeria

A Nigerian woman, Mama Esifiho, who
allegedly is 191 years old, has been
Mama Esifiho
According to her great great grandson Mr.
Avuefeyen, Esifiho who is allegedly 2
centuries old lives in Ellu (Edhemoko,
Akaluba Street, Ellu in INLG)Have

Questioning the validity of Mama’s birth, Mr.
Avufeyen said that she witnessed the birth
of his grandfather. If his claims are true
then, Mama Efisho is not only Nigeria’s
oldest woman alive, she will be the oldest
woman alive anywhere.
This is coming right after civil servants in
Brazil reported they have discovered the
world’s oldest person – a 131-year-old
father-of-3 living with a wife 69 years his