Thursday, 21 April 2016

P-Square, Davido nominated for music AWARD

– P-Square and Davido have been
nominated alongside other African stars for
the 2016 Namibian music awards
– The Okoye brothers continue to shine
despite their public fall out in the early
months of the year
– With this comes further recognition for
Davido who is already flying high thanks to
his deal with Sony music
P-Square has been nominated for the 2016
Namibian Annual Music Awards alongside
Nigerian pop star Davido. This brings yet
another major recognition for Skelewu singer
Davido who is currently enjoying great global
recognition following his music deal with
The Nigerian entertainers were nominated in
the category of Pan African Artiste of the
year alongside South African music stars
AKA and Heavy K as well as Zambian
musician Roberto.
P-Square and American rapper TI with whom
they collaborated on the Eje Ajo in 2014.
This comes as a major boost for the Okoye
brothers who have maintained dominance in
the news in the last few months as a result
of a lingering disagreement between them
and elder brother and manager Jude.
The full nominations list for the awards is as
Best Male Artist of the Year
Big Ben – Back To The Basics
Exit – Black is Boss
LMPC – Wish Me Luck
The Dogg – Respect My Hustle
Swart Baster – The Wait is Over
Valentino – Lava Since 94
Best Female Artist of the Year
Ann Singer – Bulletproof
Chikune – In With The New
Female Donkey – Pulling Up My Socks
Freeda – Chronicles
Sanet Lambrechts – Rooi Kalaharisand
Treasure – Koskola Hwepo
Best Duo/Group of the Year
Paradox – Catch 22
Stupet Jones & Denzo No Stress – Red Cupz
& Music
The Multi Talented – Closer To My Dreams
TKB – Kawe
Tswazis – Go Getter
Best Newcomer of the Year
3DB – Dreamz X Realities
Ann Singer – Bulletproof
Christopher The Grand – Let Me Go
LMPC – Wish Me Luck
Msunday & J.S – Real
Best Afrikaans
Christopher The Grand – Kuier
Sanet Lambrechts – Sonskyn en Heuning
S-Man – Dwall ft. Cinty
Tabakans – Die Hele Nag
Tiro – Gee My Jou Hart
Best Afro Pop (inclusive of Township Disco)
Ann Singer – Diminengepo
Big Ben – Omedi
Freeda – Mutjaka
Swart Baster – Tukale Hamo ft. Thommy
TKB – Chuchu ft. Tequla
Best Collaboration
Freeda – Lisigenge ft. Jericho
N.I.A – Better Dayz ft. Desmond
Paradox – Mr Well Done ft. Riky Rick
Shaeto – Fast Car ft. Lilfazi & Jeff A.D
Swart Baster – Tukale Hamo ft. Thommy
Best Damara Punch
Female Donkey – Choma
Georgie !Obogos – Maris ft. DIOP
Msunday & JS – Namibia To Dubai
Ome Backos – !Nae ra |gireb |guib am|ne-e
ra ho ft. Boli
Wiseman – Au Wise //Gau Khoena
Davido at a performance. Credit: Getty
Images/ Rollingstone
Best Gospel
D-Naff – Hallelujah ft. Taz
N.I.A – Heavenly Father ft. Ponti
Monica Mouton – Worship Heart
Sanet Lambrechts – Echo From The
Satlam – Hallelujah Amen ft. Tequila
Best House
Makurunganga – Wakudhima
The Dogg – The Kings ft. Speedy
Tswazis – Xuro ft. Angelo
S-Man – Aunt Popie se Kind
Vuza – Mini Skirt
Best Kizomba
Christopher The Grand – Maria Nela
Dama Monique – Heena ft. Cellestino
Mentality & Cardo FB – First One
Best Kwaito
Dik Bones – I’m Still Rocking ft. Skelm
Exit – Omandjebele ft. Dicksampama
Sunny Boy – Permanent ft. The Dogg & Tate
The Dogg – Got It All
The Multi Talented – Kwaito Fan ft. Exit
Best Music Video
Freeda – Mojo
Gazza – Kuna M’kweni (Remix)
KK & Desmond – Already
Lize Ehlers – Everything Happens For A
The Dogg – The Kings
Best Song with a Message
Hilifia94 – Freedom Ain’t Free
KP Illest – No One’s Laughing
N.I.A – Better Dayz ft. Desmond
Ras Sheehama – Song For You
Sunny Boy – Enough Is Enough ft. Sally Boss
Best Oviritje
DIOP – Ondjona Otopa
Otjinate – Manjara
The Wire – Vuma The Wire
Triple ‘T’ – Maria
YPS – Ondadjile Ko Kule
Best RnB
3DB – I Got You
Ann Singer – Bulletproof
Chikune – Take It Slow
Kanibal – Double Life
LMPC – Too Much ft. Jaleel
Best Rap/Hip-Hop
Hilifa94 – Freedom Ain’t Free
KP Illest – No One’s Laughing
N.I.A – Better Dayz ft. Desmond
Stupet Jones & Denzo No Stress – Do That
Valentino – Take You Down ft. Shaeto
Best Reggae
3DB – Lomlikwe
Allex & Shyer – Through Thick n Thin
Freeda – Toxic Love ft. Araffath
Lando – The Lord is My Shepherd ft. Chikito
& Eddy Man
Ras Sheehama – Nakambalu Reggae

South African hip hop star Kiernan Forbes
also known as AKA
Best Shambo
Christmas – Oshambo
D-Naff – Hu Twaza ft. Christmas & Yashe
Tati Pii
Laviyalava – Makenyato
Treasure – Okokule
Vorticella – Farm Galo
Best Single
Doris – Kissing
Jaleel – Deuces
KK & Desmond – Already
Lize Ehlers – Hayiwena
VMSIX – Nowhere
Best Soukous/Kwasa
Ama-Daz-Floor – True Colour ft. Dama
Dama Monique – Give Me
DIOP – Batho Bame
Grootman – Omvula Ompe
Waka – Ileni ft. Newturn
Best Traditional
Bertholdt Mbinda – Ti Xuro ft. Boli Mootseng
& Loxer
Big Ben – Ovombo
Christmas – Omagumbo
Phono – Dậni-e
Swart Baster – Makongo ft. DR
Radio Song of the Year
Gazza – Oshimaliwa
The Dogg – Shuukifa Kwii
Oteya – Choma
Kalux – Ayeeko
Sally – Kukutika
Song of the Year
Gazza – Oshimaliwa (SOY1)
The Dogg – Shuukifa Kwii (SOY2)
Oteya – Choma (SOY3)
Kalux – Ayeeko (SOY4)
Sally – Kukutika (SOY5)
Pan African Artist of the Year
Davido – Nigeria (AAY1)
P-Square – Nigeria (AAY2)
Roberto – Zambia (AAY3)
AKA – South Africa ( AAY4)
Heavy K – South Africa (AAY5)
Best Live Performance of the Year
EES – Afrika Karibik Festival 2015 (BLP1)
Lize Ehlers – Windhoek Jazz Festival (BLP2)
Ras Sheehama – Lucky Dube Celebration
Concert (BLP3)
Tswazis – NAMA 2015 (BLP4)
VMSIX – VMSIX Acapella Evolution (BLP5)
Best Musical Event of the Year
Makurunganga – Katondo CD Launch
Ngutti Fruit – White Party (BME2)
Van Die Mooi Entertainment – Namibian
Celebrity Music Weekend: WashingtonDC
Radio DJ of The Year
Belinda Miss Bee Apollus (RDJ1)
Hishia Nashuuta (RDJ2)
Johannes Orr Joe The Prince (RDJ3)
Leizy Demaestro (RDJ4)
Taeni Real (RDJ5)

Entertainment Journalist of the Year
Mauritz Goaiseb (EJY1)
Rinelda Mouton (EJY2)
Selma Neshiko (EJY3)
Gordon Joseph (EJY4)
Best Album of the Year
Ann Singer – Bulletproof
Big Ben – Back to the Basics
Chikune – In With The New
Exit – Black is Boss
Freeda – Chronicles
The Namibian Annual Music Awards is an
opportunity to reward outstanding musicians,
both individuals and groups, in the continent
for the past year.
Now in its sixth year, the 2016 awards show
will hold on Friday, April 29 and Saturday,
April 30 at Ramatex Windhoek.