Thursday, 14 April 2016

Duncan Mighty begs President Buhari for political appointment

Barely a year after calling President Buhari
a ‘semi-illiterate’ , Duncan Mighty has
reached out to him for a political
File photo of Duncan Mighty

The popular musician who openly supported
former president Goodluck Jonathan during
his re-election campaign in 2015, didn’t
mince words when he called his opposition,
President Muhammadu Buhari.
Duncan Mighty openly blasted President
Buhari, calling him a ‘semi-illiterate’ among
other names. See a screenshot of his 2015
post below
Looks like Duncan Mighty has eaten the
humble pie as he has written an open letter
to the president, asking for the chance to
put some things right in his administration.
Read what he wrote on his Instagram page
“If u love and want a good Nigeria please
don’t just read and like but also share until it
gets to him. We can make Nigeria great Again
God bless Nigeria.
Dear Mr President,
My Name is DUNCAN MIGHTY a successful
musician who has always exported the good
massages, RHYTHM and vibes of Nigerian
global world. i am also a successful
entrepreneur /business man with remarkable
achievements in Niger Delta.
Today I am the current youth/ Brand
ambassador for FORUM OF COALITION OF
also the Niger Delta Entertainment Youth
My office existence is to channel the minds of
the youth in Niger Delta and South- South in
Diaspora to embrace there Gods given talents
for a greater Nigeria.
Your Excellency Mr President, please I want u
to give me the opportunity to assist your
Government in carrying out youth
empowerment project in Niger Delta as to
enable some of our eligible youths shun social
vises, cultism and face their God’s given talent
for a greater Nigeria of Tomorrow.
Mr President you spoke so much about youth
empowerment but i think one of the best ways
to achieve that is through sports, and talent
capacity building then we have a long way to
go. These are not good times for Nigerian
sports at all. With the Super Eagles failing to
qualify for the 2017 African Cup of Nations
and the lack of stability in the team – constant
change of coach and captain as well as the
not too impressive performance of different
sporting teams representing the country at
different global events in recent times, it is
obvious that the year 2016 has not started
well for Nigerian sports at all. The situation
has been compounded by the refusal or
inability of the National Sports Commission to
make funds available to the country’s sporting
contingents to different competitions in recent
times. This may well be a sign of austere
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It is no longer news that the Federal
Government has been finding it difficult to
navigate through the country’s economic woes
which have been fueled by the free fall in the
global price of oil and worsening exchange
rate. What may be news is that the effect of
these challenges on sports is huge. Recently,
the Nigerian Table Tennis team had to sponsor
itself to a major tournament in Malaysia
because the Nigerian Tables Tennis Federation
and the NSC said there was no money to
sponsor the team.While Segun Toriola,
Haruna Quadri and others paid from their
pockets, Funke Oshonaike angrily withdrew
from the tournament. There is no better
evidence to prove that the country has been
on auto pilot for some months now. This sort
of challenge reminds one of our recent past
where sports was given maximum attention by
a serious government which was committed to
youth empowerment and national integration.
The London Olympics of 2012 was this
disgraceful outing for Team Nigeria. After a
few days of the event, the then Minister of
Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi had to fly to to
London where he gave touching speech at the
camp of the athletes. The athletes were
inspired by his moving speech and they
promised to up their game. Unfortunately, the
entire Team Nigeria still came home without a
single medal. That was a major scandal the
country could not stomach at all. Angered by
this outcome, the Federal Government
summoned a major conference of all sports
stakeholders from across the country and
beyond. Government wanted to hear from
everyone who mattered.
Hundreds of stakeholders gathered at the State
House Banquet Hall (now Conference Centre)
to dialogue with the President. Unlike other
leaders who will just attend the opening
ceremony of such event, make a fantastic
speech and leave, The Federal Government
dedicated a whole day to the summit and
dialogued with the stakeholders for over 7
hours. asked questions, sought clarifications
and demonstrated to everyone present on that
day the willingness and political will to
implement all the decisions and
recommendations put forward.

The Federal government was told to take all
sporting issues personNigeria”
administrators and coaches direct access to
the Presidency. The Federal Government was
told to release funds to beef up infrastructure
for training and ensure early preparation for all
sporting tournaments as well as provision of
world class training camps and facilities. Most
importantly, the Government was told to re-
introduce the reward system and ensure
athletes are rewarded, celebrated and
recognized for any achievements recorded in
sports in order to encourage others and give
them the motivation that Nigeria is worth dying
for. The discussants agreed that the
Presidential handshake policy introduced by
former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2000
with the Super Falcons team which impressed
at the World Cup in that year, had gone a long
way to dampen the morale of athletes across
all sports in the country.
The Federal Government implemented all these
recommendations religiously and within
months, our athletes started bringing home
trophies and medals from across Africa and
beyond. Blessing Okagbare was among the
athletes that made the country proud. She won
silver and bronze medals World Athletic
Championships in Moscow. She won silver
medal in the long jump and came third in the
women’s 200 metres race. The Federal
Government rewarded Blessing Okagbare and
her coach with cash gifts and national
honor. The Government also held a special
dinner for both Falconets and U-17 male
football sides which both conquered the
continent in their respective categories. That
same U-17 side also conquered the world in
far away Dubai. Nigeria won the African Cup of
Nations for the first time in 19 years in South
Africa in February, 2013. Nigeria ended up
with 11 gold, 11 silver and 14 bronze medals
at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow,
finishing 8th in the overall ranking.
Federal government did not fail to extend the
same gesture to all the individuals and teams
who made the country proud in different
sporting competitions. Former England
international, Ambassador John Fashanu did
not mince words when he granted an
interview to newsmen and praised
extraordinary feat in sports.

It is on record that the Super Eagles won
Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in South Africa
under this administration. The Super Eagles
equaled the best record Nigeria ever had at the
World Cup in Brazil. The Nations U-17 team
won FIFA U-17 World Cup in UAE. The female
U-20 team won silver in their own World Cup.
Nigeria had the best performance at the
Commonwealth Games and the World Athletics
Championship. I cannot mention the whole
achievements because they are many.
All these
happened because the Federal Government
created an enabling atmosphere for sports
men and women to strive because of the way
he normally appreciates them when they
return, I want to use these references to ask
your office to empower me to carry out youth
Empowerment projects in Sports ,Music
Comedy, Dance, Movies, photography And
Fashion with this we have a proudly Nigerian
youth of tomorrow.
Thank you Mr President.
Yours faithfully,
Pls don’t just read help share until it gets to
the office of Mr president God bless Nigeria”

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