Monday, 18 April 2016

9 key projects distorted from
2016 budget by Senate
– More key development project has been
discovered to be missing from the 2016
budget passed by the Senate

– It was earlier discovered that the Lagos-
Calabar railway project was removed from
the 2016 budget
Buhari, Osinbajo and Udoma going through
the 2016 budget passed by the Senate
The controversy over the 2016 budget is far
from over as the presidency has revealed
new list of development projects removed or
distorted from the budget by the Senate.
Recall that the senate had removed the
Calabar-Lagos Railway project from the
budget transferring the funds to
development projects in the Northern part of
the country.
According to Vangaurd newspaper, below
are key developmetal projects distorted by
the Senate
            Distortion done by Senate
Lagos-Calabar Rail
Lagos-Ibadan Exp. Rd
Reduced by N24bn
Second Niger Bridge Slashed
by N3.9 bn
Odukpani-Itu-I/Ekpene Rd Reduced
by N4.3bn
Benin-Sagamu Rd
Reduced by N800m
Itakpe-Warri Signalling Cut by
Calabar-Ikom-Obudu Rail N267m
Kano-Damaturu-Ngala Rail N260m
Recall that Bukola Saraki had reportedly turn
down Presidency request to manipulate the
contents of the 2016 budget through the
“You can’t strip us naked in public and then
dress us in white robes behind closed doors.
Sorry Mr. Vice President, we cannot help you.
Let us continue to follow the law and abide
with our constitutional duties in the interest of
Nigeria”, Saraki reportedly told Osinbajo in
refusal to manipulate the contents of the
2016 budget through the backdoor.